Apple say "we still have a lot to cover" and probably set date to announce new products

16 October 2013

c7e7b281-44ea-461f-be0c-22941a56e5de-460x276 Apple have officially announced that they've be having an event on the 22nd October with the tagline, "we still have a lot to cover". That probably means that they'll be announcing yet more new products.

It is expected that there's going to be new versions of the iPad range, and as ever, they'll be slimmer and lighter and will invariably have the fingerprint sensor that everyone has been parping on about/unlocking with their nipples.

Rumour has it that the 9.7in iPad is going thinner and there's mutterings about bezels, so it looks like the iPad mini. Meanwhile, the iPad mini is expected to have a higher resolution for the display and there's retina-based whispers too.

There's also a lot of talk about the release of the latest version of the OSX "Mavericks", not to mention chatter about the MacBook Pro line getting an update with Intel's latest generation Haswell processors.

Looks like Apple are trying to crush the opposition, just in time for Christmas.


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  • jokester2
    More overpriced crap with important features missing..... yawn

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