Apple to give you £100 for your old iPad

7 March 2011

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Have you just bought the old iPad? Well, Apple want to give you £100 because they're really bloody nice or something.

Basically, if you feel a bit peeved because you bought the old model just as the iPad 2 came out, then they'll give you a wadge of cash to quit your whining.

The small print says that you will have had to buy the old model two weeks prior to the £100 price cut they've introduced or you won't be eligible for the refund.

Oh. Wait. There's more. The refund is only valid if you bought the device from the Apple website or from an Apple store. If you bought it from Dixons or something, they won't be able to hear you crying.

Obviously, you'll need a physical copy of your receipt. Visit Apple here for more details.

The slimmer, swankier iPad 2 hits the shelves of the UK on March 25th, but you can't hear us as you're scurrying around your house, turning everything upside down in an attempt to find your receipt aren't you?

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  • Mw
    Are there still people around stupid enough to buy Apple products?
  • name
    Most of the other retailers offers the price promise…So there is no real Surprise there…I would just ask them to take it back under the distance selling regulation rules and buy a new one….
  • Steve W.
    Or you could get a life.
  • hippy
    iLife only £799.99 +vat
  • greg
    this is for stupid people who don't read or understand the receipt and the terms of purchase. legitimately you have 2 weeks to return it to apple for any reason, but as the managers are happy to take anything in the ass from customers, they'll give you a month in reality. i'd return it for a full refund, and just get the new one
  • Slacker
    Ah ha ha! Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?
  • Skymarshall
    MiShit. Only £5 delivered.
  • HK
    Dixons will hear you cry as they have the best trade-in on the market. Tablet Trade-IN 200£ for any 3g model 100£ for any wifi model. take your iPad to any local pc world / currys store. :)

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