Apple Fanboiz - Behold, the launch of the first Mac in '84

27 January 2014

We all know that Apple fans can be a really peculiar bunch, looking at their gadgets like they're more than just a bunch of circuits and junk, but rather, something they can emotionally connect to. They're a bit evangelically scientology about it all.

Well, if you haven't seen it elsewhere, prepare to have kittens because some bright spark found a video of the demo launch for the first Macintosh computer from back in 1984.


The folks at the Boston Computer Society found a video shot a mere week after Steve Jobs showed off the machine for the first time at the company's shareholder meeting.

The clip hasn't been shown off publicly for the better part of 30 years, but now, here it is and it is a bit long too. Flick through it if you're a casual fan, savour every minute of it if you're a bit of a lunatic.

The video is over the jump.

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  • Dick
    Just in case anyone clicks - that 1:36 is 1 hour 36 min, not 1 min 36 sec.
  • Ali B.

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