Annoy your pet from afar with Petcube

1 October 2013

You know how it is. You’re on holiday, and you miss your beloved pet, Pepe the rabbit. So you send him a postcard, and you think of his soft fur, and you wonder whether he’ll still be alive when you get back because you forgot to refill his water bottle.


Well no more. Thanks to a new gadget called Petcube, you can check in on your lonely furry friends any time you like. Petcube is an unprepossessing aluminium cuboid featuring a camera, sound and Wifi, so you can effectively Skype your animals at home. You can laugh as they defecate all over the box, creepily watch them sleep, and look into their uncomprehending eyes as you whisper sweet nothings.

AND, if you want to play with your cats, there’s also a built in laser pointer that they’ll go crazy for. Does anyone on earth need this gadget? No. But it’s going to be made anyway, as its Chinese creators Haxlr8r have already raised over £95000 of its £100,000 budget on Kickstarter.

And the Apocalypse landfill just got bigger.

Actually, if they could bring out a Petcube for children, it might prove invaluable.

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