Apple to take on/copy Snapchat

Apple to take on/copy Snapchat

Apple are apparently looking at making a new app, which deals mostly in video. They're looking at taking on Snapchat and Instagram, basically.

Seeing as Instagram outright copied Snapchat with their 'Stories' feature, it wouldn't be a surprise if Apple are looking at the service for a bit of success.

You'll be able to take videos and apply filters to them, and draw on them, and you know how Snapchat works by now, or you don't care and have thoroughly ignored.

The app will be available on iPhone and iPad, obviously, and will be adopted by people who have thus far said they don't 'get' Snapchat, but will easily 'get' a near identical product made by a service they're used to.

That's what has happened with the Instagram Stories service, so this could actually work for Apple.

One difference is that Apple will let people share their videos to other social media channels. Of course, with Snapchat, you can save your creations to your camera roll, and upload them to anything you like, but Apple will be more explicit about it.

It isn't a guaranteed smash though, as Apple have tried their hand at social media before, with a service called Ping, which no-one used or liked.

Steve Jobs called it 'sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes', which sounds dreadful.

Apparently, this new app is being developed in the same Apple department that came up with Final cut Pro and iMovie, which have both been big successes.

One to keep an eye on.

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