Apple's iPhone 4S is a SIM card destroyer?

23 November 2011


If you have a new iPhone 4S, you could well be having a bit of bother with it. It would appear that some users have noticed that it isn't really working as a phone and that there's repeated SIM card failures.

This is according to customer help forums on the Apple website. Kinda flies in the face of those who say Apple products 'just work'.

The SIM problem seems to be affecting those running the new iOS 5.01 on the iPhone 4S, leaving them staring at an error messages saying "invalid SIM".

Customers who have full bars are not able to connect to calls or receive texts, leaving one disgruntled customer feeling like they'd "purchased an ipod".

Away from that, other customers are reporting ongoing issues with battery drain and Wi-Fi connections not working as they should. One user on the help forum writes:

"So far I have had my iPhone 4S for 2 weeks and it worked flawlessly before the 5.0.1. After the update the signal was unstable, battery drain [an] issue, [it has become] difficult to place call (call failed), and gives me invalid SIM every few hours. I'll be using my old iPhone 4, fortunately I didn't update it with 5.0.1. I hope Apple come out with a better update fix ASAP."

The Genius Bar might be a little busy over the next few weeks.

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  • samuri
    ilaughed ipissed my pants idickheads
  • AndroidBasher
    *Insert typical Android bashing response to fanboi*
  • PokeHerPete
    But genius bar? Dont you meen twat bar? An update on the HTC Desire, recently its decided to not bother taking calls while having reception and the number isn't blocked. Piece of shit.
  • Steve
    Ha! Serves the iTwats right for buying a POS.
  • Ben
    This happened to me when I first purchased the phone running iOS 5.0.0, Apple tried to make it out being a software fault/my fault for cutting my sim wrong but after pressing them they replaced the phone within 3 days and since I've had no problems with it. Was annoying as hell though
  • Mark
    So that's why Apple want to patent the un-removable SIM card?
  • Johnathan
    I have the same issues, the phone was running fine before 5.0.1 now the battery life is worse. I wish the phone would just last the whole day without me having to charge it, then I would be happy! I think i'm off to the apple store to demand some answers...

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