Deathwatch: Anti-virus software

computer virus Seeing as we're all joined at the hip to our internet connections, you'd think we would all be super vigilant about fending off malware and viruses, however, there might be no point because antivirus software isn't able to keep up with attacks, leaving us more exposed than a Scotsman's balls at a windy wedding.

The Symantec Corporation, who make Norton antivirus products, have admitted that they're having trouble keeping up with the times.

That's fine - we can use other antivirus software, right?

Well, Symantec's senior vice president for information security, Brian Dye reckons that antivirus software as a whole is "dead" and the company don't look at the software as a "moneymaker" these days and, furthermore, antivirus software misses around 45% of cyberattacks, which is lousy news for everyone. That said, there's a good chance a number of people are browsing unprotected after they got too annoyed with antivirus updates and programs forcing them to have pointless browser toolbars which changed their homepage to something else.

Obviously, the biggest problem is that malware got super clever and the criminals are quicker to orchestrate huge breaches in more complex ways and antivirus companies are just not able to keep up. With that, Symantec say that protecting users is different from what it used to be. Instead of attacking malware, it now wants to "detect and respond".

AVG and others may well disagree with all this and point to the fact that Symantec aren't doing particularly well at the moment, going through CEOs like nobody's business and losing money over the last two quarters. It might be a Deathwatch for the company, rather than the product they sell.

What do you think?

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