Apple ban game that will probably destroy your mobile

7 August 2013

SMTH Have you heard of the iPhone game, Send Me To Heaven? If not, it's an app that, under the pretense of being a 'sports game', encourages users to lob their phones as high as they can and, the phone's sensors record the height of the throw and so you can challenge your mates and all that.

Of course, if you chuck your phone really high and don't catch it, your handset could invariably end up smashed to pieces.

As such, Apple's App Store have banned the game for "encouraging behaviour that could result in damage to the user's device”, although, it is still available on the Google Play store. Seems Apple don't trust their users to be able to catch, eh?

Users who download the app, obviously, have to agree to a disclaimer confirming that they are playing the game at ‘entirely their own risk’, so if you did end up breaking your phone, it's your own stupid fault.

Amusingly, on the app itself, suggested tactics include a drunken indifference to your phone’s wellbeing.


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  • Mark T.
    I am currently in a lift to the top floor of the Burj Khalifa. My phone is in my pocket. I win.
  • Grammar N.
    Seems Apple don’t trust their users to be able to catch, eh? Obviously. Would you trust every iPhone owner to be able to catch it after every throw? Only needs one person to fail to catch it once for there to be a broken phone.
  • bob
    Mark T - I am on a plane - I win
  • spyro
    I'm on a spaceship. I win.
  • Chewbacca
    Mof reads usvsth3m.... The fucking boron.
  • fibbingarchie
    Sorry you all lose... It's not a game of 'how fucking high can I be with my phone' it's a game of 'how high can I THROW my phone'.
  • Kevin
    It's because some morons would then try and sue Apple for being responsible for the destruction of their phone.
  • kv
    I'm on the moon, I win.
  • Han S.
    I'm on Tatooine, I win
  • Dirge M.
    I'm on yo mamma's ass: I win
  • Chewbie
    Flex wit da erb
  • Joe S.
    How odd. I would have thought Apple would WANT their more stupid customers to bust their phones so that would buy new ones. Or are they worried those same customers would go "ah, well, best get myself a [insert troll bait name of Apple rival] now"?
  • Mustapha S.
    Most Apple buyers are women or the type of bloke who likes to insert their penis in to other mens rectums, so no, of course they can't catch.
  • Cereal G.
    I play this same game with a 3 litre bottle of Dr Pepper with a packet of Fizzballs inside it. if it hits the floor it will EXPLODE.
  • Dick
    They could have designed and sold the polyst-I-rene case, a large block of expanded polystyrene which fits round your iphone, for £99.99.
  • mustapha s.
    Hey Mustapha, i have an iphone but oddly do not insert my penis in to other mens rectums. although i am offended by your comment so publidh your details so i can do so. my guess is you secretly like bum love.
  • Spelling N.
    publidh = Old Irish spelling of publish (rarely used nowadays).
  • Chewbie

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