Are Apple planning to have their own internet?

apple logo Apple look like they might be planning their own internet, as they've been beavering away, weaving together a network capable of delivering huge amounts of content to customers, thereby giving them greater control over the way they distribute their online products, simultaneously doing the groundwork for more traffic if it decides it wants to go harder with their television services.

Of course, Apple have been using the iCloud service but, it looks like they have much grander ideas. With their own internet infrastructure, they can support everything they do under one roof and the company are signing long-term deals to lock up bandwidth and making steps to get more control.

Bill Norton, chief strategy officer for International Internet Exchange (they help companies sort out their internet traffic agreements) reckons that Apple has bought enough bandwidth from carriers to move hundreds of gigabits of data each second.

"That's the starting point for a very, very big network," Norton said. Instead of having to go through third-parties, Apple will be able to deliver content straight to consumers. These stories back up the idea that Apple will be building their own television sets (they've been ramping up interest with their Apple TV set- top box with more partners and more prominence for a while now).

Looks like there's going to be a virtual landgrab between Google, Apple and Facebook.


  • Han S.
    I heard Apple are considering using the power of the iCloud to do something about websites that can't update/get rid of their feral trolley section.
  • Gherkin M.
    ooh trolley oooh
  • shiftynifty
    Fuck the trolley, it`s been there for years

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