Are Facebook planning to launch their own phone?

20 September 2010


If you’re anything like us lot here at Bitterwallet, you probably spend about three quarters of your waking hours wondering what the hell Facebook will get up to next. No, seriously, we do – although it’s possibly due to a collective psychosis. Perhaps we need to get the carbon monoxide levels around here checked out.

Anyway, we’re giddy with excitement (or maybe carbon monixide poisoning) at the news that Facebook are said to be working on a mobile phone, at least if TechCrunch are to be believed.

Their sources have unveiled the news that two leading Facebook employees are working on the top-secret project that could see a rival to the Apple and Google’s own operating systems emerge on to the scene. One of the them is Matthew Papakipos, who until earlier this year was leading Google’s Chrome OS project before jumping ship and getting into the big Facebook bed, presumably lured by the offer of a very comfy pillow. Whatever that means, we’re just riffing here.

TechCrunch have no other details about the mooted Facebook phone and have chosen to speculate wildly instead, so you can insert your own jokes about poking, Mafia Wars and clicking ‘Like this’ underneath. But at the end of the day…would YOU be seen brandishing a Facebook phone or would you rather carry a frozen cat turd around in your pocket instead? It’s a tricky one…

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  • Touchwood
    Isn't that a pic of an INQ1 phone which already has a Facebook app on it, innit?
  • Ben
    and Facebook actually made an announcement denying they are working on a phone as a result of this story. See?
  • PokeHerPete
    I love Techcrunch and Mashable. Completely unfounded rubbish surrounded with adverts and retarded comments.
  • Fby
    A bit like bitter wallet then?
  • ButterMan
    Coming soon to a 3 Store near you! Lolz.
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  • Easywin
    Already proven to be utter bollocks......

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