Anyone want a toy promoting the Android Kit Kat operating system?

android-kitkat It feels a bit weird that the Android operating system has been sponsored by Kit Kat (it feels like Nestle got in everyone's phones and will probably do bad things to our innermost thoughts).

Now, if you are a special brand of loser, you can spend your money on buying a plush toy of the Android KitKat mascot. Presumably to go with your dreadful Compare The Meerkat toys that you have.

Nestle revealed the toy, and tweeted: "Meet Android KITKAT toy your perfect break buddy!"

Apparently, you can only buy it at participating duty free stores.

This is to promote the imminent release, from Google, of the Android 4.4 KitKat system in the next few weeks. Rumours suggest it could be as soon as October 14th should you want to mark your diary.

If mutterings are to be believed, then Android users could be in for a lighter colour scheme and a status bar that changes colour depending on which app running. Until then, you can buy a toy of it and shout at its deaf ears asking for answers.


  • lizard
    What next, android 4.5 the poisoned 3rd world baby?
  • samuri
    No rizard you plick it's going to be tooty frooty, clap iv'e said too much
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    KitKat are going to release an Android bar. @lixard, idiot. Everyone knows they name their os after sweets!!! The next will prob be Lemon Meringue, or something equally as stupid.
  • WeNkY H.
  • Grammar N.
    Everyone knows that the next version will be the Duffin.
  • Fact N.
    Sorry Grammar Nazi, it will be named after a sweetstuff but will begin with the letter L not D. Mind you if they're getting into bed with those Nestle assholes it will probably be Lion (bar), followed by Milky Way (4.6) and then some crass product like Nestle Alpine White (4.7) just so they can use "Nestle" in the name. I'm feeling quite nauseous now just by having to type that name three times. With a bit of luck, the next version will come out before I get the upgrade as I want absolutely no connection whatsoever with those mercenary scumbags.

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