Apple: Going large with their next iPhones?

ipad air Apple get all their best press when they're not doing anything, because saps like us report on every stinking rumour that is put forth about them. How bloody wonderful for Apple & Co.

Anyway, rumour-mill time and apparently, the gadget vendor is looking to produce to larger versions of their iPhone in July. When they'll find time to make and release an iWatch is anyone's guess.

Apple are rumoured to be rolling out a 4.7in iPhone and a 5.5in phablet while Chinese suppliers starting production in the next month.

It seems Apple are having a headache with their phablet (something to do with display problems) but not so with the phones. They're expected to ship out in September. In layman's terms, this new iPhone will be as tall as a Samsung Galaxy S5, but not as wide. Or thereabouts.

It is also thought that the new phone will have rounded edges (the phones have rounded edges any way, but you assume this will be 'more round', if you can imagine such a thing) and wireless charging, NFC and possibly a barometer, which is nice.

Thing is, have we plateaued with mobiles? Surely all anyone wants is something that doesn't get clogged up with bloatware and doesn't freeze up?

What do you think?

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