Angry customers keen to talk about CeX

According to its website, CeX is an online retailer that'll "buy, sell and exchange a range of technology and entertainment products including mobile phones, video games, DVDs, HD films, computers, digital electronics, vision and music CDs." According to many of its customers, including avid Bitterwallet reader Adam, CeX wouldn't know customer service if it smacked them on the arse. And that's one of the nicer things customers seem to say.

Adam's issue is with their failure to deliver goods as promised - the website states goods are dispatched within 24 hours to arrive within two to five working days. Adam has been waiting a fortnight and counting. If it was only Adam, it'd be reasonable to assume the order had gone astray; unfortunately CeX has its own Facebook group, and the discussions are overflowing with similar complaints.

The Facebook pages also flag up serious issues for consumers attempting to sell games and other products to CeX - some suggest orders worth hundreds and even thousands of pounds have disappeared after been delivered to CeX. This is one such complaint from a customer called Matt, and it doesn't appear to be an isolated incident:

My wife sold two consignments to them which were both in the same box, clearly defined which is which. The parcel was sent by DHL and received and signed for by CEX. One consignment has been processed and paid for, however some items were marked as 'scratched' even though they were brand new and sealed.
The second one CEX are still showing as waiting delivery. How can this possibly be when they have unpacked one consignment out of it. The second one was much larger worth around £150 but somehow they have lost it, or stolen it.

Other topics in the Facebook group include: The worst Online electronics service store on the web?; Small Claims County Judgement?; Orders NOT Received, all e-mails to Customer Service Ignored - and so on. One customer has posted an image to Facebook of an apparently stolen game he bought from CeX, with a local library's stamp on the front and rear of the case, as well as inside and on the manual - it seems CeX don't pay much attention to the condition of the used stock they buy:

Complaints about CeX don't appear to be a new trend either, judging by the efforts of a little Googling. And if you're a customer owed money or even a delivery, you no doubt wipe away the tears of laughter every time you read their lighthearted FAQ:

CeX Executive Board
Oooh. These are the big, scary bosses. They don't have sandwiches for lunch like the rest of us, they eat raw quail eggs and caviar. They don't drink beer, they quaff Chateau Rothschild 1996. If they went to the toilet - which they don't, 'cos they're royal - they'd use £50 notes instead of Andrex.

The wags. The advice from Bitterwallet reader Adam is to stay the hell away from CeX; if you're a past or present customer with a bone to pick, you can always message us below, or send a letter to the CEO!


  • ButterMan
    I fondly remember queuing up behind, ahem, a "person from the travelling community" selling wireless Xbox360 adapters to my local CeX (easily shoplifted and worth £45 a pop). Of course when I got to the front of the queue they "had no money in-store but would be happy to offer me store credit". The fistfuls of fities they'd just used to handle stolen goods must have been their last, I guess.
  • Alexis
    Try MusicMagpie instead. No hassle, and cheque sent within a week.
  • M4RKM
    In store, I've never had a single problem with buying or selling.. you see, when you buy in store, you get your goods there and then. and when you sell in store, you see what they rate your goods, and you get your cash, there and then..
  • Ballu
    I agree... in store is ok. no probs would not trust cex/ebay/any similar merchant with remote transactions
  • donttouchthehair
    I've online ordered a phone from them before that was offered as in new condition. The phone was, but they hadn't included a battery cover or a manual. So they demanded a return, which I did. They then sent it back out, with a battery cover and manual, but they'd changed the cables for the wrong ones (and the box was wrong (which has a code which is needed to upgrade the phone) . So I sent it back. They then sent it back to me with everything addressed, but without any charger - which it had the first time they sent the phone! So I bought that off ebay. I'm not sure what kind of operation they must be running - I was only insistent on getting the phone as it was 'new' and a darn sight cheaper than anywhere else. Perhaps this is why!
  • donttouchthehair
    Also, buying stuff from them is often a case of buying, waiting a week ot so for it to go from 'stock picking' to 'stock picked', then receiving an email saying that they have none in stock.
  • mark M.
    I always feel like I need a shower when I come out of a CEX store. There's something inherently grimy and seedy about them. Online, we had no issues when we bought the Half-Blood Prince Blu-Ray for £10. Delivery was quite slow, but it was cheap at the time
  • greg
    serves this Matt cunt right for not getting off his fat arse and actually going to his local CEX store. fucking hell i would def not send them hundreds of pounds worth of stuff. it takes them 90 mins to test a BT mouse, and they don't operate a float n the till so don't try and sell to them in the morning. apart from that, i think it's alright
  • klingelton
    I agree with Mark M. i quite imagine CEX staff to sit in store and the end of the day and masturbate all over the merchandise. Most of the stock is what was taken from my house when i got burgled a couple of months ago. The CD's are blatently 20 years old and what nobody would want and most of the cases have been sat on by a fat chick. none of it catalogued and completely out of alphabetical order, unless you follow the urdu alphabet that is. Then there's the queues. Last time i was in there was my birthday. i had a day off and a bit of cash to burn so i went and bough a game from the leeds store. waiting in queue was warm sweaty smelly and awful. Some poor lass behind me actually passed out, twice! I suspect she was weak from not getting her fix as that's what she was pawning her life collection of "barbie, on dvd" collection. It simply is one of the worst retail experiences going. but, you get what you pay for.
  • FFS
    I made a full on report to Watchdog about CEX's appalling online service a couple of weeks back. Hopefully they'll be shamed when it comes back for a new series.
  • O r.
    Worked there in the past and all the criticisms you have are just. Part of the problems lie with... 1. Staff aren't really hired, it's more a case of pick someone who just wonders into the store and fits in or a mate of a mate. Because they wanted to open the Worcester store early regional management were out on the street the day before opening looking for staff. Only a handful of staff in the whole company actually have a clue and care about doing a proper job. 2. Attitude, it's very rare to come across someone who actually cares about their job. Staff very rarely get spoken to or put right unless it's a very serious matter or if they're getting pushed out as some store environments can get a bit "clique". 3. Merchandising/cleaning aren't words most of CeX are familiar with, at other places I've worked you'll spend an hour tidying up at the end of the day to prepare. Not at CeX, you get 15 minutes which most people just cash in tills, complain and then leave. I still believe they're black listed by a few logistic companies for not paying the bills/late payments. In one they're just a shambles of a company.
  • James M.
    Another fun thing at CEX is that after you exchange something for store credit, if you lose that receipt you're stuffed. The member card seems to do bugger all, and they don't record your credit anywhere else... Piss poor that you have to rely on not losing a tiny scrap of paper...
  • O r.
    If you use a membership card with each transaction then it's recorded and can be pulled up but only in the store it was used and if you lose a receipt it can be easily re-printed once you've found the appropriate transaction numbers. I'd done plenty when I was there because the receipts would usually fade within a week. If you've been told otherwise they've just fobbed you off instead of doing their job.
  • Matt
    I've had plenty of dealings with Cex, their customer service is absolutley non-existent in most branches, although I will say that there are a few I've been to where they genuinely want to help. It's gone sharply downhill since they ditched their phone call centres, because it's much eaiser to ignore persistent emails than it is persistant phone calls. They used to be a great little outfit, but their pricing is ridiculous now and you just try to take something back! I bought an HDMI cable from them that died after 6 weeks, I had to argue with the manager for 30min to get him to even test it, then he tried to tell me it was a consumable, so wasn't covered in their 12 month guarantee. After convincing him it was most certainly not a consumable, he then said some rubbish about me not buying extended cover when I bought it and referring me to the T&C on the Cex website. I went home, checked the T&C, it said nothing of the sort, so I emailed the website and complained about the guy (who was a manager btw), he got put stright and I got it exchanged the next day. The replacement HDMI cable lasted about an hour, but I couldn't be arsed to take it back again and go through yet more hassle. The moral of the story? Stick to buying games from Cex, not hardware, and even then you'll probably be paying over the odds for it.
  • Andy
    I dont buy from Cex unless the item in question is much cheaper than elsewhere. I bought a phone from them which came with a spare battery. Upon close inspection it turned out that the spare battery was for another phone, a Motorola and not the HTC that it came with. Cex refused to give me another battery, take the phone +accs back or offer a partial refund for the cost of another battery, saying that it was advertised with a spare battery and it came with one, which technically it did, hence they werent going to do anything. Another thing that annoys me is that I dont expect customer service staff to wear tuxedos or anything but at Cex they tend to look like a load of ex-convicts. The stores are usualy filthy too. Game and HMV both buy and sell new and used stuff and their stores are clean, and the staff smart/casually dressed.
  • Mr. C.
    To be honest, it is the kind of service you expect from spotty faced/overweight/long haired bottom feeders who work in retail stores for £4.50 a hour. They don't understand that they are being paid to help customers, not stand behind the counter picking their nose.
    I have always found that instore CEX 'never have any cash' for stuff I want to sell........however I have never had issues online buying or selling, cash quickly sent out, no issues from CEX regarding stock quality
  • Buyer
    I bought some Adobe software from them. It was fake. THye replaced it - with another fake copy. They didnt care. Also Adobe didnt care much either but hey ho.
  • The B.
    I believe the Rothschild 96 was a very good year, well done.
  • nicholson101
    Another problem they have is people trading new phones which have been obtained via a contract deal. The customer would've signed up for X amount of time and then cancelled/left their contract black-listing the handset. My wife had to argue the toss with CEX then with 3 (As CEX didn't give a shite) and 3 thankfully sorted it out but usually you wouldn't have a leg to stand on. As most comments say - instore for just DVD/BluRay/Console Games is fine but thats it...
  • klingelton
    A mate of mine bought a HDD from them once which was buggered, took it back and they gave him an entirely different one, different size speed spec everything. CEX = games,dvd,cd ONLY! (even then, check your disks)
  • -]
    Yeah, fantastic racism with the "person from the travelling community" being a thief. Wireless adaptors easily stolen - sure, but certainly not worth £45 (you can buy them brand new for less than that!). Most grafters will stick with razor blades - much smaller and very high value for the size/ease of acquiring; coffee and bacon if the blades are too secure. Not used CEX for years, but I pop in a couple of stores occasionally - seems just like gamestation to me, only a little cheaper. All seems to be mobile phones and dvds now though, very little in the way of videogames/computer parts.
  • DZ
    Bought a cheap PS3 game online from this shower as a stocking filler at xmas- they sent 3 incredibly old DVDs worth about 20p in ridiculously bad condition. Wouldnt let me return the offending DVDs to a local CEX, and werent willing to refund postage which would have exceeded the cost of the item I actually ordered. Clueless simpletons who give up on any form of customer service very quickly when they actually have to remove their fingers from their back passages and do something. Cretins.
  • Johnny
    Yeah, their prices are high in store, but they pay decent trade in values - shops smell of sweat with heavy trash music on the speakers so selling them stuff online seems like the better option.. I use these guys and not had any issues but then again, i dont send them hundreds of pounds worth of games - i also use and msic mapgie for all my cds and dvds..
  • Angry :.
    I was stood in a line in one of cex's stores for two hours in scorching heat, with quite a rare game which I had picked up. My hopes were high as I had finally hunted this xbox game down and that soon I would be able to play it. It was then that i was at the front of the line, sweating like mad ( just adding to the smell that is already there.) and with several sun burns on my body. I had walked to the counter just for me to wait 10 minutes for the girl to search for the disk to it and the manual, plus she asked a couple of the staff to help her. All of this I bleedin went through just to be told that they don't have it instore, i was totally cheesed off. Why would you put the box for a game on the shelve to be sold if you don't even have the frieken stuff which is actually needed for it. So even be aware of games, etc. as well!! Now that is what I would call bad frieken customer service! :[
  • marco
    I currently work in CeX, and always seek out reviews to see how the company is rated as a whole, as a summary, that CeX is smelly, dirty accompanied with poor customer service... you are entirely right. However, i do like to believe that my stores are different, i work for a franchisee which is the main reason behind the difference. The store is always clean, and as someone mentioned earlier about staying behind to tidy, we ofte stay an extra 2 hours to merchandise, clean and do whatever we can ensure that the customers have a pleasant experience. The team of guys that work with me are absolutely fantastic, commited, dedicated and always looking to help. I will take some pictures and post them up here tomorrow for you all to see. Also if anyone has any ideas that you think could improve our individual store, please let me know. Regards Marco
    • lucywiggett2016

      cex are a joke I orders a phone online because I don't no where the nearst one is to me beca use just moved into a new aren they decline my card yet took 2 payments from my account yet I have no order in my cex tracking they don't reply to my emails so I don't no what to do I have sent them. A screen shot of the 2 payments for the blackberry out my account they have very bad costomer service and I am very angry over this 

  • Marco
    Heres one from February that i found in my work email, only front display.
  • Megaman
    The staff don't even know how to setup basic IT equipment to test its hardware. I've taken in wireless routers and graphics cards before and have been told they don't work when I ask the reasons for failure what they tell me basically means they don't know how to amend network cards to see the wireless routers and they don't know how to install a PCI-Express graphics card which I would think would be essential skills for working in a computer hardware shop.
  • hay
    So i oredered a blackberry monday night of them online and then no re[ply nothing so tuesday i went 20 miles to mynearest store and apprently they cudnt find the phone so they cancelled it, to me to order another one which has 10 in stock so i did and on my order on the cex websitesays store picking complete shud of been dispatched by 2pm today but i've yet again had no e-mail?! can some1 help please
  • Charlie b.
    The cex in Lincoln is very different by the sound of what u have experienced. To us the staff are ok but as some of I have said they don't help much!
  • andy
    this company never has any money and made a profit of only£300 last year which explains the lack of cash. most senior people at the company have no retail experience and the company has no money to spend on staff uniforms, air conditioning or even lightbulbs. customer service is an alien word to them hence why they use e-mail as they have so many problems with quantity of complaints that they would probably need at least 50 staff just to deal with the complaints. they even treat their franchisees like s**t and have been taken to court by one franchisee. the phone number for their customer service manager is 07771758723. the best thing to do with this company is to start a facebook group about their appalling service and get as many people as possible to boycott their stores.
  • ther m.
