Apple employ spy planes that can film you through your skylight

rotten appleIn a move that is totally original and not copied at all, Apple is going to provide us all with an online map service called 'Maps'. Of course, this being Apple, they're going to do things a little differently and all Fancy Dan.

The 'Maps' programme for iPhones and iPads will give plebs the chance to look at images so detailed that until now, it's only been available to intelligence services. The 3D street images that Apple will produce will be so detailed that they will show objects as small as 4 inches in diameter.

The technology has been developed following Apple's acquisition of C3 Technologies and will apparently employ spy-planes which will capture images.

Of course, not everyone is happy about this. Nick Pickles, director of the Big Brother Watch privacy campaign group, reckons that Apple's 'Maps' is more invasive than Street View because it would "take us over the garden fence".

He said: "You won't be able to sunbathe in your garden without worrying about an Apple or Google plane buzzing overhead taking pictures."

Flashers and show-offs, your time has come.


  • amazon s.
    Time to write apple obscenities on the roof then.
  • daniel
    what if the parts you're flashing are smaller than 4" in diameter...
  • Spencer
    Just roll out some foil or a big mirror and confuse the fuck out of it. Instead of your garden all you'll see is the sky and the underside of a spy plane.
  • i p.
    great shame that they have spy planes that can look through skylights but can still not manage to add micro SD slots to their devices... someone really does need to explain how expandable storage works to them.....
  • Spencer
    @ i peters.... Shut up! You dont understand. ALL Apple products are perfect. They know better than you and if they say it doesnt need it... then it doesnt need it. I think in time you'll realise this truth. Apple products are better because they dont have that function. sent from my HTC mobile device
  • Sicknote
    It'll be called iMap, it won't work and everyone that likes that Apple shit will love it.
  • Dick
    No doubt they will sue google for copying their idea and going back in time to implement it before apple could. Although it is just another reason to sunbathe naked in the garden.
  • Spencer
    ^ Do we need any reason to? ^
  • Zleet
    Google have been developing 3d maps for mobile devices for a while now, videos look amazing.

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