Annoying babbling head could replace texts

19 March 2013

As if Siri wasn’t irritating enough, boffins want to replace our bog standard ‘RU OK CU L8TR LOL’ texts with a yapping floating head woman called ‘Zoe’ who is based on an actress off Hollyoaks. SRSLY.

Developed by Toshiba’s Cambridge Research lab, the system has more human emotions than any other avatar, and can make a decent stab at sarcasm, fear or anger. In fact, it’s got six settings that you can use to create an infinite amount of emotions. It’s like that annoying woman in Red Dwarf, or Max Headroom. (Google it, kids).

At the moment Zoe is based on Zoe Lister, an actress in Hollyoaks, but they are currently adapting it so you should be able to upload your own ugly mug and scare the crap out of your friends when you text them.

But isn’t this missing the whole point of texts? Surely the only reason anyone actually sends texts is because they can’t be arsed talking to people? I mean, who wants Facetime with their mum while they’re having a ‘lie down’?

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  • Teddy
    Having googled who Zoe Lister is, I am fully onboard with this idea.
  • wingZero

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