Apple orders 10m mini iPads

8 October 2012

ipadsApparently, Apple has gone and put an order in for 10 million iPad Minis, just in time for the festive season, according to the component suppliers.

The Wall Street Journal has learned of this massive order, which will put the fear of god into Kindle and tablet makers the world over. Of course, Apple haven't actually confirmed that the device even exists, but with so many leaks knocking around, it looks like a dead-cert.

It has been reported that Apple have had a number of issues actually putting the iPad Mini together and there have also been issues at the infamous Foxconn plant, where there have been strikes that have seen 4,000 employees walking out.

The factory workers have complained of too much expectancy and pressure to spot miniscule faults in the iPhone 5 after being given next-to-no training, as well as being 'forced' to work public holidays... and maybe there's increased pressure to produce a smaller version of the wildly successful iPad too?

Legally, it is worth pointing out that Foxconn are denying that there's been a strike.

Either way, the rumours about the iPad Mini say that it will have a 7.85-inch screen and which be very reasonable (for Apple) on the pocket, which means once again, Apple could be cleaning up this Christmas.

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  • Darren
  • Sicknote
    Sorry I was just yawning there and missed the thread - did someone say something about another APpLe product that's unique enough not to be compared to everything else in the market please. Oh yes, that was it...shit...shit...blah...blah and more blah....
  • leeisgod
  • LD
    The rest of them should sue the arse off Apple - same 'form factor' as a lot of exising models ....
  • Mustapha S.
    Why LD? Apple thought of it first
  • Jamie C.
    I'm really surprised by all these rumours and Apple leaks. Especially since Tim Cook said he'd be doubling down on leaks etc. I've no idea what's going on with the company, but its safe to say that it's being surely driven headlong into a brick wall. Lately the quality of products have been getting very poor. I own am iPad and the thought of a mini, with an updated iPad next week is a kick in the pants. Think I might start looking at Microsoft or Sony.

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