Apple overtaken by Samsung, just in time for apology to be un-hidden

9 November 2012

bad-appleApple won't be happy. After numerous spats with Samsung, the South Korean firm has gone and pissed on Apple's chips. First off, for the first time, the Galaxy S3 has sold 18m handsets, which passes Apple's 16.2m sales of the iPhone 4S.

Of course, Apple will be hoping to take revenge when iPhone 5 sales come rumbling in. Still, they won't be pleased that their newest enemy is performing so well against them. It is likely that iPhone sales were down because people were waiting for the new handset to come out too, but it'll be another headache for Apple, who are also having a whole heap of trouble with Foxconn who have said that they're struggling to keep up with the demand of the iPhone 5.

"We can’t really fulfil Apple’s requests. Our shipments are insufficient... given the huge market demand," said Foxconn chairman Terry Gou.

Oh, and all their staff keep killing themselves.

Elsewhere, Apple have finally stopped hiding their apology to Samsung on their website. A UK Court of Appeal judge ordered the firm to rewrite their initial sarcastic public notice, and now they've removed the code which hides the statement.

Just the maps to sort out now and they'll be back on track.


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  • Tomas
    I just picked up my new Nokia 920 today, best phone out on the market.
  • Meh!
    Comparing a brand new handset with a 9 month old handset is obviously the right way to compare who is selling the most..

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