Apple's pals at Foxconn admit to labour breach

11 October 2013

foxconn Foxconn, the company so nice that they had to install anti-suicide nets around their buildings because all the staff were chucking themselves off the roof, have come clean.

The firm, who assembles products for Apple and Sony, has admitted breaching labour laws with their interns, saying that they have been making students work night shifts and overtime, which is in violation of company policy.

Naturally, no-one will have any real sympathy because this story involves interns and students, and they've got less feelings than fish.

"In the case of recent allegations regarding the internship programme at our Yantai campus, we have conducted an internal investigation," the company said in a statement. "And have determined that there have been a few instances where our policies pertaining to overtime and night shift work were not enforced."

This comes on the back of a story that an information engineering university in the city of Xian forced students to join the Foxconn internship programme in Shandong, or they wouldn't be allowed to graduate. Some students claimed that they were forced to quit their coursework and do 11 hour shifts instead. Anyone threatening to jack it in would be told that they wouldn't receive their diplomas.

Foxconn took immediate action "to bring that campus into full compliance with our code and policies". The company has also raised wages by nearly 70% at their Chinese plants too. Eventually, they might actually be a decent company to work for... provided they've cleared all the cadavers out of the suicide nets.

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  • Tits M.
    Count themselves lucky. Could have been forced to work at the Carphone Warehouse.
  • Dosser
    "All the staff were chucking themselves off the roof"? Really?
  • fibbingarchie
    Count themselves lucky. Could have been forced to work at Sports Direct.

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