Are Apple looking to end iTunes downloads?

iTunes downloads

In 'surely that can't be right?!' news now, and Apple are apparently looking at getting rid of music downloads altogether from iTunes, in a bid to go streaming-only.

Rumour has it that the tech-giant plans to do this within two years, with Apple executives talking about it on a "not if, but when" basis.

The sources say that downloads will be phased out, with timetables being considered, with one executive saying "keeping [iTunes music downloads] running forever isn't really on the table anymore."

So, in 'tier 1' there'll be the first of the shutdowns, which includes the UK, and the United States. Then, other regions will apparently follow.

Is this a case of Apple being able to retain more money from streaming, rather than offering the sale of downloadable music? It certainly looks like that from here.

Of course, there's been a bit of trouble with Apple's music services as it is, with users complaining that Apple have been deleting their music (we did a guide on how to stop that).

One Apple representative, Tom Neumayr, saying that this rumour is 'not true', but there's a lot of chatter about this at the moment, and Neumayr may be out of the loop on this one.

We'll have to wait and see, but this is certainly a bold idea.

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