Apple Store opening resembles gathering of some kind of sick cult

If you’re an Apple-hater, you’ll rant and rage when you see this footage from the opening of their new store in beautiful Basingstoke. If you’re a lover of all things Apple, you’ll probably only feel nauseous for a few seconds. Either way, nobody comes out of this painted in any kind of glory...


  • Jesus
    Only together can we end cults like this!
  • Milky
    Cheap "compliant" advertising from your staff.. well done, does nothing to make me think they're good at what they do, jut "apple fairies" who'll shrivel & die if exposed to other technologies, (yay) ..& will give you their tainted view on all things non apple as tat! ..hardly good sales, but shit who cares! mindless muppets.
  • Tragic
    Fuck... is this what Basingstoke has come too?
  • The B.
    Where do you think Apple got their current marketing strategy from? Scientology has a lot to answer for. Mind you, it's only the feeble minded that fall for it.
  • maxtweenie
    Did you spot the wanker in the video? That's right, everywhere!
  • Funtimefrank
    If they asked me to do that when I went for an interview I'd smash their stupid apple shaped faces in... Sent from my iPad ;o)
  • Phil
    I'm assuming the excitement is due to them having stock of HP touchpads?
  • Phil
    I assume the excitement is due to them being the last retailer with stock of HP touchpads?
  • Tweedskin
    I'd rather get AIDS than walk into an Apple Store. And "Bad AIDS" at that.....
  • Suck M.
    @Tweedskin Is there a "Good AIDS" ? Some people shouldn't be allowed computers :P
  • Tweedskin
    @ Suck MaCock Yes, there is. It's a Brass Eye reference. Some people shouldn't be allowed.
  • Suck M.
    @ Tweedskin Me thinks your talking through you "Brown Eye"
  • Zleet
    All I can say is, please drink the kool-ade.
  • DB
    Are you allowed to say 'cunts' on this site? I hope so...
  • Jeebus
    Now why isn't everyone rioting in Basingstoke? Burn that shitehole...
  • Tim
    I could never work for a company that makes their staff do this kind of thing. But then I'm no fan of the whole "employee" thing sucking up to everyone and believing in "the company" to climb the greasy pole only to be dumped on at the first opportunity. That's why I'm self employed. Anyway, another reason why I don't like Basingstoke.
  • greg
    bunch. of. cunts.
  • Martin
    I was their... god it was so cheesy its made me embarrassed to be apple owner. Its was like being tried to be in some kind of weird cult. Martin form Basingstoke
  • Tweedskin
    @Martin from Basingstoke You are their god?! Or you were there.....
  • ShaunTheSheep
    Jesus. What a bunch of pillocks. Seriously a bunch of over-hyped cheesey American bullshit. Fuck off back to fat land.
  • Brad
    Dear me..... I had to turn it off half way in, was that cringe-worthy.
  • fra
    what is wrong with people having fun with work??? this is the kind of thing we should see more of
  • Yummy V.
    @ fra Because they're not "having fun with work". Nobody in their right mind wants to behave like such a pillock, in public. It's almost certainly been forced upon them by fuckwitted upper-middle management who think that it'll be a "great way to boost team morale" and "promote cohesiveness as a unit" and other meaningless corporate buzzwords when, in fact, it's a shitty and degrading way to force people to behave, and is almost certainly "encouraged" upon them all with the threat of disciplinary action. Which is not even getting into the moral and philosophical issues of having people acting like a fucking permanently enthused cult over the ability to flog overpriced consumer symbols made by oppressed workers to a bunch of easily-led consumerist douchebags. Up the workers, smash capitalism and all that.
  • Jolyon B.
    The whole lot of them should be sectioned and then full frontal lobotomy's that will sort the sad fuckers out!
  • Chris B.
    I feel like I am in the presence of a load of BlackBerry owners... Yeah its cheesey but hey its an american company with american values, our dull culture doesnt support it.
  • Big G.
    If shit like that happened up here in Scotland, I'm emigrating VOTE SNP and keep the tits down there
  • Jimbob
    Piss off to fatland then, Chris Brown.
  • Chris
    Cripes. All I want from a shop is to go in, buy what I want and get out as quickly as possible. I like Apple computers but induction into their retail cult is not something I'm interested in.
  • Kieran
    This is complete and utter cuntism of the highest order. Bunch of fucking cunts.
  • Milky
    makes me think the Krishna's are alright, it's the apple "filth" to be wary of! They ought to be made to wear Orange robes & shave their heads or summat, so we know where they are at all times.
  • Vote B.
    I vote to shoot Jobs in the head, how much more geeky can you get? I will never step in a Apple shop or purchase any of their products.

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