Apple iOS9 - what's good?

16 September 2015

apple Do you have an iPhone or whatever? Well, there's the new iOS9 knocking about and you might be wondering whether or not you should update to it. You invariably will do this anyway, but if you want to read some words first, here we go.

What's new with the latest update?

Well, you can download it today and for starters, you can get a new app on the Home screen which will pull in the news from a variety of places. That's really boring though as you can already download loads of apps like that anyway.

You'll be more interested in the Notes app, which now comes as standard on the iPhone and iPad. It has also been tinkered with as well. As well as having to-do lists, you can put photos in it, sketch things with your finger and add maps.

Speaking of maps, the Maps app has been updated as well. Remember when it was a disaster and everyone laughed at it? Those were good times. Anyway, the iOS9 update of will give you details about public transport and that. As tech companies make loads of money from you spending money and sharing your behaviour with them, Maps will now pinpoint the nearest shops to you, and such.

There's the iCloud Drive too, which is supposed to make it easier for you to find files and the like. You can also organise apps without leave the drive, and on the iPad, you can open a second app without leaving the one you're currently using.

Apple have messed with the search screen as well, which you get at by swiping right on the home page.

For those on Android, who have been eyeing up an iPhone, you can now migrate your Android phone to Apple, in the 'Move to iOS' app. That'll fling all your messages, contacts, photos, and mail accounts to your Apple device.

Does that sound good? Great. Get updating. Does that sound like a load of shit? Don't bother updating. We really don't care either way.

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  • tiderium
    Do NOT update to iOS 9.0 On September 16th, Apple will release a new version of iPhone and iPad software, called iOS 9.0. There's a problem in it. You should not update to iOS 9.0. The problem causes Bluetooth to switch off when you try to pair with certain devices. The device can't pair meaning you can't use it. Apple have acknowledged the problem, and it will be fixed in an update to iOS 9.0. iOS updates don't install automatically, only when you approve them. So don't until this has been resolved.

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