    The CEX in Basingstoke operate a sharp practice in my opinion. In order to increase margin, they buy brand new items as B grade then sell as A grade. This means they make around 10% on the purchase and more when its sold, not very honest.
  • Byron
    Hi, i always enjoying buying and selling to cex because it's good value for money and can get more games with the exchange, but there policy on scratched ps3 games is appaling, they wont except any scratched games no matter how small the scratch is. I took some games into them many had previously been brought there or were brand new and was turned away because of small tiny hairline scratches that have no effect on playing the game. i reported the matter to cex customer service and they told me its a serious policy because their customers expect there games to work and be of a good condition,. If we wanted them in that good condition we buy brand new and even then you can find hairline scratches so i don't get it. The scratches on the disks are that small you need to get the light to catch them right to see them and even then it takes a good look to see them. I'm all for a policy like this but this is going to the extreme so i'm now stuck with a pile of games i don't want
  • Jim
    "The cex in Lincoln is very different by the sound of what u have experienced" I would disagree, Ive brought a dvd and a boxed set from there and in both instances the discs had been so scratched that they didnt work and I had to take them back. Its obvious when Ive been in store with piles of dvd's stacked up on the till area that they dont have any time to actually check the qualiy of the goods they are selling! "but there policy on scratched ps3 games is appaling" Perhaps they should have a policy for scratched dvd's!
  • Kathy
    I tried to sell a laptop in their store recently and it was an odd experience. The PC guy first accepted my laptop then four hours later when I was told to return he hid round the corner as another sales assistant declined it. First by saying that it couldn't be formatted (but I had already formatted it so I knew that was rubbish - and I told him that, then by saying it had a scratch in the case - which to be fair it did but this was obvious when they first took it in for testing.) Very odd experience, I left feeling foolish and I wasn't sure why.
  • Marco
    Chris M, i would like to state your point that cex Basingstoke buy as 'b' then sell as 'a' to be fiction. They are harsh on their gradings, but it means you get better value for money when you buy graded stock from them. Kind Regards
  • Rick
    I find staff in the Bedford branch are not very helpful. They advertise as 'buy-sell-trade' blah blah blah yet nver have cash in the tills. I mean a sign reads 'we will buy your laptop', yet they dont have any cash. And no contact number to see if they have cash, so a 20+mile drive for sweet f.all. plus it takes them ages to test anything. They often put wrong discs into cases. If i were to go in there today and buy 10 items, i would put money on it that at least 1 item is missing.
  • Gav
  • Smith
    i ordered some games yesterday, and from past comments on here, im a little bit worried that they wont turn up =[
  • cexoffended
    Used cex for the first and last time the other day, traded in a wii and got an i phone. The camera did not work so i took it back to be tested as the smelly longhaired hippy said that it had a 12 month warranty. When i went to collect my phone they told me they could not fix it and to download an app. I said no i wanted my money back, to which mr hippy man told me that i had voided the warrnty by losing a screw, that was a load of sh**e, and that i crcked the case which also a load of sh**e. anyhoe i emailed them to which they replied: *** Due to the recent weather and demand - we are delayed inresponding. We do have your mail and will get back to you ASAP***!!!!!!! How the f**k can snow delay an email. DO NOT USE THIS SHOP!!!!!!!!!
  • the g.
    ah I have heard of this before. What happens is when people that have no expertise in technology think they have a brain cell they decide to take things apart to see how they work they make things stop working. But people that have a modicum of intelligence refrain from removing screws, just because a person has a screw driver doesn't mean they should always use it.
  • laura
    i will never shop with CEX again, before christmas ordered a DS game for my child 3 weeks later they cancelled my order due to not having stock (on their site it had showed for the whole time as having been stock picked) i then had to wait a further week to get my money back. Went into the store two weeks ago for a particular game my child wanted i couldnt find anywhere else as it was old and discontinued, they had the game but no case or manual so i asked for a discount which they refused so obviously i didnt buy. Instead came home and ordered it of line so that i could get the case and game for price they wanted in store. two weeks on after again on line showing as stock picked theyve now cancelled my order again yet on line its still showing as in stock so can be brought again!!!! I have to wait a further week to get my money back again. Customer service is also extremely shocking they never respond to emails and cant actually find a number that i can call to speak to them. TERRIBLE COMPANY AVOID
  • David
    I have bought and sold on cex for a while now, without anything I would consider a problem. In fact, quite the opposite. I have been able to buy playstation 2 games for as little as 25p, and have them delivered to my door in their own seperate bubble wrapped envelope, within the week, and all the items i sent (minus one, which arrived quite late, like a lot of things sent at christmas!) have arrived well within time, and again, having recieved the items, usually within a few days, they process payment, and i recieve my cheque within 4-5 days. The one thing about cex which noone has touched upon here, is that they offer on average the most value for your items, and that includes amazons new trade in feature...if you are willing to be a little patient, you will get a better deal to anything on the highstreet, and you don't need to travel to each store, you can just post your item! I have nothing to say about this company that is negative. If I had the money to invest in shares, i'd buy a few from this company.
  • B
  • Zack D.
    Glad to see that my terrible experiences of CEX.CO.UK are not isolated , In jan 09 i bought a Toshiba Xp Laptop for £125 - was good value at this price. When it finally arrived the ac adaptor was for a different make and so i complained promptly , i got the usual if you return it to us then we'll refund you blah blah sir. I decided to use a compatible adaptor i had as i had been looking for a laptop for 5 months and this was as good as i was going to get , also the battery was completely knackered (likely due to wrong voltage used by previous owner) so i eventually got a replacement. Then as if there wasn't enough issues the laptop used to make a hissing sound (in hindsight i should have been more concerned) , which i put down to the battery but last summer as i plugged in an external hdd the whole thing just blitzed and went dead like an emp had struck. So the laptop lasted shy of 18 months Also had order after order cancelled after i complained about delay in progress , was sent a sata hdd when i specifically ordered an ide type and then had to spend money sending it back , which i'm still owed. 10 years ago stores were bo hovels and full of crap , nothings changed. Trading Standards needs to audit these fools and get them closed down , theres really no reason for them to not be able to offer basic standards of service with the number of stores they now have.
  • Cex s.
    As a loyal, hardworking member of staff at the Bolton Cex store I would like to point out a few things. QUEUES : In any stores queues are an inevitability. However, given that we buy AND sell items simultaneously, often a member of staff will be dealing with the same customer for ten minutes or so. Consider a pile of ten DVD's. The discs must all be checked. If a staff member takes the time to check them, people will complain that they're queueing too long. If a staff member does not, a few days later someone will be complaining about the condition of the disc. The discs and boxes must be seperately labelled, any other store's prices/stickers must be peeled off (Which is a bitch if they're old stickers.) Then the discs must be filed away correctly. The main problem with queues in our store is that everyone wants to trade in; NO-ONE wants to wait for the person before them in the queue to finish trading in. Next is the fact that whilst I would like to make sure no-one queue jumps, I cannot keep my eyes on this at all times. I do have a job to do. There are a total of eight signs around the store, EIGHT signs, including a four foot red circle on the floor saying "Queue here". The amount of times every single working day that I must ask people to move across is ridiculous. And then, when there's massive queues snaking down the store and out the door, there is ALWAYS a customer that will ask for a phone or an iPod to be demo'd, which effectively incapacitates ANOTHER member of staff. HYGIENE : I've noticed a number of complaintes online about shops "smelling sweaty" and generally being dirty. Let me explain that in our store, staff are just as concerned as customers. In an average Saturday, I would argue that one in five customers that I have to serve has not taken a shower in the last five days. We have to stand there, deal with these people, be polite, breathe in their putrid breath, and then even after they leave there's a horrendous scent that lingers for the next ten minutes or so. I distinctly remember one instance in which I had to leave my position on a till to go and vomit in the back, so horrible was one man's condition. Despite the bins dotted throughout the store AND the signs politely asking people not to bring food and drink into the store, everyday I will find bottles, cans, crisp packets, chocolate wrappers, half eaten pasties and all manner of horrible things that we have to clean up. ITEM CONDITION : People want to buy things that work, are in good condition, and have everything with them. When items become intermittently faulty, poor condition, or have missing accesssories, people tend to want to sell them. Which puts us in a difficult position. We get a huge amount of items in everyday, and we have to test them all. If we already need to test two laptops and a playstation3, we'll tell you to wait an hour for your ipod. We queue up the items in the order they're traded in, as this is the fairest way. Sellers demand that items be tested quickly; Buyers demand that items are in full working condition. See the conflict here? ONLINE SERVICES : I'll admit that occasionally, e-commerce can be a hopeless, miserable failure. And to everyone that has had problems with it, I apologise on behalf of the company and urge you to do everything in your power to sort it out. However, browsing through forums I tend to see a lot of compaints; which might make one tempted to think. the online service is absolutely appalling. However, given that CEX is a globally trading international company that garners millions in online revenue, they must be doing something right. I mean think, people do not flood message boards with comments saying how quickly and how well their items arrived. Whilst you may feel vexed, angry, victimised (rightly so) you should bear in mind that these are not the majority.
  • joe
    after reading this thread no-one would consider trading with a company that made only £300 profit in a year and treats customers in such a terrible way. the reason that the customer services telephone number was withdrawn is that cex couldn't deal with the number of complaints that they were recieving. i have knowledge of this after working for the company and as posted in lots of comments staff recruitment seems to be based upon looking "odd" and the ability to listen to excessively loud music. the reason for no staff uniforms or store expenditure such as light bulbs is that all money is taken out of the company so that in the event of administration there is nothing left. cex need to recruit franchisees to open stores as no bank will lend money to cex to further their expansion and even recruiting franchisees is difficult as most banks regard cex as a bad credit risk ( do a quick credit check to confirm this). the telephone number for hugh mann who is a cex company director is 07771758723. the reason for selling poor quality discs is that cex are unable to purchase disc cleaning machines as they have no money. company stores are required to bank on a daily basis an amount set by head office so that very little money is left in store to make cash purchases in the hope that the customer will take store credit instead. cex require franchisees to have decent stores but the company stores are all in a terrible condition and cleaning is an alien concept as spending money on cleaning materials is impossible. refunds at cex run at 10% in some stores so it is easy to see why the company is just about hanging on. cex take money off the franchisees for marketing purposes but who has seen a cex advert? this money is used to prop the company up (taking 1% of their turnover might not sound a lot but equates to about £8k p.a. for each franchised store) the cex chairman robert dudhani spends most of his time out of the country (probably for tax purposes) and a quick check of directors reveals directors change on a frequent basis. the warrany that cex offers only covers a refund to the current value not the purchase value ( if you buy a phone today for £250 and it breaks down in 11 months time and cex are unable to replace it you will be only given a refund of the phone's value on that day which will obviously less than today's price of £250) regarding the above post that cex generate millions, so did woolies and look what happened to them!
  • Tom
    @Cex staff you're missing the point, I'm not surprised they make lots of money as after the experience I've had I was just glad to get my cash and never use Cex again. It was the most horrible customer experience I have ever had in my life and its a shame the online side of cex is tarnishing shops like yours. You get ignored and when they do email you back they don't answer the question you asked, just say the same lines like a robot. It took 3 weeks aswell after they received my products to make payment. Bottom line is, you feel helpless while this company has hundreds of pounds worth of your stuff and you have no idea what's going on for an unacceptable amount of time. I didn't even get confirmation that my stuff had arrived. I've done nothing but worry about this transaction for the past few weeks so after this I never want to see the word CEX again. Appalling, you would think in this day in age you can't go wrong with such a big brand, but you couldn't be more wrong. You know what says it all? Make a heart felt complaint to the founder of company and see if you get a reply. Nope. So is that because they have so many emails complaining, or because they just don't give a sh*t. I think it's both.
  • waky
    i hope i get my order! its been dispatched with 1day of my order :D cant wait for my phone lol
  • waky
    :)) wooow i got my order wohoo! i love cex :) daymm you people with the comments scared me haha they are a professional company they got 100% perfect delivery service im soo happyyyy lol
  • San
    The reason it is so hard to deal with CEX online is because when you place an order with them, it is actually forwarded to one of the shops which has the item you ordered. Basically you might as well consider the high-street and online stores as the same; because they are the same
  • shayne
    • dribble6652

      i agree with you same happened to me today :(

  • Tom H.
    Im so angry because i shout and get angry at staff who work in cex because im too stupid to understand the refund policy dum de dum de dum!
  • deedee
    6 years ago i used to be a heroin addict so i would steal as many top title games as possible to sell to cex in birmingham for cash in order to get my fix. i would be going daily selling in games that had just comenout that day and i wouldnt b the only one doing it. Was never refused and occationaly would have to give them something for free. as far as i no they are still handling stolwn goods now.
  • matt
    i really feel that i have to defend Cex here i have worked in two of there stores and while i cannot speak for the website i can really recomned the service they provide, i do get confused when customers such as shayne who has posted a comment here says that he was sold non-working games (it does happen but it is very easy to get your money back) but then gets angry when they dont buy his games because they think it may not work, im affaid you cant have it both ways, as for the libary game there is no evidence what so ever that that game was stolen it is not uncommon for libarys to sell un-used stock instea of renting (its a major part of other rental stores like blockbuster), i have not worked in the birmingham store however if a customer came in repeatedly to either bedford or luton (the branches i worked in) with new stock we would defo look into the stocks origins however if nothing was deemed illegal would cannot refuse a customer as this would be bad customer service, all electrical good go though a search engine that would tell the staff member straight away if it was reported lost or stolen, i myself have refused customers in the past due to secruity tags still being in products and failed reports from this search engine. San is correct for the most part but Cex online do have some stock themsevles but if it is rare or in high demand they will ask a store to tranfer it to them this unfortunately does take time, if there are any issue what so ever with an item you have bought the returns policy is clearly printed at the bottom of the recipt along with customer service details, i will agree however that some centers need to work on there customer service skills but it is not helped when customers threaten or injurie staff purely for doing there job.
