Apple is the most unwanted gift of Christmas

2 January 2013

New data (released by Experian Marketing Services if you at all care about such a thing) has shown that Apple's returns policy was the most searched for policy on Christmas Day, which is something of a surprise seeing as five of the top twenty festive gifts of 2012 belonged to Apple.

"Sadly not everyone gets exactly what they want at Christmas, and so Christmas Day and Boxing Day are key days when consumers go online to spend Christmas money or organise returns for unwanted gifts," said James Murray, digital marketing manager for Experian Marketing Services.

So why does no-one want Apple? Well, it looks like it might be something to do with the fact that all their products sound the same.

"This is probably a case of parents and grandparents confusing the various models of iPads and iPods available, as although an iPad Mini and an iPod Nano might sound similar, they are clearly very different products," continued Murray.


  • Kevin
    So not bad Apple atall, just shitty old relatives having no clue?
  • Mark R.
    Apple have lost the Golden touch, too many premium products that are no longer that premium. iPhones are now common place and the iPhone 5 isn't much better than the 4s or even 4. They have lost much popularity with recent decisions, iPhone 5, Stupid thunderbolt cable, Maps that get you lost and an os that still looks the same as it did 5 years ago.
  • Bob
    What a crap misleading article.
  • Kevin
    Yeah, they are spiralling down into the fires of hell with no sales atall.
  • samuri
  • Keith
    "which is something of a surprise seeing as five of the top twenty festive gifts of 2012 belonged to Apple." No... which is NOT a surprise AT ALL seeing as five of the top twenty festive gifts of 2012 belonged to Apple. In other words, it's not surprising that such a popular range of gift choices results in a large number of returns, what with them being popular - i.e. five of the top 20 gifts of 2012. The worst 'story' of 2013, and we're only a couple of days in.
  • Mustapha S.
    Apple need to increase their prices and perhaps only allow certain people to purchase. Too many chavs walking around with supposedly premium products. It happened to Burberry. It happened to BMW, and now its happened to Apple. Shame, I quite like some of their stuff, but knowing Daryl and Jase from 36 Normanton Road own the top ipad somewhat devalues it. Would be a bit like knowing your missus has slept with Johnny Vegas
  • Monday
    @Mustapha You leave Normanton Road alone
  • EmCee
    Was going to say exactly the same as Keith. It's possibly the most blatant deliberate misinterpretation of data I've seen...
  • ghostbollocks
    Bitterwallet starting the 2013 in the same way it ended 2012, badly. Thinking Bitterwallet may have to turn the overly used 'Deathwatch' on themselves....yes that's right, the humorous 'Deathwatch' - where Bitter wallet eagerly wait for a company to go tits up costing people their jobs just so they can copy/paste articles from other sources and say 'told you so'.
  • Andy D.
    @ghostbollocks - Wow, this looks like your TENTH different pseudonym from the past month or so. Maybe you'd like to change your IP address now and again if you're looking to keep things fresh.
  • Darren
    @ghostbollocks you hit the nail right on the head. @Andy Dawson Did your outsourced IT guys in a far away land tell you that?
  • Natty
    Didnt like Apple before I got one (didnt pay for it or steal it) and now like them even less along with the makers of the new (but cheap) speaker dock that should work but doesnt as one or both bastard companies decided they didnt want to play together...fuckwits. Thanks BW for giving me the chance to slag Apple off and with good reason this time too.
  • Andy d.
    @Andy Dawson - Maybe you'd like to stop copy/pasting articles and write an original piece on something you've researched yourself and can be proved entirely your own work, you know, if you're looking to keep things fresh? Personal details used on HUKD go AWOL and you think people will use real names and emails to post on Biterwallet? Tracking IP addresses kinda proves theres a trust issue there! Actually, Im quite impressed you havent copy/pasted your comment from somewhere else. Well done, Andy. Well done.
  • EmCee
    Can you confirm your storing IP information of users on here Andy? Are these stored centrally on Bitterwallet's servers or on your personal PC? What other information are you keeping on users Andy?
  • Al S.
    Mof Grimmers stores them in his beard
  • Proxy
    @ EmCee - You wont hear anymore on this from Andy. In fact, you wont hear another word from him until he gets upset and throws his toys out of the pram again. He's real professional, you see. And yeah, so you dont waste your time checking for the IP address, this is my 11th different pseudonym.
  • Raggedy
    I'd just like to say I'd like some well off relations who can afford to give me a present of an Apple product. And then I'd seek out a return if they did buy me one, gently pointing out you can get just as good kit for a fraction of the price. In fact why not buy four other pieces of kit for the same price as an Apple? And if anyone complains, kneecap them!
  • Andy
    BW - does this actually stand for "Boring wankers" - it certainly should do.
  • Gabriella
    I recently upgrade my mobile and was going to go with Apple again for an Iphone 4. After speaking with the salesman, who knew his stuff and given the problems I had with a designed in the USA and made in China Iphone 3, I bit the bullet and went with Samsung for the Galaxy S and don't regret it at all. They beat Iphone hands down. The phone is a joy no problems, no connectivity problems with the internet. Apple are not good. Yesterday's toy today's binned item.

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