Apple to release 7-inch iPad in October?

11 May 2012

ipadsSalivating Apple enthusiasts will be thrilled at the news of a 7-inch iPad hitting the shelves soon. However, there's a catch. It seems Apple will be doing something they've been loathed to do in recent years - they're making the new device very affordable.

That's right, every Tom, Dick and Harry will be able to get their hands on a mini iPad for what's believed to be in the $200/$250 price range. It'll mean that Apple is no longer the bastion of elitist technobs.

Of course, some will still be able to sneer by flaunting their biggest devices, just like they did when they were at school, showing off their see-through Coke yo-yo to those who only managed to grab an opaque Fanta one (niche reference that, granted).

Spec-wise, it looks like the new 7-inch iPad will be identical to the 9.7-inch iPad, apart from the whole scaled-down element. So we can expect 2048x1536 resolution and there'll probably be less storage capacity.

With this being so reasonably priced, is it going to kill off the competition from Samsung and Amazon?



  • Ken C.
    Any idea which day exactly? I'll need to make alternative arrangements for coffee that morning if all the barristas are going to be queueing outside their local Apple store.
  • ashleypenny
    Source? Can't see anything on any reputable news site & Apple dont announce products until their own press event, so calling BS on this news piece.
  • Neil B.
    Thanks Ken, you brightened up my morning with that comment :-D This is definitely a good move by Apple as it's the cost that puts most people off their devices. That said, they'll need to lose the walled garden before I hop on their bandwagon. Of course that'll never happen as I'm sure they don't care what the Linux neckbeard demographic thinks of their products ;-)
  • oliverreed
    Don't Foxconn spill the beans on production runs before Apple press events?
  • Alexis
    I'd be very surprised. With big profit margins on the new iPad (which they can't make fast enough), and the older iPad 2 fulfilling the cheaper segment, there's no reason to release a smaller iPad. It would also cannibalise sales from the iPhone 5. A slightly larger screen, which is likely, would also bridge the gap. I've no doubt they've made a smaller iPad in their labs, but I don't see it making the light of day to be honest.
  • Stu
    i feel silly commenting on a made up story that has no basis in fact at all! BUT If they did do one this size I would buy it, I'd love to use an iPad for work and note taking but it's too big for me(I currently use an A5 notepad) and the iPhone is too small. Of course they aren't but they might. I expect an article on the iPhone 5 next about how it will be slightly larger ooh and include a poco projector.
  • Sicknote
    Sad fuckers that buy this shit best start queueing now then. But this story should actually read....Apple [some shitty Chinese knock-off operation] to release [have already released a] 7-inch iPad in October?
  • will
    @ Alexis agreed - if I recall correctly, whilst Apple themselves don't invest much in R&D, they do file a huge number of patents, and make lot's of prototypes that never get brought to completion (e.g. 3G in the old MBPs, and the mystical 'liquid metal').
  • Mustapha S.
    Maybe overpriced stuff like that sony, toshiba, motorola and asus tabets will come down to sensible prices. I can't see them doing 2048×1536 on a 7" screen for £200 though, no chance.
  • Ken C.
    Something I don't do very often but....
  • ashleypenny
    'Apple themselves don’t invest much in R&D' lol ?
  • The B.
    Oi, why'd you remove my post? I was defending your article with an article by the register backing yours up (incredibly written after yours, makes a change eh?), or do you want people hurling abuse at you. Oh well, I won't bother next time.

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