Anti-paedophile agency slags off Facebook

Bitterwallet - Facebook

Despite having never stumbling into an online paedophile in all my days as a virtual mooch, it's pretty clear that the internet is rife with blokes furious tugging at their scrotums whilst looking at pictures of the children I haven't even had yet.

I know this because there's a constant trickle of news stories warning me about the perils of online fiddlers. Even Richard Blackwood was so angered by the plight of our vulnerable children that he was willing to risk 'smelling like hammers' on a TV show a while back which was in no way making light of the hysterical and often hypocritical approach to the press and campaigners.

And now, the chief of the national anti-paedophile agency has launched the latest attack against the web, this time with Facebook in the crosshairs, branding the social networking sight's refusal to publish an official "panic button" on users' profiles as "arrogant".

Jim Gamble, chief executive of CEOP (the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre), publicised figures today showing more complaints to investigators about Facebook. He said that the group had received 252 complaints about Facebook in the first three months of this year, compared to 297 in the whole of 2009.

Gamble wants Facebook to agree to publish a CEOP-branded panic button. Facebook keep telling him to piss off.

Gamble said: "None [of the 252 reports received this year by CEOP] came direct from Facebook. If their system is so robust and they are receiving so many reports and concerns from young people, then where are they? Is Facebook so arrogant that it does not matter what the collective child protection community think? Do they want to be the website of choice for bullies, for dangerous individuals, for rapists and murderers?"

Yes. Facebook are clearly working on a way of attracting rapists and murderers to help their image around the world.

This comes on the back of a Microsoft and Bebo agreeing to publish the button, despite the fact that no-one uses them or they're closing down pretty soon.

Weirdly, Gamble's group hasn't gone after MySpace in the same manner (which, statistically has a higher percentage of teenagers using it compared to Facebook) who also refuse to feature a panic button.



  • David
    nice article!
  • MrRobin
    I'm feel I'm being groomed by Andy Dawson with promises of hot cocoa in magical London chocolate shops. Where is the Bitterwallet panic button?
  • Tom P.
    Don't allow net access for Catholic Priests, that will cut pedo-crime.
  • Fsck
    "whilst looking at pictures of the children I haven’t even had yet." "the children I haven’t even had yet." What are you trying to say? No sloppy seconds?
  • Kevin
    What Facebook should do is delete all the profiles for anyone under the age of 18 then when the "children" start complaining direct the complaints to Mr Jim Gamble. If Facebook does not allow children on the site there is no need for a stupid button. It is very clear the Mr Gamble is upset his precious button is not on their site which I guess threatens his very existance. Now he's trying to use bully tactics to get his way, great way to promote your cause. Showing everyone that bullying / attempted blackmail is fine so long as it is for a "good cause".
  • Steve B.
    Just reading this story has given me a huge erection. Thank goodness they've banned the button.
  • Nobby
    If would be good if they put a button on there to inform them about peados. I'd press it on every page.
  • Tom
    "FuriousLY tugging at their scrotums"
  • shinkyshonky
    What facebook should do is fuck off...what is it for...what does it do...should have button for internet mongers on every page...or pitchfork button for when a mob is set up...bah humbug
  • The B.
    Did anyone else watch Masterchef and laugh every time they referenced the peadiatrician as a "childrens doctor". I find it hilarious that you can't use any term formed from the latin word for child in it for fear of coming home and finding some knuckle dragger has burned your house down and killed your family.
  • Kevin
    Kids on Facebook are causing more problems with their arseing about, swearing and being cunts than Paedo's ever would.
  • harry
    This cunt; the Bent Cop and all round Crook; Jim Gamble of CEOP is responsible for the deaths of two members of my family because of his lies told during Operation Ore, accusing an innocent member of family of paedophillia. I since discover that he was, when in N. Ireland in collusion with criminals who murdered people with Garda consent. What a total cunt he IS, a smirking and untouchable piece of shit with so many IPCC complaints against him that have been "swept under the carpet". This arsehole needs nailing before he lies more people into death or prison.
  • Damion A.
    Hi, thank you for your amazing post. You don't know how this helped me.
  • Harry
    Jim Gamble is a cunt, the sooner he departs this world the better, this cunt is responsible for the deaths of two members of my family because of his lies during Operation Ore, the most corrup witchhunt in history.
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