  • Samuel
    I have been shopping at cex for many years - was always a good place to go for DVDs as a student, so I'm familiar with the problems. I once ordered a game, waited two weeks and got an email saying it was out of stock when there were 6 available. I've had an overzealous employee refuse something I had bought in the same condition from that shop the week before and I've been offered £1.60 for something they sell for £16. Just a few examples. In response to one of the one of the other comments; the most blatant example of stolen goods I saw was when I lived in SE London while at university. Pretty much every time I went into the centre I would hop on the underground and look in the shop about five minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road station. Across the road from which was a big Virgin megastore, which then changed to Zavvi or whatever - not sure what's there now. Anyway, my girlfriend and I were waiting in the que and the bloke before us (who both looked and smelled like a crackhead - no offence to crackheads) traded in 4 copies of Prison Break Season 3 and 4 copies of Season 4, all still wrapped in plastic, for cash, blatant as you like. The guy behind the counter didn't bat an eyelid and even laughed when I pointed out how obvious it was while he served me, basically saying that there was an underground trade route between the two shops, it happened frequently and that they weren't supposed to discriminate where stuff came from.
  • matthew c.
    cex always sell cracked dvd & games i take the back to the store the staff say they is nothing wrong with it then they have this crazy idea your only get 48 hours a say your banned form 48 hour returns
  • matthew b.
    we bought our son a ps3 in feb an at weekend its jammd wiv a game inside i took it bck they said they wud fix it or replace it but just been bck 2day 4 it and they are tryin 2 say we hav opend it up an they're not even willin 2 hav a look at it unless we pay 4 it!!! its stil under guarentee an we certainly HAV NOT OPEND IT so off 2 my solisitor we go!!!!!
  • Chris
    I don't go to CeX much, but when I do I usually find a good bargain. Their trade-in prices are unbeatable, and the staff are pretty friendly and helpful considering they're working a minimum wage job. I would recommend not using the site, but just going to a local store and picking up the bargains. My local CeX is in Kingston (A 45 minute train journey for me), I'm considering making a trip out of it with my friends but also bringing a bunch of stuff I could get a good price for. Considering their good prices, as my local Gamestation closed down several years ago to bad profits, I'm taking my chances.
  • mark m.
    hello i ordered a digital slr camera from cex back in march,on line and it never arrived,i followed the online guideline in regard to delivery,i then followed UPS guidelines for missing items and they stated that CEX must set up a tracer to try and find the item,i emailed CRX with all the info needed and to this day and over 50 emails later im am still trying to resolve camera,no responsibility from either UPS or CEX still trying!!!!
  • Stuart w.
    I have several mobile phone contracts so once ive upgraded them all i take the older ones to cex as i get more money that way than doing it privately ive never had a problem in my local store apart from having to queue but not much i can do about that the service has been excellent i would advise if possible to go to store rather than online as as you are more in control of the situation only use the wesite for quotes an examples of prices etc
  • builtfrom
    Very annoyed with CEX. Bought iPhone Apple-Care from them. Tried and failed dismally to register the product with Apple. Anyway after a lot of to'ing and fro'ing Apple finally concluded that the Apple-Care could not be registered successfully due to the fact that it was bought from an unauthorized re-seller - the fact that they were sent a copy of the invoice etc. etc. was irrelevant. Contacted CEX aka 'webuy' and was told to return via Recorded Delivery for a refund. - Returned via Recorded Delivery at my own expense as requested. Copies of e-mails to/from them included along with the original order details. Chased up the refund from CEX and all e-mails were ignored. Package arrives in the post and CEX have returned the order - no paperwork - no refund. Very annoyed with this company. Clearly haven't much regard for customer-service at all nor customer-satisfaction. CEX are still selling Apple-Care products on their web-site. Please do not buy these from them as they clearly are not worth the paper that they're written on - that is unless you are very lucky and Apple do not check where you'd bought from. PayPal dispute / credit card charge-back pending at a guess. What a load of hassle - unwanted hassle and all.
  • Mike S.
    My experience with CEX was on the whole pretty good. I upgraded my BlackBerry and took the old one to the local store. Didn't get a good impression, especially because a very young woman (school leaver??) told me it was water damaged which it most certainly was not. She was mistaking a battery with red crosses on the LDI for a red activated LDI, and would not listen when corrected. So far so bad. But then I contacted the website, was offered almost three times what was available elsewhere, sent it Recorded Delivery, and received the full cheque a few days later. So I would certainly deal with them again, but avoid the inexperienced staff at local stores.
  • Satisfied c.
    I just sold my iPhone 3G after upgrading and got paid cash instantly. They paid more than my phone provider and cash converters so I really can't complain. It saved me the hassle of going through eBay paypal hell. I don't know what it's like as a customer but my son has bought stuff from them with no complaints so far. Could be something to do with having a new local shop but at the moment they are in my good books.
  • b
    i would like to complain to watchdog about cex but not sure if they will help, my experience has been ongoing since early may when they took my sons games under false pretences - this is what happened -my son had a pile of games to sell but only wanted cash - he went round all shops in town to get best price - cex seemed to be the best offer at £60 - however - in the end we found out that was for a credit note - my son told assistant that he only wanted cash and being new at selling games didnt really understand how the system worked, so he relied on the assistant for help, he came home with a credit note for £60 and told me that if he went back with id the next day and proof that he was 16 then they exchange for cash. i went back with him the next day and found this is entirely wrong and there is no way they would give money back, i feel they took my sons games under false pretences as things were not explained properly to him, he had asked for help and told assistant that he only wanted cash - she just confused him and took his games knowing that he didnt want a credit note, i think it was obvious that my son was new at this and also obvious that he did not want a credit note - however the assistant was too busy to help properly and apparently had a queue, i sent numerous emails but the responses i recieved were all quite rude and unhelpful, i have written to head office five times explaining that he was mislead and asking them if would they reconsider (said we would accept a lesser amount if they would exchange voucher for cash) but so far after 2 months have had no reply - they are so unhelpful in the shop but even more ignorant at head office.
  • Holt
    I went into the cex branch in stockport to sell my television when we got there the girl that served me was yawning and unpleasent, when she finally sorted herself out she she gave us a price of £155.00 and then told me that people can then buy it at £160.00. So I said ok then we will take the money, A week later I goes back in the shop to get the television back because my mum wanted the television to then find out that the television will now cost £360.00 and when I asked to speak to a manager the manager defended his workers was very rude, wouldn't listen to my side of the story, The girl that served us gave us a little card thing for yours to keep and she didn't even tell me what that was for, so when I went back for the television i thought it was to get things back. When I wanted to complain about the situation the gave us a number which isnt even the right number and there isnt even a contact number for their customer service. I will never ever step foot in one of these shops ever again even if I was desperate id rather shop somewhere else infuture.
  • chelsea s.
    i usually shop in CEX plymouth and get a good customer service from many staff, i can tell they are under pressure some of the time so i dont waiting for them to do the job they need to. i also like how they have "alternative" looking people in there, it shows how they are more open minded than most of you usual shops. someing i tried recently was buying from them online and recieved my items 2 days later. i sold my old phone to them and i was pleased that they tested the item well and i got a good price for it. i have shopped in a few cex shopes over the country and never had any problems. i think their refund policy is very simple and i think people dont listen then take it out on the staff when they think the game they bought was rubbish (ive seen this a couple of time when shopping) i dont doubt they slack some times but who doesnt.... we're all human right?
  • steve
    CEX isn't that Bad, you get Best prices exchange value for items, trouble is not many stores take it big computers. such has all-in-one Desktops and imacs 27 inch types: go in store find out first before you carry heavy Goods in to CEX
  • Muggs
    CEX are a bunch of ignorant twats who don't know their ar5e from their elbow, be they customers services or the owners. Forget a resolution of any problems or even delivery of your order as it won't happen if there are any glitches or stock issues at CEX's end. As for getting your money back another forget uless you paid via PayPal then a dispute is your only chance, even then CEX don't even reply to that. What a bunch of losers, I'd rather suck a goat off than shop at CEX again. My top 10 tips for shopping at CEX: 1. Don't Shop at CEX 2. Don't Shop at CEX 3. Don't Shop at CEX 4. If you really must shop at CEX do it in store and only for items that you really can't find elsewhere. If an item is more expensive elsewhere FFS buy it the extra will be worth with compared to dealing with CEX. 5. Don't Shop at CEX 6. Don't Shop at CEX 7. Pay with PayPal if you have to buy online then that way you can raise and escalate a dispute for non receipt giving you the ability to get your money back. You won't need or be able to do for anything else. 8. Don't Shop at CEX 9. If you really must buy anything at all from these fools, accept that you must be insane and if the item is over £100 pay by credit card, not PayPal. Then that way your credit card company can get involved if need be. 10. Last and final rule: Don't Shop at CEX Don't Shop at CEX Don't Shop at CEX Don't Shop at CEX
  • John
    I was worried because I ordered my 200 pound product then came across all this. However, I have to say I'm one of the people who ordered it Sunday afternoon and got it Tuesday morning. I do live in London and think my phone came from a London store. I think the main problem with Cex is no real coordination between stores and stock and lazy staff at a majority of stores. I can't imagine them getting an email about a phone that has to be shipped straight away, checking it and responding swiftly, printing a delivery note etc. I think it's an internal organisation thing. Plus they have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE to follow up things on. Probably one guy in watford answering emails. I got lucky but won't try my luck online again.
  • helen
    hi i never have had any probs with cex and i buy a LOT! from them lol and i do mean a lot! and never have had any probs. im sure if i did they would be ok about it, when i buy any thing they all ways say if its got any buffs or marks on it and say i can return it :) oh yer i go to the brighton shop and never had any probs with it! and will always go back! the staff are really nice and you can have a laugh and joke with them too :)
  • Rob
    I bought a xbox 360 memory card off the web site and it did not work i took it back to my local cex shop they said they could repalace it becuase it did not come from there shop i had to get in touch with the web site.i still buy stuff from the shop but always double check if its the right game or rright dvd in the box because sometime they put wrong items in the cases cex shops in been to ALL THE STAFF LOOK WERID !!!!!!!!
  • Mix
    I've bought alot from the CEX store in hull and never had any problems with any thing. Customer service had also been 1st class. I'm guessing the people below complaining are the type of people who go in blaming the staff for the faults of the company. I've worked in retail for years and know what it's like. Try been kind and polite and you might get somewhere. Failing that you can just go down the road to the nearest gamestaion and pay double.
  • Craig
    I purchased some laptop ram from CEX online and received desktop ram. It was very poorly packaged and took 3 weeks to arrive. Can't be bothered to sent it back as it only cost £3. BEST ADVICE: DON'T USE CEX ONLINE OR STORES. !! I took my old K750i in for sale and because it had some small scratches, they offered me 20p for it, which i promptly declined. So i sold it on eBay for £11 Most of the staff and people in the Birmingham store are very weird and it's location down an underpass is like entering a drug den. If you want things second hand, get them from eBay.
  • MIk
    The people at cex are the rudest and most offensive I have ever come across, they are lazy, slow and pretty useless, it is not the appearance of the staff, but the lack of business acumen, they have no regard for the customers at all, having four teenage children I have spent considerable amounts on computer games, quite a bit of it at cex, however when I had to wait 30 minutes to get served and asked for their head office address to complain I was spoken too extremely rudely and offensively by several of the staff, and then told that it is not policy to hand out their head office address or customer service details, very strange!! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE
  • Greg
    If you have too use CEX try the Uxbridge branch the Staff are great there and helpful. But the worst ones are in harrow and hounslow utter shite holes avoid at all cost.
  • Rachael
    I find that shopping in store with CEX is alot better than Online however in store still isnt the service you'd expect from retailers. Last year I upgraded my phone to Blackberry so took my old phone in store, was in good condition with one scratch on the screen that wasnt a deep scratch may I add. I looked online and said that grade C was scratched with no boxing etc So when she said she'd give me 50p for it and apparently it didnt work!? Yet I turned it on infront of her and it worked fine...blind maybe? I explain that the website was misleading as if my phone DIDNT work the offer was still 5 pound for none working condition! They also never seem to check DVD's in my store, I often find that boxsets in store have random other DVD's inside, for example a lost boxset had Elvis Presely DVD's inside!? I do find I can generally buy a decent game or film from here but I would NEVER use online, and from now on I stick to selling my old phones via Cash Converters/Internet.
  • Daniel
    I have never had any trouble with CEX, and I buy alot! Both online and in store (Leicester, Granby Street), they give the best prices and the staff are always really helpful. That being said, all the staff are individuals so people who visit branches will have different experiences. I have had no problems ordering products online, and enquires to customer services have been responded to promptly, and in my years of shopping at CEX I have only had one faulty game which was exchanged immediately for like product with no questions. If you do trade in games and you have Gamestation near by then they guarantee to beat all trade in prices by £1, so if you take a print out of the CEX website page that states how much they will give you for your games, or just show the webpage on your smartphone, then you can get better trade in prices at Gamestation, and being as Gamestation is the sister company of GAME, I wouldn't be surprised if they were doing the same thing (but just not advertising it).
  • chris
    the dvd's ive bought from cex have been fine, jeez what is it with people and capital letters,
  • Disgruntled s.
    This company (CEX) is so inept in the way it runs it's online operation. My status keeps changing. Do they have the frigging item or not and are they going to send it out as promised?? (supposedly suppose to send it on the next working day and you get it a couple of day after that) Am still waiting after a week!!! Where is the difficulty ?? For christ sake CEX GET A GRIP - do you want customers or not?? I won't fcuking use them again. The shops can be alright if you can find the item it says it has on the stock system.
