Apple don't own the lower-case 'i'

tlower-iThe lower-case 'i' is Apple's best friend. Simply plonking an 'i' in front of something immediately marks it out as an Apple product, or, in the case of someone trying to make an easy joke, a pisstake of an Apple product. Example - 'What next? A bloody iColostomy?! Hur hur hur...'.

However, a trademarks tribunal has ruled that Apple no longer holds a monopoly on the letter 'i' as a prefix for products, meaning that all those previous words are effectively useless. Thanks a pissing bunch, trademarks tribunal.

This ruling came about in Australia as Apple attempted to stop Wholesale Central trademarking the DOPi name (did you notice that it is 'iPod' but backwards? Did you?) for its range of cases and bags for Apple gadgetry.

Seeing as pretty much everything Apple release these days has an 'i' (iPod, iTunes, iPhone etc), the company have been very protective of other companies using it. This news will invariably tick them off no end.

Basically, IP Australia said that there was already a load of non-Apple products for electronic goods already on the market that used the 'i' prefix, which means that Apple can't own it. Apple argued that the use of the letter 'i' could see consumers believing that they were buying an official Apple product when they weren't.

Tough. However, there's now a “Made For iPod” kitemarking system which allows people to make stuff that works with Apple products and, in what will be decent news for Jobs & Co, Apple will be able to take a royalty from companies who make approved third-party products for Apple gizmos.



  • Marty P.
    tittle (tattle) ?
  • Fella-Tio
    but they cant stop people making things for iPod that dont carry that kitemark, so dont see why these companies would join myself didnt Apple nick the 'i' from the iRiver? isnt the iPod stolen from iRiver altogether?
  • Nobby
    It's a shame apple ddn't wn the case, as then they could have gone further and made sure that everyone would have to lve wthout the lower case letter.
  • Nobby
    PS. iPod backwards is doPi, not DOPi. DOPi is iPOD backwards.
  • Shopdis F.
    I really couldn't give an iShit
  • cool
    next they will screw their customers up the arse by creating a uniquely shit product that the nerdy masses will flock to oh wait a min...
  • MickeyB
    I'm still annoyed that Cisco didn't crush Apple over the theft of the iPhone name.
  • Rob
    Well Apple basicly suck ass, along with all their sad fanboys.
  • (jah) w.
    indeed they do. also along with those that feel the need to slag everything off because it is apple. pretty pathetic on both sides.
  • cicobuff
    Commodore should have effectively put Apple out the market way back in the late 70s and early 80s but failed to capitalise on their early business computer models success.
  • Mr W.
    Flippin' immac roll-on
  • iam
  • Simon
    Um, doesn't nearly every 80's car have an "i" in it. XR3i etc. Tossers. Apple are just a tax on Yuppies.
  • Forex A.
    It's simply ridiculous for a company to claim ownership to one letter of the alphabet. So what happens when every other company in the world claim the other letters of the alphabet? What are we gonna use now? iRidiculous!
  • Ijob
    ipaq PDA - made by HTC for Compaq/ HP they should have sh1t on apple form a great heigth

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