Apple Maps can't be more popular than Google Maps... can it?

apple maps fail When Apple launched their map service last year, everyone fell about laughing. It was a woeful, undernourished thing and just about everything went wrong with it. However, since then, Apple Maps has been sorted out and now, remarkably, it is being reported that the service is more popular than Google Maps.

At one point, Google Maps had 81 million mobile users but according to stats, 23 million of those have jumped ship to Apple's mapping service.

This is all according to Comscore. In America, around 35 million iPhone owners used Apple Maps in September 2013, while only 6 million chose Google Maps in the same period. It seems a fair chunk of the Google Maps users were only doing that because they couldn't upgrade to iOS 6.

"For the average user, even if they have the Google Maps app, they don’t use it a lot,” said Andrew Lipsman, analyst, ComScore.

Comscore also reckon that there are 9.7 million daily Apple Maps mobile users compared to the 7.2 million Google Maps users on Android.

"We’re not currently sharing details on the number of downloads," said Google in a statement. "While we can’t disclose specific performance metrics, we’re pleased with the product and user feedback has been positive."


  • youngy
    While Apple Maps have improved, some of the scenery (like in the above picture) is still woeful.
  • RodC
    But then this is the USA - when I lived there the whole concept of maps was seen as "voodoo" - I had friends who couldn't understand how I could possibly find their house without detailed instructions. When I told them that I had a map and just needed the address (this was in the 90s) they thought that I was a witch...
  • Dick
    No doubt most of the users of Apple maps use them because they are Apple maps. If they each use them ten times per day, then they can make Apple maps more popular than google maps, so they can announce on social media that they use the most popular mapping software.
  • klingelton
    I use apple maps on iPhone because the app is better than google maps. I'm pretty sure Google maps wasn't excellent when it was first released.

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