  • Uncle_herb
    Cex online store is a terrific gambling site. You buy something, and 60% of the time something will be amiss. THINGS THAT CAN AND WILL GO WRONG 60% o OF THE TIME: 1. You order the dvd, about a week or so later, you are informed by email that it wont be sent, as it has been sold already (this is probably the least bothersome). 2. You order the dvd, about a week or so later, It arrives, but when you open it it is very badly scratched- but it still works (so... provided you didn't pay too much.. you'll not be too bothered about that either!) 3. You order the dvd, about a week or so later, a dvd arrives, but its a completely different one than the one you ordered... EG: you ordered the Special edition of body of lies, and instead you are sent a not special edition, not even special, ex- rental (little annoying) or one that is part of a multipack (ie- marked "not to be sold individually" on the back- and in a slim case) 4. You order the dvd.... a dvd arrives, and it looks like the right one, but when you open the box, a completely different dvd is in the case... eg: you order "avatar" and inside the case is the movie "batman"...(very annoying, especially if you already have the batman dvd) 5. You order the dvd... 3 weeks later, a dvd arrives, but it has no paper inlay...just a clear case, with a dvd inside it- with possibly the film you ordered, only in a foreign language or with numbers written on it in permanent marker- probably by cex staff members- too lazy to use stickers to mark their stock (the written on Dvd/ Cd is hugely common) 6. You order the dvd, and an entirely different dvd arrives, scratched extremely badly, completely unplayable, and in a broken case. =================================== Of course this only happens around 60% of the time you order, the other 40% of the time you get a dvd that is a not too badly scratched used dvd, in its original box, and not part of a multipack and not an ex rental and not the wrong dvd, or the wrong cover, or in a foreign language... In other words, what you have paid for.
  • Voltaire
    Mostly they're fine ( I've dealt with two branches) but the main problem is asking them to check their goods before you receive them. Most staff will show all discs in your purchase, but some will easily forget to do that (and so you'll get an incorrect disc, or worse still, a broken one - I've had both). With the receipt, I was able to to do returns, but not for a game that wouldn't work on my system because I didn't have a 3-button mouse....very annoying as it was £6.00 that had to be traded back in and not swapped for equal value.
  • Cliff
    Ive noticed that most of the phones they sell r more expensive than buying brand new. i paid £50 for my phone from the 3 store. CEX had the same phone used for £160. Ive seen a lot of games in there more expensive than new as well. Same with DVD's and blue-rays. I looked to get a 3D blue-ray film as i just got a £D TV and BD player. The cheapest they had was £20. I went into tesco and got a limited edition 3 disk set of the same film for the same price as their used film which was just the normal edition with 1 disk. Ur better of looking around cause u will find better quality and cheaper elsewhere. Most of the staff in my local shop cant even speak or understand English. They often put the wrong disk in the case for games and films. Most r badly scratched and dont work. I even had a pirate copy from them. I stopped buying from them and now go to cash convertors as they r a lot cheaper and check the disk before putting it in the case.
  • Rick B.
    I have never had any issues with CEX (Middlesbrough), bought loads from there. Sell tonnes of unwanted items to them at a good price. Always friendly even when they are busy and any problems always seem to be dealt with quickly....
  • Martin E.
    I bought a television from Cex, they told me it was all in perfect working order, that it had been thoroughly tested to ensure it was in working order. Two days after getting the television home and playing dvd's on its built in dvd player, the sound kept cutting off, i tried around 6 new dvds and 4 old ones and the problem still occurred. I took it back the next day and they told me they would test it in their shop all day to find the problem, i went back the following day and they told me that it was in working order so i took the tv home once again, tested it and then took it back due to it still having sound problems, they tested it again and told me the same thing "this tv has nothing wrong with it" even though they had the tv on low volume all day, not paying any attention to it so they would have no clue when the sound cuts off while serving customers. I took it home and then, can you guess? the sound cut off again so for the final time i went in and had a go at them telling them it has faults, i at that time had around 4 witnesses to the problems. The staff members were damn right rude in telling me that i should stop wasting their time with a perfectly functional tv. In the end i had to trade the broken tv back in to them and i lost around £60, i am outraged with them and their manners to customers in and out of stores is appaling, i hope the bosses from now on pick better staff otherwise it will run aground and be out of business sooner or later! This is the store in Darlington.
  • dean b.
    i took in an xbox 360 elite and the website stated £80 exchange but the newcastle store changed the price saying it was discounted which meant second hand but it was in perfect condition with all original stuff so that was a lie and when i said no,they gave me it back with an old 360 controller in place of my new one and said thats why its discounted they are thieving bastards beware
  • Tricia D.
    I have to say I love CEX, ok yes the customer service is not great in there (although I must say there is a lovely member of staff in the Bolton store) We quite often go in and trade DVDs when we are upgrading them for Blu-ray when they are released (especially the Disney titles) I have only ever had one thing damaged and the staff couldn't have been nicer about me returning it, infact we bought a Blu-ray today from them, we noticed at the car that the box was a little damaged my husband went back to the store and asked if we could change it and they said 'sure no problem' and didn't even bat an eyelid.
  • Sally W.
    wish I'd seen these comments before I posted off my old mobile; thankfully its not worth a lot but I am saving up for something so even a few quid is welcome and, anyway, that's not the point, it's MY money! I sent the phone off about 3 weeks ago and have since received an email saying the grading has been amended and to check the website for details; when I log in it shows a date of 20/09/11 ( over 2 weeks ago) and it just says my order is being processed. The laughable thing is underneath it says something like "your order status is updated every 5 minutes"!!!! Mmm, wonder if I will ever see any money?
  • Alex
    Had a good experience with the Cex around my area, been buying and selling games over the last year. The two times I have had a problem with a purchase (One where the authorization code for a game was missing, and the other where the disc was badly scratched.) I have received full refunds without any complaints.
  • Kaiser
    Whoever said that about Leicester was a fool. The staff at CEX there (granby street) are rude, arrogant and vastly unhelpful. I waited 25 minutes in a queue today with music as loud as a club's coming straight at my ears from their speakers. No sorry for your wait from anyone. I then went home, tried to use what I had bought, and it had 5 faults displayed to me within 10 minutes. I went back to the shop, spent a further 20 minutes in the queue. No sorry for your wait. I explained what was wrong, and the staff were rude, and seemed to treat me as if I were lying about the faults. That, and I needed to sign up for membership and show ID before I could get a refund! No sorry for our vastly substandard goods. Will never be going back again.
  • richie
    dont worry they treat there workers like shit ,my son has just finished with them and his manager and another m8 have been sacked ,they went to far to give customers a better deal when retuning things ,just as it says in on there invoice but were sacked because they did not follow company procedure .what a set of tossers they must be also the franchise is run by just about anyone and it stinks of discrimination to me
  • richie
    seems to me most of these store franchise es are run by pakistans or indians the shop in bridlington have just got rid of 3 staff and i can tell you now they will not get a better set of lads polite and great with customers would not be supprised to find a little bit of discrimination in there somewere
  • Howard B.
    I think CEX should stop selling hard drives for laptops and PC's, they format them, but it's easy to get other peoples info off them, either stop selling them, or make the customer sign a waiver to the effect that they give up thier right to privacy. Low level formatting or deep formatting hard drives will not make peoples private information go away, only a hammer will do that. Dont sell hard drives to anyone if you dont want your personal details to be read.
  • Ian
    I have a couple of things to say about CeX. Firstly, I use them a lot. I have a HUGE dvd collection, and use the Plymouth and Exeter stores to find great bargains. All the staff I deal with in each of these stores are really cool and helpful, no complaints about my in-store service at all. Their prices are pretty much unbeatable. The condition of the discs does vary, and the one time I had something that didn't work, I returned it hassle free. Good guys working in the Devon stores! Now, the online CeX experience is altogether different. I still use it a lot, BUT it is a gamble. Here are a few things you may encounter buying online: - a HUGE wait for dispatch confirmation. - eventual refunds for unavailable items. - incorrect editions being delivered. - completely wrong items being sent. - ex-rental copies being sent. - cracked discs. - items never arriving. (refunds issued after an email or two) I have received responses to every complaint email I have sent, but the usual response is to return the item at my own expense, then they will issue a refund. However, most of the time, the price of the item is so cheap that it is not worth doing. Tip, always use paypal for your online CeX purchases. tl;dr I take the risk buying dvds online because their prices are very cheap. Any electrical items however, I would only buy from the nice people in my local stores.
  • littlejimmy
    As a Cex Member of staff i would like to bring up a few points. - You get crap members of staff in everyshop you go in, we are bound to have one in a few of our stores, just like you would in Currys/Ikea wherever. The Store i work in prides itself on our customer service and making sure everything we Sell is bought in correctly even though we have to put up with everyone moaning, just think how we feel some times guys. - Our online service is picked as soon as you make your order, there is always a memebr of staff picking items that you lot buy off the internet and there is a post collection each day. All orders are sent out recorded delievery and was free (until a few weeks ago).When you recieve it is all dependant upon royal mail or Usless Packaging Services (UPS) so dont see how you can moan about stuff that much. - If your bothered about buying something that might not be in the best of condition get off your lazy arse and come buy it from your nearest store, if you ask to look at the condition and its not to your liking we can always stick it in the disc repair machine (dependant if your local store has one) or swap it if we have multiple copies. We are employed to help you out, so we will try our best to make your trip worth while. anyway just wanted to make them points. come to the Leeds Store if you want a decent Cex experience.
  • Jack
    Ordered goods from them. Stated they have sent. Online says despatched. Never received (been 2 weeks). No response to emails (almost daily sent!). Lost £90. What can we do? It is almost criminal. CeX forums full of people with same problem. Money taken and no goods despatched.
  • Jack
    As for the Cex member of staff stating: "All orders are sent out recorded delievery and was free (until a few weeks ago).When you recieve it is all dependant upon royal mail or Usless Packaging Services (UPS) so dont see how you can moan about stuff that much." That is simply NOT true, the few people who seem to have received items say they were shoddily packed and sent normal post. Even expensive items. Just read the forums mate and see what the real world thinks! Most of the time no goods are even received!
  • caroline
    dont buy from cex as there help center is rubbish it takes days for them to get back to you and they sold fake headphones to me and when i took them back they but them out for sale again so dont buy from cex they dont care
  • jeremy
    waiting one month for £150 phone... says on status has been sent 4 week ago!!! sent emails every day but nobody reply! My card company say deal with CeX, but CeX ignores all emails... lost £150....very sad :( :(
  • Amir
    I got ripped off by bloody bastards in CEX Huddersfield branch. They kept my broken phone and gave me a receipt and told me that I'm entitled to have a replacement. However, after 40 days, I went back to the store and found out that my phone is missing and they now are denying their own receipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw CEX
  • Keith S.
    Absolute wankers. Quoted £158 trade in price for my Blackberry Curve and iPod Touch (both used but immaculate condition, all boxed and all leads and chargers). Was asked to call back in an hour and a half while they check the items are working. When I get back, I was told that they have downgraded my items to condition "C" and will only offer me £110. When asked for a valid explanation, the staff proceeded to speak to me like shit. To add insult to injury, they wiped all data from my devices. I told them where to shove their offer. Absolute scammers. Avoid this company at all costs.
  • Dougie
    Those ignorant bastards at the Harlow branch of CEX! I went in there today to get a Nokia N8 that had died and refused to work properly replaced that I bought off them a few months ago. The ignorant piece of Shit ( 'Manager) behind the counter REFUSED to change it, and came out with the usual drivel about sending it back for repair! I can't be without a phone for work etc., but the bastard wouldn't change it or lend me another one! I HATE THE BASTARDS AT CEX, I will NEVER shop there again!
  • MrJohnson
    I buy from CEX, I got a Palm Pre a while back from there Sheffield store. After getting bored with it ( or skint ) I took it too another Branch to sell back to them. I was told that it was water damaged and they would not buy it in. What got me the "water damage" was on the mute switch to tell me that the mute was turn on. Even when they looked up where the water damaged detector was on the phone on the internet and it told them it was inside near the micro usb port. But no they was having none of it. Also A long time ago I took in a ipod touch and traded it in for a Sony K850 and iI used that for a few month's and When I w
  • Lee W.
    Ordered a Kinect to replace one that my puppy had damaged. Received a one with a broken stand. The Kinect was well packaged and the shipping box not damaged in transit. I personally think it must have been sent in this condition. ...currently waiting for response from their customer services dept and now I'm fearing the worst after reading through the stories above.
  • Pathy R.
    I should have checked this before venturing into CeX in Bangalore, India. I went in and bought two handsets of Motorola KRZR K1. When I reached home and checked I found that one of the handsets were deeply scratched. I went back to the store and was treated pretty shabbily. I was asked to give up pursuing the exchange as the value of the handset is paultry. Having been peeved, I offered the handset as a gift to the store staff and returned home frustrated. My loss, the store staff's gain. Manners, behaviour, treating customers .. CeX Bangalore score a 10 on 10..
  • ANON
    Same here - they do not answer their customer service email - wrong product sent to us - no email back when we complain! Money down the tubes with CEX.
  • Molly
    Attempted to buy from their website, twice, for delivery to only be cancelled a week later, no explanation for why they won't send me any of my purchases and trying to get in contact as it was a much needed phone, poor customer service, no reply, gutted, thought I could at least buy something decent on an affordable budget being a student, most of the things I own is second hand, but cex truly take the piss, they don't care and customers mean nothing, treated like shit, won't be bothering to step foot in any of their stores ever again, thanks Cex, waste of bloody time, energy and money!!
  • John
    I bought a phone of them that worked great till one night it wouldn't charge so I tuck it back and they said they won't fix it because its scratched. I asked them how does a few scratched effect the phone from charging but they still refused to fix it. six weeks later after many emails as you cant ring them they are now saying that the Mic was broke and thats the reason they wouldn't fix it. Mic wasn't broke and I don't understand how if it was why the phone wouldn't charge. What they should do is say where giving yo a warranty but its worth shit all
  • Will
    go to the police. its robbery. cex is criminal.
