Apple to go after Android in patent war?

18 July 2011

android_appsThe Cold War is long gone, replaced by the much more gentle and nerdy Smartphone War. In fact, its less warfare and more a case of scratching each others eyes out... but still... it's totally on and Apple are dancing around, looking to land the first punch.

See, Steve Jobs' company has won a preliminary ruling from a US trade panel judge that says HTC have infringed on two of Apple's patents. While HTC versus Apple is news enough, it seems that this could pave the way for Apple to go after Android as a whole.

Basically, Apple can now point at everyone and tell them that they are infringing their patent, which means Android companies will either have to cough up money or be chased out of town.

HTC, naturally, are going to "vigorously fight" the infringement finding.

The relevant patents cover "system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data", US patent No. 5,946,647, filed in 1996 and awarded in 1999. This patent is, in simpler terms, the thing that allows email addresses or phone numbers to be recognised and activated by a finger on a smartphone screen.

The Guardian report that Apple pointed out the infringement, noting that Android contains an "analyser server" for "detecting structures in the data" and further details that exactly align with the outline of its patent, adding that the second patent, "real-time signal processing for serially transmitted data", of US Patent No. 6,343,263, is also being breached.

The International Trade Commission, thus far, are siding with Apple, but full commission must rule on 6th December whether to uphold it or not.

Apple meanwhile, are pretty indignant about it all, saying that "competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours."

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  • Bloke
    I'm going to eat an apple later on today. Where do I send my royalty payment?
  • apple s.
    You gotta hate them all the more for such games. Give me a banana any day.
  • Dick
    The instructions should just say "use a finger nail". That will get around their finger patent. What you don't realise is that apple have implanted a special device in their machines that will cause owners to rebel against anyone using a non-apple product. If you see some geek wandering down the street suddenly hit someone, you know he is an apple-fanboy and the other person was using an android phone. You also know the geek wars will have started. I can't wait for Steve Jobs to press the go button, with his finger nail.

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