Apple allow Google Maps back on to the iPhone

For the past few months, users of Apple devices have been falling in ditches, stumbling off the summit of rooftop car parks and becoming stranded in desolate fields, all thanks to the new mapping app that appeared in the most recent iOS update, replacing the sturdy, reliable Google one.

Keen travellers have been up in arms about it all ever since it happened but now everything is going to be okay again, as Google Maps has been cleared by Apple and is now available in the App Store for free.

Head Apple honcho Tim Cook apologised profusely when the Apple Maps service was found to be full of glitches and psychedelic imagery where locations should have been, and it seems that Apple have decided that they’d rather swallow their pride and let Google back into their phones rather than face further criticism.

We expect that Apple will now quietly set about making their own maps work properly and relaunch at some point rather than concede defeat to the Googlers.


  • d7llu
    hahahahahahahahahahahaha and again hahahahahahahahahaha
  • Wellhaveyouknow
    What a bunch of muppets. Their idiocy in trying to make their own map app AND now thankfully they have eaten their pride! Not much of a fanfare to this return!
  • chris_moneyandi
    beautiful!!! what a flop!! hahaha,great news! :)
  • Spencer
    I think what you'll find... is apple will now Sue Google for infringing on their mobile maps patent. you watch... the next update to Google maps will, in some ridiculous far fetched way... allow apple to Sue. and you bet your ass - it'll be due to some ridiculous nonsense patent... "we feel that the latest Google maps update has brought with it and air of uncertainty and ambivalent intent - which clearly infringes apples patents - we therefore Sue Google for 186trillion dollars...."
  • samuri
  • Some G.
    I wouldn't be laughing at Apple over this. Now the iPhone has the vastly superior Google Maps back on its devices but doesn't have to pay Google anything for it. I doubt the negative publicity over its own shitty maps will have that great an affect on Apple in the longterm but they've saved a packet on licensing fees. All those who hate Apple will continue to do so and all those who buy Apple will continue to do so. Also this article makes it sound like Apple blocked Google from releasing a map app but they didn't at all. It has taken this long because this is how long it took for Google to submit the app to Apple.
  • Tom
    Google should now stop access to the ios google maps app.
  • I b.
    Fuck you Masterchef. Two winners? What sort of shit is this?
  • JonB
    Apple, Google and Nokia all want to do maps because it makes them money. The data they can mine from map apps is worth the time producing the maps and giving them away for free. This is a major set-back for Apple, but as they have complete control the iOS system they can just fix their maps and try again next time. In the meantime Google will be laughing their faces off.
  • Raggedy
    I often wander into the Apple store and tell them I don't want their non-flash, non-maps phone. For some reason I'm bundled out of there by several hired heavies shouting loudly so prospective customers can't hear my "advice".

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