  • Dave
    I recently bought a phone from Cex in derry it has faults with it so tried to return it but they said can't so offered exchange but knocked 25 quid off what I paid them for it . . Have phoned trading standards and am waiting for reply for them to look into the scam s that the company pull on people . . Its not right and should not be allowed as they are breaking the law
  • Gary
    I sent a Mobile Phone to them using Royal Mail Special Delivery which was rec'd and signed for yet all i keep getting from them (Emails were sent to me 4 Days ago ) which keep saying they have had a huge backlog of items for testing????? How can such a large organisation not complete testing on peoples expensive items?? I am now getting worried that they have it for so long. I should of just taken it to my local store but half the time they dont have any money!!!! I should of just sold it to the mainstream mobile phone buyers online. :(
  • Z
    I have had the worst experience of any company in dealing with CEX, there is no chain of command. No real complaint process and no organisation. The customer service centre is email only and based in India. They take days to reply and refuse to deal with the complaint even after replying. I have even written to their CEO, who refuses to reply. 1) In Aug 2011 – I ordered a Video Camera and was sent completely the wrong model. 2) Last week (March, 12), I without thinking, again ordered HV40 UK Version from your website (Order No. 843642) and was sent completely the wrong Model. The US Version of the same camera (Vixia) The UK Version was advertised on the website (Legria). 3) I returned the Camera by Special Delivery and CEX confirmed they had received it. 4) I have written to your Customer Service representatives many times, who reply in 3 days and do not answer the question in anyway. Raj has written to me a few times without bothering to answer or read my question. The poorest service possible. 5) Yesterday Raj, wrote to me confirming that I would be refunded yesterday, here is a extract from his email: In a message dated 27/03/2012 16:31:56 GMT Daylight Time, [email protected] writes: Dear XXXXX, Thank you for your email. The refund will be processed today. Regards, Raj CeX WeCare Team Buy Sell Donate 6) Nothing has been refunded and CEX have decided to not answer my emails even though they still have my payment. I have no choice but to take this further and complain to Watford trading standards and Watchdog, as a start. Its clear from CEX's reputation online and in reviews and blogs, that Cex treats all their customers like horse manure. This is obviously a regular occurrence and I find it surprising that companies such as CEX can continue to trade in the UK with no Customer Service. I hope you this goes towards warning other people from buying from these fraudsters.
  • Mel
    I bought an iphone from these robbers i asked for a a or b grade - I got sold a c grade it literally fell apart after a few months. I took it back as it was covered by CEX warranty - where I was accused of dropping it as there was absolutely no sign of me dropping it I was then accused of taking the back off. As the back was firmly attached to the rest of the iphone this was also an excuse of them getting out of there warranty and repair. When I expalined I had neither dropped the phone or removed the back but the on off switch had fallen out. the staff ignored me. I think all complaints regarding these rippoff merchants should be directed to the office of fair trading!
  • riki
    I just got upset today when i took my mint ipod touch and HTC snap phone for an exchange estimate in shepherds bush, the person with a cap and fresh tattoo on right arm below elbow that handled my items took the items out of my sight without any permission and open my phone which broke the back cover, I had that phone for year and a half never dropped it or mishandled . then when i saw the damaged cover which is now hanging loose i went back after some 15 min to let the guy know so at least i can get an apology . He totally ignored me and behaved rude, and none manager stepped to back him or help me out . This provoked anger and total dissatisfaction . This is not acceptable .
  • tony
    i got a laptop at cex in wigan shop was £ 2.40 pond i had it for 4 weeks the scueen went funney took it back and they accused me of dropping it it has a warranty for 1 year and said i am not coved i have not dropet it i am seeing trading standards do not shop at cex the shop at wigan all fucking pigs
  • Anthony E.
    just received 2 fake DS games from cex through the post not happy!!!
  • PTM
    Bought a boxset from the Sheffield branch of CeX on May 24th of this year. Got home to find that the staff member had not put all the discs in - a fair human error, I thought. Receipt stated a 28 day warranty, so I went in for a refund on June 11th, which is well within that 28 day warranty. Was told by staff and supervisor that I would not be refunded as "it has been a month," which quite simply wasn't true. The regular staff member then proceeded to break the disc insert for one of the DVDs without my permission, as if to prove that a disc had never meant to be there in the first place. Emailed customer service and was eventually told that I will be allowed my refund, but must return any product within 48 hours in future - highly inconvenient for anyone who works long hours, and might only be able to do Saturdays. So, any rumour of a warranty beyond 48 hours is, I can safely say, a ripoff.
  • Kyle T.
    I bought & paid for a iPhone 4 16gb White Grade B (worth £350) & every was fine, they dispatched it when they said & tried to deliver it when scheduled but nobody was in so royal mail kept hold of it for a day then sent it back to cex a day later. Idk why they did that but they did, anyways it took a week to get back to cex & they confirmed they had received it & asked me to confirm my address to them again for a redelivery as soon as possible, so I did as they asked. but still I've not received my item, I've sent them numerous emails but they've not replied to any of them. I'm even thinking about taking legal action against them if I don't hear back from them soon.
  • Vikki H.
    Today I went to 3 different cex stores. One to exchange something and to buy something however what I planned to buy was bought while I was there. Anyways, I went to tottenham court road branch to buy the camera I wanted. Got there and proceeded with the steps to buy said camera. First of all they couldn't find the box, then couldn't find the charger. Once they found a charger that fitted the battery and found out it didn't work. They rang thr nearest store which had the camera and rang them (elephant and castle branch) I make the fairly long journey to elephant and castle. They have the camera set aside for me which was great, what wasn't so great was the fact that they too could not find the box, charger or battery. The guy serving me (very helpful guy) said I could get a battery and charger online for about £20ish, fed up with going into cex I agreed to buy the camera under the understand that a battery and charger would not cost that much. When getting home I found out that there was no lens cap (which I wasn't told about) that doesn't bother me because they're online a few quid online. What bothers me tho is that practically every accessory and box was missing and should therefore should of been sold to me as a grade c and it wasnt. secondly a battery and charger wasn't going to cost £20 like I was told but infant JUST for the battery it was going to cost me £40 - £70. I feel ripped off and stupid for trusting what the employee said.
  • josh c.
    i have been mis-informed by cex's website many times now, the last 3 times i've go to get something that is apparently in-store "oh sorry we don't it in stock" is all i get met with in the shop, i also think cex can be very pathetic, i took my old ps3 down there once to get it sold and they turned it down cos it had some dust on it blah blah blah... cex sort it out
  • Ellie L.
    CEX have got to be the worst store in the country-I would love to see them have to pay out thousands to someone in a lawsuit! Today I took a perfectly good phone in for exchange-and it came back with the on switched fully pressed in-I can't even turn it on now.This is not the 1st time,in the past they have also given me someone else's DS back saying they can't take it as it had a broken screen-it still had someone else's name on it-so it was obviously not mine,what they did with my nearly new one,God knows. Another time I took in a brand new boxed PSP-which had never been used at all and they told me the battery/charger were faulty as they could not get it to charge. CEX staff are just a load of thieving,cheating,lying criminals. Anyone who goes to this store is stupid-AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. Personally I am taking my business back to Blockbuster-even if I have to pay a bit more! CEX SUCKS!
  • bobby j.
    I am appauled by your service and am bitterly dissapointed at you lack of care towards your customers. I had brought a Gamecube at CEX in hounslow and it was in bad shape, unboxed and the guy behind the counter kept dropping it. I got it home played it OK and it was great. I had it for two months till today. I went to your Store in hammersmith and had it tested, i went back after the guy had fun for 45 minutes on the working console and proceded to tell me the controller that worked fine was loose inside.. Well i was sold a crap piece of kit and you was happy taking my money and when i went to sell back he spouted that it was a different store and a franchise.. Im sorry but i am way annoyed that you took my money but wouldnt honour my purchase with your filthy rules.. I shall write to head office and make an official complaint...
  • bobby j.
    also they tried to sell me a supernatural box set with a missing disc and said is that ok... duh well no you tossers
  • Drew
    CEX are disgusting. Especially the Barking store. If you have a problem with a purchase and ask for a refund they'd rather call the police on you than give you your money back. They also open any brand new/factory sealed games they receive to "check them" They actually did this with an ultra rare sealed copy of "Space channel 5 part 2" on PS2. IDIOTS. Most of their games are filthy covered in thick stains, scratches and drug residues, but a rare sealed game, OH NO we must check it to make sure THAT works. I knew they were dodgy, but I've perservered with them because as a collector, sometimes you can get rare games cheap, NO MORE. Calling the police on a paying customer wanting their money back is about as low as any company can go. It was only £15 , just give the guy his money back you freaks. FORGET YOU CEX! FORGET YOU !!!
  • Steve B.
    I sent four phones to CeX head office, all as C grade. Their own t&c's state "We will buy your goods as long as they work as intended; in extreme cases we may reject badly damaged goods.". All the phones worked but had cosmetic damage, ie poor condition as they describe it.. the main thing here being that they WORK AS INTENDED! They kept the phones for three weeks, apparently because they had such a backlog, yet as soon as I start hassling them they decided the phones were non-working and returned them to me... with NO packaging, just rattling around in the box getting scratched and damaged. The real reason for returning them was because they had dropped the prices offered for those phones two weeks after I sent them in.. hmm, strange... they wouldnt honour the quoted price for them. I have been trying for a month to get their so called customer service department to accept responsibilty for the now damaged phones, but to no avail. I gave them warning that if I had not heard from them by today, I would be taking legal action... so thats what will be happening tomorrow. I will be issuing court papers on them.
  • Steve B.
    OK, update.. as expected no reply from them, so I've just issued a court claim against them.
  • Claire P.
    I bought my son a new ipod touch for Christmas and so decided to sell his old Nano, I googled the internet (I wished I'd read this first!), and found the CEX website and decided to sell it to them, I posted it over 2 weeks ago and have not heard a thing since! No response to any of my emails and no contact tel no anywhere to be found! After reading all the other comments I'm now realising I've been conned by an untrustworthy company! Absolutely disgusting don't know how they can still be allowed to trade! On another issue but also concerning CEX I visited our local store in Tamworth where my son chose a number of DVD's only to find an x rated film inside one of the sleeves, not good when he's 9, good job I noticed before he sat down to watch!
  • Chris
    Their second hand electronic products are extremely overpriced. They would not give refund when phone was returned to their store two days after purchase. Do not purchase presents from here (as you cannot get a refund) and don't buy any electronics here unless you have thoroughly researched how much they should actually cost!!!
  • Saumguy
    I've had great experience's with CeX over the years, Very trustworthy and reliable company - don't know what store you're all using; A+ Service for me :)
  • Sam
    The ROMFORD CEX guys are a bunch of jokers, not to mention kids with IQ of probably Less than 10. I bought a nexus 4 to sell. After 24hr testing the said they would offer me £80 less than they advertised. When I asked why, I was told because the phone was locked to 3. I til them it was an unlocked phone but they refused to pay. I went home and tried lots of sims and I was right it was unlocked. Not to be beaten I went again with a paper note saying in order to swap sims they need to TURN THE PHONE OFF, REPLACE SIM AND THEN TURN IT ON. The chap on service actually told me that sounds complicated so I may get a locked price for an unlocked phone...! I retuned 24 hrs later and all was well BUT THEY GRADED IT AS A B. When I asked why, I was told its missing the headphones. I told them it does not come with headphones!!! After a short discussion they checked their online stock and agreed. WHY ALL THIS HASSLE...???? Because I bought it BRAND NEW from google for £289 and sold it to CEX as SECOND HAND for £344. A good £55 profit! Infact they are still offering £344 even though the phone is easily available now from google! When I last checked they had only 70 nexus 4. They kow have over 220! They aim to sell for £405 but which idiot would pay £115 extra when they get it from google in 2 weeks. I have ordered another one to sell and so are my friends! The nexus is still available from google as lg have increased production!
  • Albert B.
    I have never once had a bad experience with CEX. They are good people and yeah, have to follow some strict policies just like any company. Most of the people complaining about them either broke the devices they bought and felt salty they couldn't lie their way to a refund or were a bitchy little pussy when CEX wouldn't buy their piece of shit phone so they could buy crack or what have you. I see it time and time again, face it, you can file a complaint or try and file a suit against them but your wasting your time, shut the fuck up, grow up and move on with your life. Chances are your going to bitch about them but 3 weeks later sell your shit there for some reason. Fuck OFF!
  • iphone b.
    Wonderful work! This is the type of info that are supposed to be shared around the internet. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this publish higher! Come on over and visit my website . Thank you =)
  • Peter
    Very fu**** off at Middlesbrough CEX, 10 yr old son paid £95 for a scratched 3DS got it home and got approx 2hrs play out of if when it packed up, 12 mth warranty my eye !!!, 2min visual check to them confirmed water damage, He was no where near water, he saved to long to wreck it that quick !!! No customer satisfaction just got told we were lying. Dont buy second hand goods from there bad company !!!!!!!!
  • Gary
    Ordered 5 ps3 games online on Jan 10th at £45. 3-5 days? Still waiting despite being told they were sent 'recorded'. Have had an email conversation with 'Aloysius' going on for 2 months in which I have been unable to get a single item or a refund. Am now trying to get my credit card company to refund me as I have long since given up with these cheating [email protected]**ds!
  • Gary
    ... the email address '[email protected]' made me laugh though. It must be meant ironically.
  • Fred
    I bought a samsung mobile phone from cex in reading yesterday and as soon as i got home the battery had died so i put it to charge overnight and this morning the battery was dead and so I went back to cex and complained to say that i was sold a faulty phone and that battery didn't hold its charge for long and they said they would run what they called a warrenty test and that it would take 2 hours to perform. i went back after 2 hours and they said that the battery was fully charged i said that within 2 hours the battery won't last they didn't believe me and i said can i have your head offices full address they refused to give it to me and the supervisor refused to give me his or hers full name. so i said that i will be taking this further. because i am within my rights to have a full refund as you have sold me faulty goods. I have now found the head office address on their website and i have now written a letter of complaint which will be sent recorded delivery tomorrow morning.
  • Peter E.
    Sold a phone (via website) to CEX on 19th Feb. Phone was received a coupke of day later and CEX updated status accordingly. It is now over a month later and staus is still showing as processing (or whatever terminology they use?) Still no sign of any money though and not gonna hold my breath. Cowboys :-(
  • john t.
    I never buy electronic goods from cex, the way to protect yourself from any fraud, is to record any transaction via video, to prove they damaged the item before testing. This evidence is needed for legal action. Its important to protect yourself from being ripped off, never pay for goods through credit either. Ask to see the item working before any purchase is agreed upon, I make a point of seeing the disc before I hand over any money. This applies to any second hand goods. Ive only been ripped off once, and I got my own back by ripping them off. They got the picture very quickly, I take no prisoners. If your soft, they will rip you off.
  • sausage d.
