Apple Pay is here, along with improved Siri and music streaming

In July, Apple Pay will very much be a thing, which means Apple-havers will be able to pay for things with their iPhones or iPad.

And Apple have been very thorough, with over 250,000 businesses signed-up with them, including Nando's, Costa Coffee, M&S, Waitrose, the Post Office, Transport for London, Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's, Lidl, Wagamama, Boots and so many more places.

Look at all these things it'll support.


Pretty much all the major UK banks are supporting the service, including RBS, NatWest, Amex, Halifax, MasterCard, Nationwide, HSBC, First Direct, Ulster Bank and Santander. It'll work with nearly 70% of UK credit and debit cards by Autumn.

This is invariably going to be followed up by Apple's new music streaming service, where they'll try and take on Spotify.

Basically, if your Apple device has a fingerprint scanner, Pay will work. So that's that. In other news, Apple have already revealed the new version of its OS, which has the annoying name of 'El Capitan'.

Siri is also going to have a bunch of new (or, 'like Google Now') features which will make the speaking-assistant more predictive and all that jazz. It'll try and predict what you want and when, so if you go for a run after work every Wednesday, it'll learn your  behaviour and suggest playing music each week, at the same time.

Regarding all this, people are again using the deeply irritating phrase: "virtual concierge".

As for the music streaming service, Apple are - as expected - taking on Spotify and everyone else.

Apple Music will launch in 100 countries later this month, and there'll be an Android version too, which is big news. It'll cost $9.99 a month, or $14.99 for a family plan. It'll also have streaming radio shows, a thing called Connect which is like social media meets SoundCloud (so you can post your own music and that) and the whole thing will tie-up with Facebook and Twitter.

So there you have it. All go in Appleland.

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  • Peter D.
    That's not true, Apple pay is only supported on the iPhone 6 models. The 5S has a finger print scanner but doesn't have the NFC technology required. If you have a 5S you need to pair it with an Apple Watch to use Apple Pay.

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