Apple aren't as green as they thought they were

rotten appleEveryone likes knocking Apple, whether it's fair or not. Fact is, hipsters prefer Apple computers, thereby branding the rest of you as the kind of people who buy things purely because they look nice. All fur coat and rounded corners on your gently humming knickers.

However, Apple took a slight knock recently after someone pointed out that they weren't as eco-friendly as they thought, getting booted off EPEAT's list. Not that most Apple users will actually care either way. No-one thinks about green issues while they're watching filth online (unless you've got a She-Hulk fetish).

Apple's Bob Mansfield posted an open letter on the whole thing, saying: "I recognise this was a mistake... starting today, all eligible products are back on EPEAT," adding: "It’s important to know that our commitment to protecting the environment has never changed, and today it is as strong as ever. Apple makes the most environmentally responsible products in our industry."

Basically, Apple had to take off their products from EPEAT's national registry of environmentally sound products, which looks decides what's good for the Earth with factors such as energy consumption, the ability to recycle and whatnot. Apparently, it's the issue of recycling that has been the issue and Apple's MacBook Pro with Retina display is near impossible to disassemble, so you can't really recycle it.

Are Apple really socially concious and good eggs, determined to force kindness back into our planet? Horseshit. This all came about after city officials in San Francisco were banned from buying Apple computers because they're not on the EPEAT list. This kindness was brought about purely because of a loss of sales.



  • Kevin
    The registry works on the basis of how easy it is to take apart not just what it is made out of etc. So the fact they make products that are totally sealed means they can't be seen as good as others. Fairly simple. Not like they don't ALL but the insides from the same companies so the insides of most products are all exactly the same, it's just how they put them together. You'd have thought they'd known that US government contracts can only come from companies on the registry though wouldn't you!
  • The B.
    "Apple took a slight knock recently after someone pointed out that they weren’t as eco-friendly as they thought, getting booted off EPEAT’s list" Eh? As far as I was aware Apple withdrew voluntarily from the list because the screens on their new lappies couldn't easily be dismantled and were therefore not very green. Leastways that's what I read midway through last week when this story actually broke, perhaps the Reg was wrong.
  • Mr M.
    EPEAT must be making fucking millions with their list!
  • Me
    Seriously Moff I read that last week on a brazilian website. last week news would be an insult!

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