    I've been done ordered a p5100 tablet received p5110 instead no reply from them from email looks like trading standards have too get involved I've taken photos and videoed it to be honest this is a piss take anybody who's had dealings with trade knows they don't make these mistakes the box clearly says p5110 and the Samsung serier no does too. I don't believe this is a simple mix up because all the serial no. Match anyway I'm not fucking about with tons of emails. so now know that's my experience quick to take ya money not replying to emails make your own mind up and to tap out all I got done on eBay last month trying to buy one bastards
  • jimmy
    Bought a tablet for 150 and straight away developed a fault and got told it was software problem but it was a faulty charging port they were going to replace it then the manger said no and tried to email them all they say is it was my fault i bought a faulty item beware do not shop or sell to this con shop i am very surprised they are in business all these years i am out of pocket 150 when i could have baught one across the road for 200 which i was going to do but i thought this was the better one but turned out to be a night mare liste to me don't shop there please you might get one thing that works ok but the rest is junk trust all of us who post your taking a big risk in that shop
  • Jay
    Same shit happened to me, I bought a MacBook and the next day I went back t return it I found out that the battery life was shit and it took ages to boot. They told me at the time of purchase that within 48 hours I would get afull refund on my card but when i returned the next day they Manager stormed out a room saying he was observing me the day before and that he could only return £510 in vouchers, are you serious??? I argued for more than 30 min but this bellend kept on repeating himself. I left furious and disappointed and sent an e-mail, until now no response. This is backward service that you get in Italy or these other backwards country not in UK.
  • sausage d.
    Does anybody who reads this Know email address uk for sombody over looking returns or senier managers im still waiting for my refund 17 days i tell you something i read that EU law states refunds for damaged incorrect goods should be made with in 28 days . Everything ive told you is correct....
  • Drew
    Thanks for that info sausage dog. I've been told in email by CEX that they have a massive backlog of returned orders to process at the moment. I've been waiting a month for a refund on some dirty scratched up games and I will email them again quoting that part of the distance selling regulations. My next step after that will be contacting head office. Possibly could contact their Directors, David Butler and David Mullins. Their email addresses are shown on the website [[email protected]] [[email protected]]. Has anyone tried contacting them? If so many people are returning their orders that CEX can't deal with them all and they have a backlog of unhappy customers waiting for refunds, doesn't that give a strong indication that something is very wrong with the way they do business and the quality of their stock.
  • Tony C.
    It was due to CEX that I decided to open a shop doing the same thing only the way It way meant to be done. Im not advertising but we buy and sell and can't help but feel for everyone on here. Cex are con artists and nothing more. We are based in Bracknell Berkshire in the high street and are starting to expand not only that but we also offer an online auction for 50p listings an item. Maybe give us a try sometime, we have a contact number on our website etc.. lets put cex where it belongs 6ft under!!
  • Tony C.
    oh yeah lol click my name for the website or pop over to
  • sausage d.
    Chears Drew I'll try anything now I get the same emails about unusual high levels of stock shouldn't have to be this way if anybody reads this I bought a incorrect item sent it back and haven't received my refund of hundreds of pounds let me point out a fair comment the local shop isn't a issue to me because I wouldn't have been done I would have got the police my issue is the online shop the lack of basically giving a shit no telephone number automated responses. If you too have a issue dont give up .......
  • Gary
    Have bought loads of Xbox games from CEX. I found them cheap and have not had to return a single item? Lucky or is it just with their electronic items? If I was to purchase any Electrical items (Second hand) I would give it a damn good testing before I left there ;)
  • Drew
    Now there's a facebook group for those waiting for a refund. Hopefully CEX will end up on Watchdog. IMHO they could do a whole show on them. If you paid with Paypal, go ahead and look into contacting them to open a dispute. Paypal have been very helpful in my case. They will need proof of your returning the items. If they receive enough complaints against cex, they will probably remove their payment services from cex. I've still got some CEX vouchers, I'm going to use them(in store) as soon as possible I think, before anything else bad happens. search "waiting for a cex refund"
  • mike h.
    i buy hundreds of products a month from cex and sell on in my business but when something doesn't arrive or theirs a problem with an order im ignored in email or i receive an automated response which helps me in no way. if response to this im made to wait at least a week for another automated response stating the same useless information i have returned several products and have been made to wait at least 10 weeks before i get a refund and this takes many demanding emails to get anything back at all, in some cases i never receive refund im getting very angry with them and i would like to be able to take further action against the site. PLEASE HELP.
  • Andrew K.
    My experience with CeX brick and mortar stores has been generally favorable, discounting their often broken aircon and their extremely run down appearances (Harrow, Tottenham Court Road, Rathbone, etc) but heaven have mercy on you if you order with them online! I've placed a few order with them online and attempted to sell to them online too... attempted being the key word. It bemuses me that their online service can be such a shambles and that people will still use them, especially when their competitors are far easier to use and that doesn't even take into account their almost complete lack of customer service - no phone number exists for customers with grievances, only an email that appears to be constantly inundated with issues so that yours may never be seen to, all you get is a wholly automated response email. Their Social Media sites cannot be used to resolve issues either (unless someone is extremely vocal it appears) as you are just handed the same responses by almost all staff members on there "We are sorry... a backlog or refunds/returns/etc. Please email." There are also cases of staff members being rude (in stores and online) to customers, treating them with a haughty derision as if someone you are a nuisance and their dealing with you and sharing their expertise is a favour on their part and not a job which your purchases pay for. Don't even get me started on what I think of the head of the company/directors.
  • John B.
    Despite brazenly calling their after sales team Wecare, I have never encountered such disgraceful handling of customer concerns, than this bunch of shysters.Even writing a personal letter to their founder did not even yield the courtesy of a reply , nor E mails to their board members . Only on threatening Small Claims Court action did I finally get a refund (following their error ) three moths later!
  • paul d.
    cex is a complete joke they dont follow the sales of goods act the staff have no tech training wots so ever and mainly kids. i have brought many handsets from them all have turned out to be faulty stolen water damaged etc trying to get a refunds from them is impossible as they fob you off we oh we have to test it to see the fault bla bla they have no idea on the sales of good act or consumer rights they very quick at taking the cash from the customer i would recommend nobody goes with cex. very poor customer services lack of tech knowledge they dont even know how to test a blackberry when brought in they are told to check host routing table which has nothing to do with testing a blackberry and only used for internet access they dont even know you have to have a blackberry enabled sim to check a blackberry correctly i have passed this matter to trading standards for a review on cex business practices evn they own staff claim that contacting the head office is a complete waste of time because they are neither bothered or care the prices omg are more than retail for second hand goods they charge more than the actual goods new you are better off buying new goods at least you will get a refund if the good become faulty unlike cex when goods are normally faulty or become faulty in days
  • Thomas W.
    I ordered 5 PS3 games off their webstore and instead of recieving my games, I get a DVD boxset of Downton Abbey. Absolutely fuming. Going to the Milton Keynes branch today to get this sorted and if they don't sort it, I will be taking it to Watchdog. Terrible customer service. What kind of Limited trading company doesn't have a phone number available for the public?! Surely there should be a law against that? Whether my issue get's sorted or not, they have lost a customer.
  • samantha
    thomas walker did they sort it in store ..... iv bought 10 xbox games i wanted xbox 360 im not paying 11.00 postage to post these games ,,, cant store just refund me
  • sausage d.
    I got a refund a couple of months ago from the online shop this was because I did it by the book two recorded written letters and trading standards involved and the real threat of court action I had all the proff ..I was the victim sent the wrong item still I ended out of pocket with recorded letters ....anyway that's my conclusion to my long battle to get my money back, I'm not been a arse over this but Months it took me Months I could have given up So You Don't..I also wrote to watch dog though they didn't get back to me ..make sure you give them every opputunity to give them time a set time and constantly state court action if you don't send two recorded letters and give em time to reply trading standards won't get involved this was in my case . Any way that's me lot hope it helps
  • Andrew T.
    I ordered a 32 GB memory stick duo, and when it got delivered it was a 32MB memory stick duo!! I complained and sent it back... This was over two weeks ago!! I keep asking for a up date and all they is that it is processing!! Oh and now there facebook page is blocking me!! Won't let a single post go through!
  • donna w.
    I find it absolutely disgusting that their St.Helen's branch showed no interest in helping to stop the sale of stolen property. My friend was burgled this morning at 7:20am and rang the store with a description of the 10 XBOX360 games stolen, the bag they would be being brought in (as that was also stolen) and asked if the staff could keep an eye out for someone trying to sell all 10 at once, which was flatly refused, unless he knew exactly who stole the items, as they will not turn away 'custom'. Now, the likely hood of someone selling those exact 10 games today is very unlikely, especially as they are going to try and get rid of the stolen property as early as possible, and most decent people are at work, not selling games in store at 9 in the morning. Absolutely disgusting that their company is making a profit at someone's expense by allowing the sale of stolen property within their stores. I for one will be boycotting their store, and spreading the word about the lack of professional standards with regards to theft and criminal activity.
  • A.Francis
    My son bought a reconditioned Samsung phone,at the Darlington store at the weekend, much to my annoyance, and low and behold the battery life is rubbish, after an hour he is charging it up whether he is using it or not, he took it back today to be told that they don't do refunds ( which they did not inform him of this when he purchased the item, which is against the law), they offered to run a check on the phone to find and errors and they didnt find anything wrong( well they wouldn't would they!!) he was told he could have store credit but if he wanted to sell them back the phone they will give him £51 for it!!!!! cheeky sods.. basically fobbed him off at every turn.I for one is going to consumer advice about this, they are disgusting and totally unprofessional ripping people off. but I hope it teaches my son to ask about refunds before he buys anything else, and i will tell everyone I know not to use any of there shops or online stores ..
  • John
    Lost £70 iPod order using Cex and there own packaging with postage costs even with it being tracked online they refuse to deal with it or reimburse me and this has been an ongoing complaint for 2 years?. Reported them to Watch Dog and so should everyone else before its too late.....
  • Christina A.
    Honestly,this has got to be worst buy and sell shop ever.i bought a phone a samsung s4 from cex....worked well until one day i couldnt make calls.took it to my network provider who then told me it seems the phone had been blocked.took it back to cex and the customer service rep said there was nothing they could i know my rights and i know legally i was i asked to speak to her supervisor who changed it right away.Shortly after my husband bought me a new phone on contract and i no longer need the i decided to sell it to envirophone who then told me this phone was blocked and could not be returned back to me due to security i contacted cex and they told me there was nothing they could do until i got a letter from envirophone to state my i did, i was told i was going to be issued a refund and my case had been passed on to the department who deals with these issues.It has been 15 working days and still havent heard anything from them
  • gazza
    Having just purchased a wii and a few games from them online on 21.12.13 it took them 5 days to state it was dispatched on there website. They gave me a tracking number for ups which I have been keeping an eye on since the 26.12.13. When I go to track the order on the ups website all it says is a shipping label has been created and they will update the details when it will be delivered etc once the package reaches there warehouse. So it is now the 28.12.13 and according to ups they havent got it buy cex are telling me its been dispatched. I should have read these posts before I ordered online. It is for my partners birthday at the start of january. Very poor service from them. I will repost and let you all know if or when I get the order.
  • Caroline
    After having visited their store in my home town selling my iphone 4 16g they informed me that "they didn't have enough cash" in the store but could arrange a bacs transfer for 2days later which I thought to myself was fine I could handle waiting a couple of days - checking my bank every day and it's STILL not there - emailed their address which is slow with terrible customer service not even an obligatory apology and no explanation of anything! I'm appalled by it. They have my phone and I am still waiting (almost 2 weeks) for my payment!
  • darren
    ordered several items from online website wrong items received got game instead of film and another total random film that was not ordered .sent several emails to their wecare web address and still waiting for reply to all emails what an appalling way to treat customers.they are all just a shower of robbing f---ers and need to sort this problem out.
  • G
    Well I wish I knew this sooner, I boutght two items from CEX, Couldnt navigate them, Emailed to ask for arefund as I thought that they would email back with the address and heard nothing, Days went past which added to my worry as I wanted a cash refund, I then read on the terms that you had to send them back, To get their recorded delivery, Which cost me 14 pound. I then waited, They would have got there on the Friday morning - No e-mails, Then onthe Monday had an email saying that they got the parcels! Then nothing!, I replied askig them when i was likely to rceive my refund, The 48 hours later, I received an eanil saying: We apologise for the delay we will process youyr reund as soon as possible I then emailed back, i have been waiting over a week and would like to know when I am likely to receive my refund. i have been checking my bank everyday, Checking my emails whenever I can. I bought these itens tohelp make my life easier,I have beenleft feeling confused, Angry, Frustated and taken for a ride. They have taken 59quid altogther, Money that nobody nowadays can afford! I thenlook up on the website and find that CEX rarely does refunds!, lack of customer service!
  • Rahan
    I am a regular customer at cex store in peckham london, i buy alot of blu rays & dvd good prices, i also vist other cex stores london aswell. Anyway i made complaint on thier site because i am dicusted with the customer service in peckham cex they dont treat all customers equally, and why is it they only have white people working in them stores but no blacks or asians, most of cex customers buyers & sellers are blacks & asians, they should start hiring non white people so the customer service will be even. I am not a racist but these whites that work for cex store have no knowledge on products and can't treat asian customers infact every colour, they talk to each other while serving customers, in that peckham cex one girl drinks her drink while looking at customers, i saw cue of people in peckham store waiting to be served and 3 of the staffs were talking and not seving customers, one white customer got angry and left store without buying. They should hire me i know more customer service then them idiots.
  • Rahan
    The best store has to be in sutton london, because great customer service and they have alot of blu rays & dvd games etc, elephant castle cex crap customer service and peckham, sometimes they act good but most times they are rude ignorant, i am regular customer at peckham cex store, couple of the staffs are friendly but the rest are idiots, they know my face they never say hello or welcome me especially especially when i am regular customer spending alot of money, thats why i chaged my store to sutton cex, it might be a bit far by train, atleast i will get great customer service and walk out with a smile on my face to enjoy watching my movies i brought, its a shame that my own local store in peckham sucks, they rude or just racist.
