Apple drop the price of iPad

3 March 2011

2Steve Jobs may not be getting an honorary knighthood, but he is the centre of attention at the moment thanks to the announcement of the iPad2 which is so thin that it erodes from the trace of acid that your fingertips secrete.

And so, with a new iPad, what's happening with the old one? Well, as we suspected, it will be dropping in price. While many companies clumsily chase Apple in the tablet market, Jobs and Co have decided to drop the price of the original to potentially clean-up.

Apple has reportedly reduced the 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi to the price of £329 (if you buy it directly from them) which is a good hundred quid cheaper than it was this time last week. The 32GB and 64GB models are going for £399 and £479 respectively.

It isn't clear if Apple are just going for the whole tablet market or whether they're simply trying to shift the stock to pave the way for their newest device. Basically, if you want an iPad on the cheap, you'd be advised to get a move on before iPad2 comes out on 25th March.

Or not bother at all because you still think they're a stupid gimmick.

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  • Darren
    apples site is at £329 since 6pm last night, its only till the 25th, once the 25th gone, rather than abolish the stock, they are going to be setting up a clearance page on the site dedicated to Ipad 1... as it will still benefit massively with the new IOS upgrade
  • Allister
    And the cost of the new iPad 2 in America including sales tax? - £328-£333. UK still getting ripped off.
  • Pie M.
    > apples site is at £329 since 6pm last night, Still £300 too dear then.

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