Apple to replace dodgy MacBook charging cables

15 February 2016

Apple are recalling USB-C power cables for their new 12 inch laptop, thanks to a "design issue". That 'issue' means that the thing won't charge your laptop up. Nice of them to say it is a design flaw, rather than 'it doesn't work'.

This recall regards a limited number of the 2m USB-C charge cables that have been shipped out with MacBooks through June 2015. It also affects the cables that were sold solo.

If you've got one of these useless articles, then Apple say that, if you were one of the people who provided their address with a product registration or purchase, you'll get a new cable sent to you by the end of this month.

This is how you can find out whether or not you've got a dodgy USB-C power cable.


If you prefer, you can pop into an Apple shop, and they should sort it out for you.

Apple seem to be recalling a lot of items at the minute, which isn't a good look at all. Anyway, you Apple fans don't mind and you're getting a new cable, so there you have it.

If either of the solutions don't suit your needs, here are Apple's contact details.

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  • qwertyuiop
    Apple need to sort out all their charge cables in general. The amount of ipad chargers I've gone through because the cable plastic is so weak and tears almost as easily as paper is bordering on ridiculous!

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