Apple make tool to delete U2's album

16 September 2014

Deleting music from your iTunes should be pretty easy, but the hoo-hah as been so loud about U2 appearing on people's devices without being asked, Apple have had to make a token gesture.

Some of the more hysterical sorts have been screaming their lungs through their noses with things like "IF THEY CAN PUT A U2 ALBUM IN EVERYONE'S PHONE, IMAGINE WHAT ELSE THEY CAN PUT IN THERE?!?!?! AAAAARGH!!!!" while other people have shrugged and thought 'nice idea, but I don't like U2.'

Well, Apple have released a new tool which allows people to remove U2's new album from their iTunes library with greater ease.

u2 albumn

While it was always possible to remove the album yourself, this new thing is a one-click job, which means that should appease a few lunatics out there.

Apple have also set up a support website to guide people through this difficult time.

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  • Mark H.
    This tool completely removes it from your iTunes account - not just your device. There's no way to do that yourself.
  • Mike H.
    Does it actually delete the album from existence as well?

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