Apple to improve Siri and invent unique anti-counterfeit solution

27 December 2013

apple logo Apple's Siri can be a little hit-and-miss, so the company are planning to overhaul it according to a newly published patent application.

The new filing mentions "a method for tagging or searching images using a voice-based digital assistant." That means users will be able to tag photos as they snap them. You'd say "this is me on my holidays' and your phone would be lumped together in one holiday folder.

The new technology would also learn your friends and family's faces, buildings and landscapes and automatically apply tags to images in your iOS Camera Roll. Whether it'll learn what your genitals look like is another matter entirely.

You'd be able to call up photos through Siri too. By saying "show all my funeral selfies", they'll magically appear on your phone.

Apple are also developing a new anti-counterfeiting solution for hardware in a bid to thwart black market copycats. This new idea will see gadgets utilising a 3D variable depth coding system on various parts of products. These 3D codes may integrated into the cover glass or located in the home button. Either way, you know Apple won't be doing anything to spoil the design of the phone as they're all about the aesthetic.


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