Apple send out press invites - to announce the death of the headphone jack?

Apple invite headphone

Apple are up to something. They've sent out the press invites for an event at the excitingly named Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

It'll kick off on June 13th at 10am PT on the first day of WWDC, and as ever, Apple aren't really forthcoming about what they'll be announcing. Either way, it gives a chance for Apple devotees to watch it online and fawn/vent spleen all over social media.

One of the big rumours is the new iPhone, which could be lacking a certain headphone jack. We've seen an adaptor doing the rounds, which has made the talk about wireless headphones even louder.

However, Apple may well be unveiling iOS 10 and maybe OS X 10.12. With WWDC being a conference for developers (imagine Woodstock, only with more coffee breath, and even more reckless nudity), that seems likely.

There could well be updates to the Apple Watch as well, as that's a new product and therefore, is likely to be tinkered with a lot.

We're almost certain that Siri is going to get an update, as digital personal assistants are a real hot topic at the moment. Google are doing theirs with Allo, and Facebook's Messenger will have artificial intelligence bots in it.

Quieter rumours suggest that there might be a new MacBook Pro getting announced, which will feature a TouchID sensor, as well as an OLED mini screen above the keyboard, and new processors.

Lastly, there's probably going to be a rejig of the App Store, and an update for Apple Music.

Either way, there's going to be hundreds of fantastically tedious liveblogs when it happens, and invariably loads of new rumours in the build-up to the conference.

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