Apple to announce iCloud next week

31 May 2011

Apple have confirmed and announced that they'll be giving us all a thing called iCloud on June 6th. That's next week if you have no concept of time.

This new service is looking like it will allow users to listen and buy music without it needing to be stored on their phone or computer. A bit like Spotify then, who everyone has stopped using since they started messing around with how much music we can now access on the freemium account.

Really, it resembles Amazon's latest cloud project, with both Apple and Amazon offering the chance to have all your music online.

Apple have already wooed two major record labels. They'll need more than that won't they? Don't be surprised if they pull more big guns in.

Elsewhere, everyone expects that there'll be more iPhones release, on top of the unveiling of 'Lion', the name CEO Steve Jobs has given to the eighth major release of Mac OS X as well as the next version of mobile operating system, iOS 5.

Loads going on then, but you get the impression that there's another big trick up the company's sleeve as these announcements have been a little too low-key for Apple.

What are they up to?


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  • The B.
    So it's new but not innovative, par for the course then but what Apple users will really be asking is "will I look cool with it?".
  • Apple U.
    I'm going to look SO cool with this.
  • Reefoid
    Are you sure you got this right? I heard as well as iCloud, there was also iRain, iSun, iSnow, iFog and iPissingCatsAndDogs, and they're now offering everyone there own unique weather experience. or have I got that wrong?
  • Marky M.
    They've not used that rainbow logo in years.
  • Dick
    Steve Jobs will be selling iLLness soon, so fanbiys can be just like him.
  • Danny F.
    At $4.5 million buckeroos for the domain alone it had better be good or someone is gonna lose their job
  • Zleet
    Give it a couple of years and they will try to sue the sky claiming they invented clouds.

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