Apple to launch iPad 3 next week - 7th March. Starfish Hitler is angry.

There, the story is in the title. Obviously we don't have any pics of or anything else (in fact no one does), so here's some completely unrelated footage of a weird Japanese thing called Starfish Hitler to flesh the story out a bit...


  • Capability B.
    No doubt there will be the usual coverage of deluded fuckwits queueing for days outside their nearest shrine (sorry, Apple Store) in order to spend several hundred quid on a new version of something which came out six months ago so that they can sit on the train and look cool with it.
  • SteveNoJobs
    Please, spend your life doing something better than telling a bunch of people on the internet, who frankly don't care about your opinion, exactly what you think of a product or products you would never buy. Why don't you read War and Peace, drink a beer or get laid? Because your an illiterate, lightweight, ugly cunt. Thats why.
  • bob
    I am more interested in buying a windows 8 tablet at Christmas.
  • Saxo
    The iPad 3 isn't launched on that date (7th March), it's only a conference to let the world know when the release date is.
  • Idi A.
    Hey everybody, make a note to check ebay this coming Boxing Day when bob realises his new Windows tablet is a steaming pile of shite that can't even download the updaters to keep itself working.
  • br04dyz
    Take that starfish Hitler kapow
  • Capability B.
    "Because your an illiterate" But I can spell "you're". I've read "War and Peace" as well.
  • Mof
    I am sure your English teacher is very proud of you.
  • Clunge
    That's the most supremely awesome film clip I've seen in ever. Must find full length film.
  • Capability B.
    "who frankly don’t care about your opinion". Well, you obviously do otherwise you wouldn't have reacted to it. Why would I care about what you think? Other than to smile quietly at the fact that my opinion obviously rattled your cage enough to prompt a response, I mean? I'm sure that you spend quite a lot of time foisting your ranting on other people by the sounds of it. No, I would never buy an Ipad - they don't do anything my PC can't do. I'm not in constant thrall to NerdFashion. But I do know that some people are. Personally I couldn't care a stuff about whether I've got the latest gadget. Interacting with humans is far preferable. Unless they are humans like you, of course.
  • Boris
    I read War and Peace too...Well the war bit, the Peace was rubbish. I read Finnegan's Wake the day after - what the fuck was that for?
  • Capability B.
    There's no apostrophe in "Finnegans"
  • Mike H.
    A date for all the BMW/Audi driving, iPhone flaunting cunts.
  • will
    If Capability Bowes wants to leave an opinion on an internet forum, then he's more than entitled to do so. If that conflicts with your own opinion, then boo to you. Saying that, it still seems clear that he is a massive douche (excuse the Americanism).
  • Starfish H.
    I will jump up and go very high and then all of you who bicker about nonsenseness will be crumbling.
  • Lemax
    @ Mike Hock Jesus. Either Audi, BMW or Apple in almost every single post. Sounds like you've got some massive self-esteem issues. Pop psychology done with, I know some people with one or more of these items, and most of them are perfectly lovely people. Most of them . . I may pick up an Ipad2 if they lower the price by a hundred odd quid like they did with the Ipad 1, just before the relase of the Ipad 2. There's no way I'd pay £400 for a tablet, no matter how much magic they stuff in to it's lighter, thinner chassis.
  • Dick
    Is the 3 going to be full height font, or is it superscript?

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