Apple looks to the cloud for music storage

4 March 2011

Bitterwallet - the Apple tabletIt's been rumoured for the past two years, but once again Apple are said to be in talks with the cheeses of the music industry, in an attempt to give iTunes customers greater and easier access to music they’ve purchased across multiple devices. The company is currently negotiating with Universal, Sony, Warner Music Group and EMI.

This proposed arrangement would give customers more flexibility in how they access purchased music. If it goes ahead,  iTunes customers would be able to create a permanent backup of music purchases if the originals are lost. From this cloud storage on the intermaweb, customers could then download to iPad and iPhone devices linked to the same iTunes account.

Apple has clearly seen the way Spotify works across multiple devices and they may think that this is a way to kill off one wing of competition. It'd certainly be a step in the right direction towards universal access to content stored in the cloud, and it may go on to redeeming iTunes, which is hardly the most loved piece of consumer software in the world.


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  • klingelton
    ok - so unlimited is actually limited to 500mb and we're going to blast through it by constantly streaming tracks from the apple cloud.
  • volvic
    @klingelton. I think they will eventually stop the data cap once the networks infrastucture will be upgraded. They only added it to allieviate the massive increase in data consumption over the past 2 years. But your point is very valid. 500MB is a joke for data consumption for a cloud based system.
  • Google’s B.
    [...] the looks of this evidence, it’s going to happen sometime soon, and possibly before Apple get their cloud-based service to [...]
  • Jimmie M.
    This is the same question that Michael Moore ask when the Columbine massacre gapped.

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