Apple to test your health through your ears

apple logo Like going for a run? Wear your iPod or iPhone (or even, your iPad because you're a maniac) when you do? Well, Apple are aware of the amount of white earphones you see when people in Lycra charge by, and are looking at getting in on the fitness action.

You'll no doubt be aware of the volume of people who are keeping fit, thanks to the profoundly annoying social media updates from various fitness wristbands and the like (note - if you're one of these people, feel free to run into the nearest lagoon and never come back), and Apple have patented their own approach to it all.

They are planning on tracking how fit and well you are through your ears, thanks to some fancy headphones.

The sports monitoring system would put some sensors and accelerometers in the earbuds, which would track your physical activity, how much you're sweating and what rate your heart is going at. There would also be a separate monitor which you could clip to your clothes or headphones. If Apple get on this, there'll be no need for Apple Fanboiz to buy separate kit from Nike or whoever.

Here's an image from the patent, via venturebeat.

apple earbud


  • Bob's f.
    New Trolley New website
  • uncle b.
    Like the new trolley
  • leeisgod
    Amazingly they'll still sound like shit.
  • Phuck Y.
    A bit like all the other useless Patents Apple file, so they can sue the shit out of the world for anything vaguely similar, but never do owt with, then?
  • Slacker
    I wouldn't trust anything iShite to open a tin of beans that was already open.

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