Apple sack employee after they go on big ol' Facebook rant

rotten appleIt's that time again when we look at someone getting fired from their job after slagging off the company they work for. You can weigh-up whether the employers are being overly harsh, or whether the employee is willingly stupid, knowing that people get fired for things like this all the time.

Anyway, a panel has upheld what they believed was a 'harsh but fair' decision to sack an Apple employee after their Facebook comments were found to harm the company's 'image'.

The employee got the sack after he was found making negative remarks about his iPhone. And he slagged Apple off as a company too.

The wonderfully named Samuel Crisp worked at the Norwich Apple Store before he got trigger happy and was handed his P45 after a colleague discovered the remarks and promptly went about grassing him up to the head of the store.

One comment read: ‘F***ed up my time zone for the third time in a week and woke me up at 3am? JOY!!

T3 report that the case went before a tribunal, but unfortunately for Mister Crisp, the panel in Suffolk ruled against him stating that although it seemed a little heavy-handed, the sacking was legal as the comments could have affected Apple’s image, something that is ‘so central to its success’.

So, who is the idiot swine in all of this? We're pointing fingers directly at Mister Grasses Everyone Up ourselves...


  • Heywood_jablome
    No-one likes a grass !!! Someone should name and shame that bloke grrr!!!
  • oldmanhouse
    Lesson learnt - don't add colleagues on Facebook! Or if you do, make sure you tweak your provacy settings so they can't see posts where you slag your employers off!
    pppft what is he doing using facebook at all. Its rubbish! And I should know I work there. No wait..... wait....delete do I delete a post....
  • Rob C.
    Why was the tribunal in Suffolk if he worked at a store in Norfolk? Is that a low-rent version of extraordinary rendition?
  • Wonkey H.
    It's quite normal in Norfolk and Suffolk to bum foxes. Eating Cornetto's not so much.
  • zacspeed
    I live in Norfolk & I can confirm - we bum foxes all day, every day. Never had a Cornetto though.
  • Brad
    What I don't get is if the guys telling the truth, how is it wrong of him to complain about it?
  • Mark
    I worked there a while back, and saw three people get fired for comments on Facebook. Its in every contract signed that you can't comment about the company apparently.
  • Brick
    I've heard they turn blind eye to staff having sex with the one to one customers though.
  • crazylandgirl
    I would have had a word with the colleague and advised them to delete ASAP. He was Mr.Stupid for sure. Maybe he was also a complete idiot to work, in which case maybe Mr.grass wanted rid?
  • Mike H.
    Jobs just doesn't know when to lie down does he?
  • R. K.
    Snitches get stitches
  • Billy M.
    Serves him right for adding 'friends' on Facebook who aren't actually friends. Idiot.
  • RedBandSuperKings
    Apple are pretty shit any way, his best off working for Argos or summit.
  • Laura
    I work for an electrical retailer as well , most places will have somewhere in there terms that commenting on the company is a no no on the internet. In a previous job I had low opinions of an area manager, thinking because he couldn't see it and I hadn't named company or any names I would be ok. Someone else who was getting sacked for certain things decided to try and take me with them by dragging up my Facebook page. So lesson is A, Just don't do it and B, Just coz you work with them doesn't mean they have your back. Tho I will say what do you do now days if your un happy and want to rant, everyone wants to vent work stuff so what do you do? we're is the freedom of speach/ expression? How do things improve if a person can't air there dissatisfaction?
  • Sawyer
    @Laura: If you're dissatisfied with something at work and want things to improve, surely you raise this with your employer in private instead of ranting on a public form? Most large companies have channels for reporting such things, and any half-trained manager should at least listen to your issues. If you still want to rant, do it with friends and family in private, just as people did before social networks. Nothing has changed. It's just the modern day equivalent of yelling to everyone in the pub that you hate your boss, only to find that he's sat in the corner.... which you really should have remembered because you're the one who invited him when you clicked "add as friend".
  • Laura
    You don't add managers, I never have and by the looks of it this poor fellow didn't either but fell victim to a colleagues underhanded pass for a "pat on the head". It is a bit crazy to make direct comments naming and shaming. There are channels for problems but from years of experience what normally happens is they fill out a form, file it and forget about it. As I understand most retailers have a strike system for employees unless apple have a special clause some place. I don't think many people would be happy being woken at 3am three times a week like that poor chap. On the flip side what is the problem, I know people who work for apple and from what I hear it's not bad.
  • Mike H.
    What do you expect? People who 'want' to work with iPhones all day are the biggest cunts of them all.

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