Apple does technological animal husbandry with iTunes Ping and Twitter

Apple LogoTwitter has done a deal with Apple which allow users of the social networking site to link up to iTune’s Ping.

This news, of course, will make most of you shrug because Ping has been met with widespread indifference from its users since Jobs & Co tacked on their social networking thingy to the iTunes software. Possibly because people associate it with Microsoft's Bing in their heads because it sounds so similar in name... and that's the world's worst search engine ever.

“Starting today Ping, iTunes' new social network for music, and Twitter are making it even easier for people to share music discoveries with their friends by putting Ping activity, song previews and links to purchase and download music from the iTunes Store right in their Tweets on,” said Twitter in a blog post.

Steve Jobs has tried to get Ping and Facebook's 500 million users to link up recently, but the companies just don't seem to like each other enough to reach an agreement to work with one another. You have to say that Ping and Facebook working together makes a lot more sense than this new deal. Jobs certainly thought so when he showed it off during an on-stage demonstration to highlight how Facebook and Ping worked so well together.

As there's hardly anyone using Ping (from what we can gather), this looks like Steve Jobs is trying to ride the coat-tails of Twitter for once.



  • tom
    bings's not that bad, google have copied quit a few bits from them so it can't be!
  • phil
    Ping for facebook is super annoying when you have a mate who decides to 'like' 30+ songs. Wish I could block the stupid thing - I do not use itunes and I am not interested in others people music. Think I may just block my mate...

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