Apple TV - new and improved, and very cheap too

Apple LogoA source close to Apple (which either means Someone Leaking Info Who Doesn't Want To Lose Their Job or Someone Making Things Up) as spoken about details concerning a new version of the Apple TV.

Apparently, this has been in the pipeline long before Google announced their intentions of becoming a player in the TV market and will be synced up with Apple's mobile platforms.

Engadget reckon that the TV will be based on the iPhone 4, with the same internals, 'down to that A4 CPU and a limited amount of flash storage - 16GB to be exact - though it will be capable of full 1080p HD'.

The biggest news is just how little it will cost. $99 to be precise.

Basically, it looks like this gadget will be all about streaming stuff and the Apple TV will ditch the current OS X-lite as a operating system, instead, using the the iPhone OS, spreading it thickly in a 52-inch plasma screen.

Having apps and internet on your TV sounds like a good enough idea, but is it any better than having a swish TV rigged up to a Wii or XBox that's hooked up to your wireless connection? Still, under a hundred dollars is a good price, provided there's no hidden costs, right?

What do you make of this then? A waste of time? Think it sounds brilliant? Let loose in the comments to say how much you love Apple products or, indeed, how much you hate people who hate Apple products and the like.


  • Dirty F.
    It might only be $99 but in the UK we use pounds, so this is foxing useless!
  • Dave
    Not that excited but hopefully will give Microsoft the kick up the arse they need so the 360 gets full H.264 and mkv support for HD streaming.
  • appleflap
    £99 for the hardware - but how much will you pay everytime you want to watch somthing. and god helop us if you have to go through that fecking awful itunes thing. still loving the 8 year old xbox with xbmc on it -
  • Gunn
    Won't these extra boxes soon be redundant when manufacturers all put LAN ports into future tv's. so you just need software upgrades or subscriptions then.
  • Andrew R.
    Grab old one, install Boxee, problem solved, phone soon!
  • Jassen
    I'm sure Apple are going to depend on iTunes movie subscriptions to subsidise this service. I'm more excited about the Google TV project, which is also going to incorporate a mobile OS (Android) but in addition, you have much more functionality and a full browser included. You just know that Apple are going to lock that s**t down.
  • James D.
    Apple is for chumps.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    The low purchase price of these things suggests to me that Apple gets most of its income from the revenue stream - they could give the hardware away and still make money (only that would 'devalue' the brand.) They're extrapolating the razor-blades and ink-cartridge marketing techniques to TV and media, locking the buyer into proprietary hardware. Thank God for Google throwing jellybeans into the works. And of course Apple TVs won't show any nipples.
  • Ted S.
    Will there be an app that makes Deidre Barlow shed her clothes?
  • The B.
    Netload, Megaupload, Rapidshare, etc, all free, no extra hardware, no streaming thus no buffering, just a long list of tv programs for free, why would I want to pay to be tied in the Jobsian nightmare?
  • dunfyboy
    It'll all be itunes based. And I can't stand itunes.
  • Mark
    How do I use the iPhone OS on my non touch screen plasma? You haven't thought this through have you?
  • Ballu
    @ Mark via a trackpad on the device i guess... or maybe via a separate ipod/phone running apple remote
  • Mark
    @Ballu A trackpad won't work. The iPhone OS relies on you actually touching something on the screen. A trackpad won't allow this - you'd be guessing where to touch. As for your other solution, an iPod Touch would be a very expensive remote! In fact it would make the remote more expensive than the unit.
  • Pheonix
    @Mark Im guessing that the apple remote will be included as it is now with the Apple TV, and that it will work fine for basic stuff with that, but that it will be intended to sync with your Ipod Touch or Iphone. If Apple are smart, and since the system is using the iPhone OS so will run iPhone games, then theyll also market the Apple TV as a Games machine like the Wii, as the Iphone could be used as a motion and gesture controller
  • Howard M.
    It may be $99 but it'll be £200 by the time it comes over here.
  • Mark
    @ Pheonix I've no doubt that Apple could concoct a cut down version of the iPhone OS which would allow you to use the Apple Remote to perform basic tasks but there's no way you could run existing apps using that as a controller. It wouldn't work. The best you could hope for is apps written specifically for this box.
  • (jah) w.
    Who gives a shit about apps? It's a fscking box for watching TV/movies on! After using (wading?) through an iphone though, I'd hate to see this thing try to play a 1080 x264 mkv. The iphone is slower than my nan after she got hit by that bus. Obviously this will be getting graphics acceleration, but still - the thing will take ten years to turn on and be a slow, crawly nightmare to use if it is anything like an iphone. Pity that they've butchered the appletv so much, an upgraded version of the current machine would make a fantastic media player.
  • Mark
    @ (jah) wobbly Was the iPhone you were using broken? My first gen iPod Touch is plenty fast enough.
  • (jah) w.
    Nop, used (well, made sure they worked by testing things for ~15mins, backed them up, jailbroke them, tested some more), another two since, same speed. 3g and two 3gs'. Couldn't stand to use that day in, day out. I love OSX, I liked the AppleTV but the iphone and ipod are the spawn of satan. But at least the ipod (nano, etc) work at a reasonable speed. The iphone is horrendous. flicking along the springboard is snappy enough, but mostly everything else is a joke - especially that startup time. I have PCs from ten years ago that start much faster.

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