Apple to buy Tidal?

Apple to buy Tidal?

Everyone laughed when Tidal first appeared - a subscription based music service that had very few acts on it? As if that was ever going to work.

Then, with some of the biggest recording artists in the universe giving exclusive material to Tidal, people started to take notice. Even Neil Young is on there now, as well as Beyonce, Kanye, and more.

Well, Apple have reportedly got a huge interest in it and are thinking about buying Tidal from Jay Z.

The Wall Street Journal says that Apple are in "exploratory talks", and could be looking at it as a hip acquisition, akin to their purchase of Beats by Dr Dre.

With Kanye and Beyonce exclusively streaming video content through the service, and it being the only online service that has the rights to stream Prince's music, you can see why it is growing in value.

With Apple throwing $3 billion at Beats, they'll have to come up with a fantastic amount of money to persuade Jay Z to relinquish some control over the whole thing.

Apple are in the mood to branch out, clearly.

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