App to stop stupid Britons from crashing their cars abroad

26 March 2013

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have launched a new app which is designed to stop Brits from crashing when they're overseas. Believe it or not, foreign countries have different laws to those you'll find in the UK.

As well as different road laws, the conditions of the roads and driving standards are wildly varied around the world. Driving your car in Thailand is nothing like driving a car through Britain.

In Thailand there were 68,852 traffic incidents resulting in 9,205 deaths while in the UK, there were a mere 1,901 people killed on the roads. See what we're dealing with here?

Mark Kent, ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand, said: "British nationals using the roads in Thailand should bear in mind that road laws and driving customs here are different from those in the UK and road conditions, driving standards and road traffic regulations can vary. Road traffic accidents can have a profound effect on both those individuals involved and their families."

"Accidents do occur and not all tragedies are avoidable, but the outcome could be very different with many lives being saved and critical injuries reduced if people adopted the same safety precautions abroad that they would naturally take at home."

So, a load of information is being made available all under one umbrella, so now, there's no excuse for you not knowing that, for example, in France, drivers are required to carry their own breathalyser or that in Belarus it is illegal to drive a dirty car.

Have a look at the information here and for god's sake, don't die.

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    The link you give doesn't lead to an app.

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