Apple gets AdBlock

apple Are you an Apple fan who wished they could have the Adblock Plus extension? Well, wish no more as it has been turned into a thing for iOS, as Apple's latest mobile operating system gets with the advertless programme!

So, with the imminent arrival of iOS 9, it looks like mobile Safari will let you block all those pesky adverts, if that's your thing.

It is also available for Android is available in Google Play too, which will annoy all those advertising executives with a sports car parked outside their office.

Of course, this is a big problem for Google, because huge swathes of their income is a result of advertising, and a while ago, Google removed the commercial killing app for Android. However, you can still get it direct from the source.

"In 2013 an app we developed called AdBlock Plus for Android was kicked out - that's why you have to side-load it now," said Ben Williams, communications manager for Eyeo who make AdBlock. "That product was focused on in-app ads; this one is entirely different. It's a browser. We did not negotiate with Google. We simply took it to their App Store and they accepted it this morning."

This is a bold move from Apple, as with iOS 9, they're basically saying that blocking adverts is a legitimate thing to do. Not that anyone needs Apple or Google to make it legit. Courts have decreed that blocking adverts is perfectly legal and if Apple or Google don't like it, then hard cheese. Blocking ads isn't just making your world less annoying - it also saves bandwidth and time, reduces data consumption and page load times, and all manner of other stuff. It limits the likelihood of you seeing malicious ads too.

And more and more people are using ad-blocking software. For a woolly figure, use of such software is up 41% in the last year.

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