Apple want to scan your face for emotions

apple Those crazy swine at Apple are up to something, and it involves your emotional state. Seems like the phone vendor would like to be able to read your emotions through your devices. How? Well, they've bought a company that uses facial-recognition technology to read your feelings.

If you're sad, or amused, or thoroughly jaded, your Apple Watch might be able to understand it.

Apple has acquired Emotient, which is an American start-up which is able to detect the slightest changes in your expressions, which aims to determine what your emotions are. The company refers to itself as "the leader in emotion detection and sentiment analysis based on facial expressions".

Seems a bit creepy.

We're not sure how you make money from this, but we can assume Apple have seen a goldmine in something to do with advertising, as that's where the cash is. Maybe they'd sell user information on how happy, disgusted or whatever, a user's response is to commercials and product placements. Who knows?

Just last year, Emotient said that they were planning to develop software for Google Glass, which would let people who work in shops see how customers respond to them. You can assume that means bosses could see if the assistants were making people happy or not, rather than the assistant themselves, not being able to trust their own eyes.

Apple confirmed the deal, saying that they "buy smaller technology companies from time to time", and left it at that. Like we said - Apple - they're up to summat.

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