  • natalie
    Walworth rd cex! Absolutely disgusting! Gave me wrong money for my goods. They scanned serial numbers and still underpaid me money! Staff are clueless! Miserable staff. Empty shelves. Avoid!
  • bob
    I f**cking detest C.E.F**cking X, I only ever go into their poxy shop to exchange games for my son's, I hate the f**cking place, the staff are weedy little jumped up s**t's who think they are clever, the shop is mainly frequented by spotty geeky pricks with nothing better to do than sit in their bedrooms playing computer games and trying to convince themselves that they've got a life and not only that most of the crap C.E.F**cking X sell can be found hell of a lot cheaper elsewhere. I took my son into a grubby little C.E.X shop just after christmas, they wanted £120 for a pre-owned 4GB Xbox 360 slim, Asda were selling the things brand new for £99 before Christmas, so in my eye's this makes C.E.X a bunch of rip off bastards. I would be very happy if all of the C.E.X shops were to implode and take the grubby little spotty staff with them
  • Routledge
    I went in to cex with (obv) the intention of buying a couple of games when, i noticed one of the games i wanted was £12 and the other £10. £22 isn't unreasonable for two games but, the £12 game(elder scrolls 3 morrowind) was over 12 years old and for xbox, in comparison to, dead rising: off the record for xbox360 (£10) which is only a couple years old. on top of this, the two most recent elder scrolls games; oblivion and the highly rated, much advertised "next generation" skyrim, were exactly the same price! Hitman absolution: a game that is only just coming to a year old; was £6!!! As far as i am concerned; this pricing structure is flawed. Especially as i take my two chosen games to the counter to try and haggle a price and ask for a deal only to be confronted by robots who, know nothing more than the textbook drivel they've been "taught" as customer service. And, when i decide to take it further; I still cannot seem to find a sentient being to talk to. Try to contact the company's customer service and you'll e directed to "SEND AN EMAIL". I know it's the 21st century but, if i am having a service related problem; i feel comforted to know that a human being can help deal with the situation either face to face or over the phone but most importantly WHEN I AM IN NEED OF THE ASSISTANCE. Not 2-5 working days later. They've come a long way down hill since the days of the flagship store down tottenham court road, where the staff knew what they were talking about, actually had knowledge of technology past and present and, like any business that deals with cash, would haggle with a customer - each looking for the best price - a long forgotten trading art. Here's another thing. If i sold said game to cex, they would offer me £3... and sell that game for £12... a 300% profit,no? so surely, if the game is worth £12 to buy, i should be able to sell it to them for at leas £6. I think £15 would have been a fair deal for the two games and would have bitten their hands off for it. Instead i'm left infuriated and despising a company that i have been a customer of for twenty odd years, since it's flagship days. I would therefore advise anyone to give cex a wide berth and actually to email them that you are going to do so; until they buck up their ideas.
  • bob
    All anger aside, I really do find C.E.X shops quite seedy, they seem to have a 'dodgy' feel to them. I have heard that they buy electrical items, some of them quite high end, without doing any background checks into where the items come from, it seems if they can make a quick buck out of someone they really don't care where the stuff comes from! Mind you this is only speculation and here say.
  • Jon
    I have to say I have been trying to get the phone number yet ended up reading this instead . I can not imagine how a company can survive and operate on a daily basis with comments like this. I have never seen so many negative comments about one store and I am a retail manager for M&S . It's quite clear it's a bunch of cowboys that operate from home renting a few shops to try and build a business. Unfortunately (if your reading this CEX) negative feedback generally means...... That's right..... There is an operations issue. Perhaps you should go on undercover boss... Or is that where it lies? Who knows but it sounds to me from reading all these comments that not all these people can be wrong. No way .
  • Jon
    I have to say I have been trying to get the phone number yet ended up reading this instead . I can not imagine how a company can survive and operate on a daily basis with comments like this. I have never seen so many negative comments about one store and I am a retail manager for M&S . It's quite clear it's a bunch of cowboys that operate from home renting a few shops to try and build a business. Unfortunately (if your reading this CEX) negative feedback generally means...... That's right..... There is an operations issue. Perhaps you should go on undercover boss... Or is that where it lies? Who knows but it sounds to me from reading all these responses that not all these people can be wrong. No way .
  • libby
    i traded an iphone with cex on saturday for a lumia 1020 which when i got it home was faulty so i took it back on sunday as no other way to contact them, they offered me a replacement phone coming from s different shop, said it would be delivered tues/wed well post has been and no phone also i dont have any receipts as the blackpool shop kept them i need someone to ring me or im contacting the police as im out of pocket to the tune of £310 this is just stupid no way of getting intouch other than having to go into town to the shop, getting the feeling i have been ripped off big time ive given them till 4pm to contact me or im having the iphone i traded blocked
  • martin
    hi all, These people are now in Dublin selling faulty ps3 consoles. Please do yourself a favour and never buy any hardware from them.
  • pauline m.
    Son bough a phone from CEX, on the Thursday, the phone is useless, doesnt keep the charge and also have two red lines in the headphone slot, and charger slot, took it back the following Thursday, and they basically blamed my son for the phone having water damage, they said that the red lines werent there when they had they phone in but obviously they were, we had checked it when he bought it home, there attitude towards my son was discusting, taking to him like a piece of crap, we all ended up back into the BRISTOL store on the Sunday, with his dad, and tried to get the money back only to be fobbed off yet again, and blaming our son for the damage to the phone, they wouldnt have anything we was saying to them, ended up speaking to some little boy who called himself a manager, and said that they would send it off for repair, that all they would do, really didnt want to leave the phone, but had no choice, so its now been a week and still no phone back, His dad phoned them 2 days ago and basically was suprised that we had a phone number for the store, and was told they were waiting for a part, dont think that its even been sent off for repair at all, Our son paid £270 for this phone and really dont think there gonna be giving us the money back, but they will after his dad has finished with them, REALLY NASTY COMPANY, WHICH SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.......................
  • Michael
    Add me to the lengthy list of unhappy customers! Posted a few DVD's and an old mp3 player to them a few days ago. I received a PayPal email the following day to say I'd received payment (was very impressed with the speed at this point!) then I realised they'd paid about half what I was expecting. Sent an email querying the amount and they said the mp3 player had failed testing as the casing could be "pulled apart easily". I found this rather odd as it was sent (well packaged) in good condition but thought I'd wait to see how the item came back to me before commenting further. item came back to me in exactly the same condition it was sent in. The case doesn't open AT ALL let alone easily! It seems the tester was either unable or unwilling to even look at the item before sending it back. What I really don't get is why they'd tell a lie that can be disproved by literally just glancing at the item! They could've told any number of lies (e.g. it was too scratched) that wouldn't have been so obviously false. I'm not exaggerating when I say a blind person could tell with 100% certainty that the case wasn't damaged. Not too bothered as the mp3 player wasn't worth much but obviously I wouldn't have paid £8 postage for a couple dvds. Would've gone to my local store but rather conveniently they seem unable to ever offer cash, just the exchange vouchers.
  • jam
    Is a joke the manager dont even know what information is printed on their recipt and staff in Southampton are rude and am so angry
  • Mike
    Tried to sell my PSP In store they told me the catch was faulty to which I demonstrated that it was not faulty which they then backtracked and gave me Some cash for it. Have traded numerous games and console (regretted giving my ps2 for free after they said it didn't work) only traded because I wanted money a after getting a ps4 and having a general clear out. I would in no circumstances ever go to this store otherwise.
  • John
    From my experiences with CEX over the past five years I would say they have been mixed really. Trading in store has been fine, they offered a fair price considering what they would have gone for on the net and taking in to account the fees etc. I would use the online trade in thing but the local store always seems to have cash so why wait and run the risk of it going missing, them sending them back. I have avoided buying any electronics from them at all as with all secondhand stores many of the items will have been traded in because they are either on their way out or stolen. Why take the risk when you can pay a little more and buy the same thing new. I have purchased some games and dvds from them, again I made sure that I didnt buy any of their more expensive items no matter how tempting they seemed. Apart from one cheap dvd that didnt work they have all worked fine.
  • Darren B.
    I am writing this because I am absolutely fuming ,, cex are a joke ,,,, staff are rude , incompetent, and just outright stupid I recently bought a Nokia lumia phone which was faulty from Liverpool branch central station took it back and manager basically treated me like I had done him some type of wrong , didn't want to give me any type of customer satisfaction , courtesy , or acknowledgement , gave me part voucher for the other branch which I took and purchased another dodgy phone with dodgy images on when I complained to the manager in this branch she was equally just as offensive and oppressive as the previous one and refused to acknowledge any blame or wrongdoing . just a constant game of cat and mouse and passing the buck and umpteen e- mails to phantoms with no response I have now left matter with police and trade and standards to deal with because I am at my wits end with this friggen crap garbage company ,,,,any one with any common sense would swerve them . when I went back in to demand a refund with my receipt the female manageress said she was going to call police ,, so I called them instead ,,,, then she called security to remove me for complaining ,,,,, they need prosecuting and shutting down or reported to watchdogs because they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it ...... I am absolutely fuuuuuming these idiots are a law to themselves not answerable to anyone...... so please, please, please beware of cex they are a waste of space and are the biggest ripoffs going ,selling dodgy below standard gear..... And you will be lucky .... Very lucky if you get your money back because you definitely won't get any good customer service or satisfaction.
  • Gutsygibbion
    Cex, in my opinion, is a great place to buy and trade cheap games. I have never bought any expensive electronics or done anything online, and so far my experience has been fine. None of the staff are as helpful as they are in Game, say, but the prices are lower so I can't really complain. After reading this though my opinion has changed somewhat - not about to by a phone from them!
  • Alfaizel
    The camberwell branch never have good stock they only have sh**ty games like peefect dark zero... and for the love of God when will they have God damn watchdogs xb360 be in f***Ing stock
  • John
    I had a walk around cex bury and salford!! No intention of buying second hand at all. I couldn't believe people buying shite hammered I phones grade A they sell an I-phone 5 32 gb for something like £620 there taking the piss I say to people you mad get on ebay or amazon there the decent places if you can't afford apple online... Thus so called shop is a total rip if I hope they go bankrupt seedy bastard company if you can call it a company.
  • Debra W.
    Be warned! Bought mobile phone charger would not connect!! Just been accused of breaking it ourselves despite sales assistant trying 3 times to get phone charger in and getting stuck.! No exchange or refund! Service shabby as he'll! Don't buy always go to reputable dealers where you know you'll get great service!!
  • Steve C.
    My sons phone was stolen, together with his girlfriends from their home. After making some enquiries he traced the thief and spotted the phone in CEX window display in Widnes. He told the staff what had happened and pointed out the phone in the window. The staff member told him that the IMEI number was required to prove it was his, despite him telling them when it was stolen (only three days earlier), the persons name and address who stole it but they refused to do anything. Anything other than sell it the very next day that is. We were told that the only thing they could do was to block the phone but after a month the alleged purchaser who bought it for £235.00 still hasn't returned the item and so it appears it must be being used abroad or for parts. How very convenient! What makes it even worse is that the "WeCare" team (sorry for laughing but that terms creases me up) now tell me six weeks later that my son didn't tell the Manager what he says he did but merely pointed to a phone and said that's my phone. The Manager said that it couldn't have been his phone because they had had the one pointed out for weeks. If my son had only said what the store staff had said they wouldn't have known that it was only stolen 3 days earlier. I'm afraid they have blatantly lied because the following day after they sold the phone I went into the store, spoke to the Manager and he confirmed that the reason they did nothing was because "WE NEED THE IMEI NUMBER" to prove it's his. If you ask me to guess what's happened I'd have to say that the store member has acted illegally in selling something that they knew was or was likely to be stolen. I've no intention of going quietly on this one so, the BBC, the local papers and trading standards are on my shopping list before taking them to the small claims court.
  • AA
    The bitterness in these comments would be quelled if you were all better informed about the way cex actually works. I worked at a CEX branch for ten months, so let me furnish you all with some home truths. First and foremost, cex is a second hand store, which stocks its shelves purely with items customers trade in. As a result, we are able to sell these items on for a lower price. We receieve hundreds of items in store every day, and the mostly minimum wage employees do their best to ensure each item is in resellable condition. But sometimes, items do slip through our checks, which we have to conduct within a strict timeframe, often with damage or software issues not surfacing until later. On this basis, customers should be intelligent enough to infer that occasionally, items they buy may not be in full working order. A new item will by definition be more reliable. And in any case, the 12 month cex warranty will cover these instances (which, by the way, is a WARRANTY, not a guarantee. Learn the difference people). As for stolen items, we backcheck EVERY electronic item we receive with an IMEI database collated by insurers, phone networks and the police. If the item comes back clean, we have to assume its safe to buy, but we take the seller's id should there be any problems in the near future. In short, we cover all the bases. I found it laughable when a customer came into the store and asked to have their phone back, which they asserted was stolen and sold to us. We are required BY LAW to wait for the police to investigate the matter and only they can seize our stock in such circumstances. If you come into our store and claim we have your stolen phone, are we supposed to simply believe you're telling the truth and hand it over? No, because that's stupid. Even if you have supporting evidence, we can't just hand stock over which we paid for. We're also victims of the crime, paying for stock we can't sell. On top of that, If you simply don't like an item, you shouldn't assume you are free to return the item as you please. Most stores offer a 28 day returns policy as a show of goodwill, but as a second hand store, we do not want to run the risk of being treated as a hire shop, and so we don't. There is no law citing it as an obligation. You have 48 hours with CEX. Truth be told, you'll receive a far better service if you don't return to the store with a face like a smacked arse. Usually, the employee you're liaising with has no connection to your issue or any power over company policy. And that principle applies at any shop. Want to shop at CEX? Check the items you're buying carefully first. Don't just assume its like any other store.
