Apple to face inquiry over iTunes

bad-appleOver in Americaland, the Justice Department is making angry faces and set to examining Apple’s tactics in the digital music market for digital music.

There's this antitrust inquiry that's just kicked off and allegations are being made that Apple have not been playing nicely and have been using their dominant position in the market to persuade/bully record labels into refusing to give Amazon exclusive access to music.

Apparently, Amazon asked record labels to give them the exclusive right to sell certain forthcoming songs for one day before they went on sale more widely. In exchange, Amazon promised to include those songs in a promotion called the “MP3 Daily Deal” on their site.

However, it is alleged that representatives of Apple’s iTunes asked labels not to participate in Amazon’s promotion. If they ignore this request/order they would be punished and would see any marketing support for their songs withdrawn on iTunes.

Seeing as iTunes sells around 70% of all the online music in the world, you can see why this threat isn't something to be taken lightly by a record label.

The inquiry is one of many being investigated by the feds. Apple are currently being looked at for their rules on developers who create apps for the iPhone, with that particular complaint being called into action by the folks at Adobe Systems (who make Flash format).

2010 has not been a good PR year for Apple and, with these investigations, looks to be getting worse.



  • That t.
    Yes, because bell-ends will stop buying iPhones/iPads becasue they disagree with Apples marketing and sales tactics. They're stupid enough to buy fancy overpriced gimmicks that require them to spend even more to use them, so they're stupid enough to dismiss unfair monopolistic strategies.
  • Nobby
    I can see why they do it, if a band / company wants to give amazon special rights to sell their music before anyone else can, then why should itunes advertise them later on? Many people want to buy the music on the release day, and they would be stopped from buying on their site of choice (if they prefer anyone but amazon), since the band siged up to an exclusive deal with amazon.
  • Jack T.
    I'm shocked. I thought Apple were a charity for chavs.
  • stu
    hmm arent Amazon selling more items than iTunes? granted that includes everything else they sell but I believe Amazon are the largets online retailer! so by using their 'monopoly'/dominent position to get artists to sign up to them exclusively for one day shouldnt Amazon be investigated too?
  • David
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  • Hershel R.
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  • Nobby
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  • Hershel R.
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  • Hickey
    I suppose it all depends on the exact meaning of the rather vague line... "If they ignore this request/order they would be punished and would see any marketing support for their songs withdrawn on iTunes" What the hell does marketing support mean ? Are we talking the loss of promotional banners on the site or the removal of the songs from iTunes entirely ? Oh and just so I feel I've made a real contribution... you're a 2-bob cunt shitbag.
  • Andy D.
    This is great - well done everyone.
  • David
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  • Mike H.
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  • Nobby
    Thanks robstar for explaining that to the dick-wad. You are a truly a star, called rob.
  • Kevin
    Maybe they need to look at their contracts with iTunes? They could be falling foul of their own existing deals that gives iTunes that first sale opportunity. Is it antitrust? There is still competition, there is still choice.

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