Apple TV could be a gamers dream

7 September 2015

Bitterwallet - the Apple tablet Apple haven't really been too much of a fixture in the living rooms of the world, but that could be set to change as they're amping up their television service.

Apple TV will have a brand new operating system, and will be able to host a variety of third party apps. While a lot of the talk about next Wednesday's Apple event has focused on a new iPhone, it is the set-top TV box that will be seeing the biggest improvements.

Naturally, you'll be able to watch loads of shows and films with the new box, but also, it looks like it'll be a big device for gaming.

Apple launched a new Twitter account last week, called App Store Games, and Apple TV's remote control looks like it will be getting a microphone too, which could be incorporated into games (or at least make it easier for you to get through the menus without moving your fingers much). The remote will invariably have accelerometers, which means you could be thrashing around like you're playing Wii Tennis or whatever.

It seems that Apple are going after casual gamers, rather than the hardcore who play games on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console... and not forgetting the gamers on PCs.

It looks like the new Apple TV will cost around £150, as a starting price.

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