Apple say sorry for messing everything up

25 September 2014

apple logo Apple have bowed their heads, shuffled their feet and muttered 'sorry' to everyone for the "great inconvenience" caused by a rubbish software update that mucked things up for loads of iPhone 6 owners.

We've got some fixes for you here, if you're having problems with your iPhone or iPad.

An iOS update, which was unleashed to fix earlier bugs in Apple’s health app provoked a whole new set of problems for Apple fans, making the company look anything but sleek and reliable.

Those who bought an iPhone 6 and installed the iOS 8.0.1 update, in some cases, found that they couldn't access the internet, use the Touch ID fingerprint reader and more. You can imagine the hysterical shrieking that was going down on Apple's forums and all over Twitter.

Apple said: "We apologise for the great inconvenience experienced by users, and are working around the clock to prepare iOS 8.0.2 with a fix for the issue."

There should be a fix in the next couple of days

Apple said it was working to ready the fix for download "in the next few days". Until then, have you tried reinstalling the operating system through iTunes or switching your phone off and on again?

This isn't the first time Tim Cook has had to apologies for a crappy Apple product. In 2012, he tugged at his jumper while saying sorry about the debacle surrounding Apple's Maps. And remember the iPhone antenna problem? Apple have really been dropping the ball.

And there's the small matter of people saying that their new iPhone is bending in their pocket as well.

Either way, Apple have said sorry and have still sold a ridiculous amount of phones, so they won't be too worried - but will all this see some die-hard Apple fans thinking about buying a non-Apple phone in the near future? We'll have to wait and see.

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  • Patrick
    To me the bending issue seems far more serious than a buggy iOS release. This could result in hundreds of thousands of bent phones having to be replaced. I wonder how long it'll take them to come up with a tougher design to replace it. I'm just glad I managed to cancel my iphone 6 Plus order before it'd been sent.
  • MBP2011
    Could be worse - Could be 15,000+ Macbook Pro's from the same build, mysteriously dying a few months out of warranty, with no permanent fix and Apple denying any problem at all. #mbp2011
  • Roge
    I downloaded the update. It failed half-way thru and now my phone won't even turn on... Tried plugging into iTunes but it doesn't work. Tedious trip to the 'Genius' bar beckons... I will be jumping off the Apple train this time around I think. Don't fancy a bigger iPhone, they should be getting smaller not bigger
  • Mary S.
    Seriously can't believe people are still buying these phones. £600 for something a £100 phone will do. It's like paying £4,000 for a laptop just to surf the internet. It's just madness.
  • Greg
    sounds like mof is now an android fan boy? I can't believe this world. "Oh my god I used brute force to try and bend my iPhone and it bent!!" This is the same people that want a thinner, lighter phone, but want more battery, faster internet, and tougher glass. Fuck the idiots. Just buy whatever phone you want, treat it with respect for the amazing things that it can do, and don't be cunt.
  • Jessie J.
    Style over substance. Bit like my career. P.s I can do it like a brother....

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