Apple to give iTunes to Android and tinker with TV?

24 March 2014

apple-android There's a number of rumours bobbing around about Apple at the moment, and two of the more interesting ones involve iTunes and Apple TV.

Firstly, it is being suggested that Apple are thinking of offering iTunes to Android devices. However, the amount of complaining people have been doing about iTunes recently, you have to wonder if any Android users will want to go anywhere near the service.

Apple need to do something though - according to figures, iTunes' rates have declined while things like Spotify are doing decent business. Google Music is on the up also, so is there any need to offer iTunes to anyone not using Apple devices?

They're also rumoured to be tinkering with their Apple TV service, presumably on the back of everyone dashing off to buy Google's Chromecast (as well as Roku and a mooted Amazon service) and the success of Netflix and the like. Basically, it looks like they're going to offer a new streaming service which could be integrated into a new version of their set-top box.

Apple have already revamped the online store and they are said to be looking at featuring gaming capabilities. They are also hoping to sign-up with a variety of internet providers where they hope to separate the new TV service from public internet traffic, in a bid to get rid of buffering during peak internet usage.

Relatively speaking, it hasn't been a spectacular year for Apple and other companies have stolen a march on a variety of products and services. Looks like Apple are playing hardball again, pinning their hopes on entertainment services rather than brand new products (although, there is this). For those waiting for an iWatch, it certainly looks like Apple are holding off while they try and tie up people's viewing and listening habits.

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  • Stephen
    REALLY? We don't want bloatware thanks - that's why Android users don't buy Apple products.

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