  • K.P
    i reject any notion that the customer service behind CEX give a single F**k once the money has been paid!! i ordered a collection of dvds on the 20/08/2013 and had to send 2 back as the covers were all written on so i asked how to do so, everything was fine and followed instruction and was offered the usual refund/replacement which i asked for replacement which was great and was sent the next day, it is now the 15/09/2014 and i have ONE of the two dvds i sent back!! i have messaged them numerous times politely and angrily and nothing works, just the usual automated crap email from Ajay saying there trying to sort through there department blah blah and will be soon resolved..over a year to do so!! a dvd that alone cost me a pound LMAO its only because it is a pound the 1st 3/4 months since buying them i left it alone, but then month after month and still nothing, i have kept all the emails that date back as far from Ajay and my replies to keep the proof i was decent and asked about my dvd situation regulary, now i have been a decent customer of CEX for good number of years in different stores over the UK without a single problem until this and generally from experience the employees are usually fine but the customer service is the most disgusting uninterested people i have ever tried dealing with and its only Ajay who sends me the reply emails, so dont know if they all like he is or whatever but if they are then they really do have the worst and useless fuck wits on there team, and not one word of an apology, just "can understand your frustration blah blah and thank you for your patience" this isnt something you like ive been standing i a queue for an hour without getting any closer to the front, its not far off 14 months to return a dvd ive seen over the year have stock online! i bet if i bought it again id get it quicker! i was gracious enough and little petty lol but i said "right, you have taken the piss, can i please have my dvd sent to me asap and return the quid i paid for it and we can stop going over this pointless argument" and they wouldnt even offer me that, ive recently taken the role of being a bigger dick and said i want a generous donation of compensation for taking the piss out of me and making me wait all this time and every time they elude the question of compensation and im deadly certain they wont give me anything not even an honest apology, i know ive rambled and ranted but its really not the price its the principal, i paid my money, i should get what i pay for, for the price they offer, and if within rules im not happy then i can either replace said dvd/game/cd etc or get refund then i can do so and in the end everyone is happy but this is not the case as they got what they wanted no matter what the price was and i am still stuck with an incomplete transaction, if anyone can help me in anyway i would be very grateful, even you Ex-employees if your as decent as you claim to be
  • K.P
    and since my rant and after threatening to take it further they pulled there finger out and got my dvd I believe I got it a week later, maybe just over, and actually got an apology which only taken 13 months to be typed lol and as a gesture of good will they offered me a measly £5 as a gesture of goodwill!!! dont know about you but with any company that takes the piss out of you for over a year, offers an apology and a fiver basically to "shut you up" then i pity you if you would take it, cos that is disgraceful, and i guarantee if any of those customer service suffered an injustice and was made to wait aslong as i have i am deadly certain they would milk as much money out of them as possible, my partner ordered some shopping from asda a few months ago and because they didnt deliver on the time we chose then she contacted em saying she was unhappy about it and whats the point of buying the time-frame if not gonna deliver then, so she talked to there customer service and another time was sorted for next day but as she was out i dealt with the order and as a sign on good will they gave her flowers,wine, chocolates and one or two other things plus £20 voucher off next order!! that was less than a day! thats the difference between good customer service, if i can avoid it i will never order online from cex again, disgraceful
  • Itte
    I have had the worst luck with cex online. My first transaction they delayed because one of the items was not in stock (I wasn't informed). Eventually it was sorted. My second transaction, they sent me the wrong item, which I returned within a couple of days. Took them over two weeks to finally tell me it wasn't in stock (even though it was), but I was refunded. My third transaction is perhaps the worst service I have received online. I ordered an item, which I paid for through both vouchers and Paypal. The item has been awaiting dispatch for the last week. I had contacted their 'WeCare' thing numerous times, but barely got a reply. Today I received a refund voucher for a dropped order. I never even cancelled the order, therefore if I was to be refunded, I should receive it the way I paid, not all of it in one voucher (to force me to buy from them). Basically I will never order from their website again, no matter how much I want something. I've never had a problem with their stores, but their online service is terrible, and customer service is run by incompetent people. From the comments it seems I'm not the only one who feels this way. I was apprehensive about ordering from them in the first place, and am regretting it so much. I've got a case opened with PayPal so hopefully it is sorted soon.
  • andy
    after a camera was bought from warrington it was found to be the wrong one for a collage course as it was only16 hours from purchase it was taken back to our local widnes store for refund only to be told go to warrington to deal with it 20 mile trip an hour wasted time and all warrington did what widnes could not a a full refund and to say sorry for the poor excuse of a manager at widnes complaint has been done to just a shame this is not the first time the widnes store feels it doesnt have to work with cex as its a franchise store please note the review is for widnes store warrington should be 5 stars
  • dean
    ive been reading these comments, and granted sometimes, the customer service can be a little "impersonal" however, customers need to realise that stomring in to the store, guns blazing, does NOT help your case. this just makes the person on the receiving end, less inclined to serve you. its the same principle in any place you go to. ive had a customer come in, aggressive as hell, claiming that we had sold him a broken phone. now the phone was damaged to the point where the mainboard was exposed, and the screen non-functioning. for a phone in such a condition to slip past the staff at the till booking the item in for test, slip past the test, slip past the staff member who actually buys the phone in after it has completed testing, and further past the person selling the phone to the customer, who bear in mind should also notice such extensive damage, is impossible!
  • Keith t.
    I agree, Cex do not reply to ANY emails sent to them, there is no phone contact details.... Ordered two iPod classics from them and only one was delivered, sent numerous emails to them with no reply at all....really don't know what to do....bought via pay pal so will contact them if it isn't delivered. CEX. Could be so much more if they actually cared about their customers..and had a decent customer service with a phone number.... How they stay in business is beyond me.
  • Ray
    Disgrace, service crap & slow and bloody staffs are ignorant pricks, I hate the branch in Peckham and elephant & castle... aliens work thier.. these staffs and management work with an American attitude, dont shop thier. Go charity shops, boot sales, or cash converters or cash exchange stores, better service and better prices than cex
  • Seth
    My experiences at CEX are no better than most mentioned here. It's always the same with monopolies they know they can do as they please as there is no other option known to most people. There really should be laws to stop companies exploiting customers using the methods mentioned in the above posts.
  • Bri
    Things go from bad to worse. I bought a memory stick from them online and it turns out its a fake. Can I get them to get in touch. The simple answer is they do what they like. Trading standards obviously dont care.
  • Alistair W.
    Sold my Playstation 3 with controllers and games to them a few years back, fobbed me off about their condition and I left with a lot less money than I should of. Fuming. God knows why but two days ago I went back to them to sell my Nexus 10 for a voucher in which I could use to buy an 'A' graded 2013 Nexus 7. They told me that the exact Nexus 7 wasn't in stores in my local area and that the best thing would be to purchase online which I did. Firstly the voucher they gave me was worth £126 and the Nexus 7 bought cost £115 which means there is £8.50 left over (once the £2.50 posting fee had been paid), right? Wrong. I tried purchasing a £5 case for my Nexus 7 which would then cost me £7.50 with packaging but the £8.50 was nowhere to be found and when I tried re-entering my voucher code it stated that the voucher had already been redeemed. So my £8.50 had gone. Now to the next problem. I was pleasantly surprised when my item arrived just two days after ordering but I was disappointed and angry to find that it was the FIRST gen Nexus 7 that they sent me, not the second gen that I ordered. My order clearly stated that it was the second gen (2013 model) that I had ordered yet they couldn't get it right. Worryingly as well, I'm not convinced the one they sent me was even 'A' graded as turning it on saw the battery at 91% only for it to have dropped to 40% when I returned 15 minutes later. Are all 'A' graded products falsely advertised? Do they bother to test the products and grade them appropriately or is it a scam to make more money? I have begun the process of asking for a replacement but from what I've been hearing about their shoddy customer service, I'm not holding my breath for an easy ride. I am disappointed that it takes 3-5 working days just to receive a reply for one and then at least another 2 days after that to receive my replaced item but I'm not even sure it will be that simple; I'm sure Cex will state I'm to blame! Since I sold my Nexus 10 to them, I am without a tablet; I don't want to use the Nexus 7 that I've been given in fear of them accusing me of scratching it or not returning it in the condition they sent it to me! Very angry. Definitely won't be going back to Cex again.
  • Keith
    Ordered 210 pounds sony camera on saturday 27th. Found brand new price was only 20 pounds more so emailed cex demanding a refund. I paid using a combination of 85 pounds (paypal) and 125 pounds (cex voucher), they refunded the paypal money on the monday, but still have not received the voucher (via email), I've emailed them several times and most are ignored, I do get short abrupt replies maybe 2 days after emailing them and they explain they are 'liaising with appropriate department'. How hard can it be to issue a in-store voucher??? Anyway it has been very stressful and the most annoying thing is, I have had to spend extra money using my bank account to purchase the camera (I requested that the entire 210 pounds be refunded to my paypal, because of appalling 2nd hand price). Terrible service and I am still waiting.............
  • sumo10
    I heard some negative comments about CeX in the past and because of that I never went shopping there but then I went on a college course near one of their branches and often went into their shop to check out what they had for sale, you can get some good bargains there. I've also been to a few other branches since then and sometimes the level of service is so so. Sometimes discs are scratched a bit too much and sometimes discs get mixed up. Sometimes some staff (not all) don't seem that knowledgeable and sometimes the staff seem indifferent to any customer queries which can put people off from going there. A friend of mine who likes CeX more than me (they regularly buy and trade stuff there) tried to sell an Xbox 360 (Elite model) recently at CeX but they wouldn't buy it due it having a 2007 date on it (this was not made clear on their website). Anyway, later on they went and bought a newer Xbox 360 (Slim model) from them. When they took it home everything worked perfectly but the previous network setting when CeX had tested it out was still there called 'unprotected cex'. I get the joke but in a way it feels as if the customers are kind of the joke at least part of the time. I'm sure CeX gets difficult customers which their staff have to deal with but customer service is important which is an issue that other posts here have talked about as well.
  • James
    I sell to them regularly but i rarely do sometimes buy from them. All my interactions with them are instore and in person. From what ive read i would nvr buy from them or sell to them online. way too much risk of something going wrong or taking far longer than stated.
  • mike
    cex are a joke as ive been waiting nearly a week so far for them to dispatch my order i mean how long does it take quick enough to take my money though will never buy from them online again
  • paul
    Similar to mike I ordered a camera off cex site almost a week ago, stil marked as not dispatched and no answer to my emails for almost 3 days. checked bank account shortly after ordering and they had certainly taken the money....overall im not impressed, and would probably avoid them for future purchases.
  • steve
    I have sent several emails to them asking where my delivery is, they have not even acknowledged me with a reply!
  • Susan
    Has anyone had an issue with selling items to them? They offered me £115 from a phone. The phone was in immaculate condition. I packaged it in its original box, in a padded envelope, yet I have just received an email from them stating: Cracked Internal Display and reducing the offer to £38 !!!!! I am livid.
  • lashed
    I went in to my Swindon store, and the girl who I believe must have been new left my account details up on the screen. The manager then came along, and started joking and taking the piss out of my name and details while in was standing in front of him. This must have gone on for 10 minutes. I spoke to a supervisor when I left the store, and have tried using the customer service email twice and nothing. They just don't care about anything but money. I remember at another store I went to trade some stuff in, and the prices were on a board, outside of the store. When I went in they gave me a completely different price. I ended up in a argument with the guy saying it was false advertising and they can't do this. All I got told was the prices on our system change all the time.
  • Rick
    I bought a couple of blurays on their online site, only cheap ones to use a voucher up. I received the DVD versions of the films. Emailed them, eventually got a reply, told to send back, I returned them via recorded delivery. Almost 4 weeks later, still messing about trying to get correct items only to find out that the original bluray items are out of stock. I eventually got refunded (today) but only partial refund. So what I paid on postage for my order, having to return items, I am out of pocket. I dont have a problem going instore for anything but online proofs to be a pain in the backside to deal with. There should be at least a customer service number or instant chat for anything that goes wrong like on a lot of other sites. Instead it takes days for an answer. Online Service - VERY POOR
  • Andus
    I've bought, sold and exchanged things in store a number of times before now and it's always been good service. Obviously what staff are like depends where you go so I must be fortunate for my local store to have good staff. I've only ever used the website to see if something is in stock at my local store so I can't comment on buying/selling online. From what I've heard though, I'll just go to the store.
  • Fwestivus
    Over the last month and a half, I've had an utterly terrible experience with CEX. If you want to skip the next few paragraphs and get to their questionable terms, scroll down until you see the bold quoted text. I purchased a camera lens from them partly in vouchers and partly by paypal. When it arrived, it was missing parts, so I asked if I could be sent them or given a partial refund to the value of those parts. Initially they refused, asking me to send it back for a refund and then to repurchase one of the others they had in stock in the hope that one of those would have all the parts included, but eventually they agreed to send me replacement parts. And sent me the wrong parts. This took a month. At this point I decided to send the lens back for a refund, along with another lens I had just purchased from them, and had been sent the wrong one... So I sent them back, by recorded delivery. It took them 5 days after they received them to notice that I had sent 2 lenses back, despite having been told this, and the parcel being clearly labelled, and they didn't refund me until I mentioned legalbeagles on twitter. Unfortunately, nearly 3 weeks later, they have still not refunded my return postage. Because I had originally paid partly in vouchers, part of my refund was in vouchers, which I used as soon as I got them refunded. And guess what they sent me? Another incorrect lens. So. Another return. And another delay in refund and another return postage that they have not yet paid. Oh, and there's no telephone contact for them. The saga continues. Now, where their terms come into question. A phrase they used a couple of times in their emails with me is "I am afraid we do not guarantee the version, condition, accessories, settings or the accurate configuration of online purchases." Which seems... odd.. Then looking through terms on their website they say "Please note, however, that all product descriptions and images are for display purposes only and do not represent the finished product." Which again strikes me as somewhat strange... Their email team told me that my postage refund has been sent, but their twitter team has confirmed that it has not, so someone is telling lies. Whatever the case, the way the company has conducted themselves is utterly unreasonable.
  • can't s.
    My daughter works for CEX, so we thought she could order us 3 games and a PS3 so we would get a discount. Daughter placed the order nearly 2 weeks ago, CEX has had our money for over a week, she says the order is marked as 'still awaiting dispatch'. This is turning into a nightmare in the making, as everything is done through my daughter, I can't even ring up or whatever to see what's happening with it. I want to cancel the whole order (total over £100), but even my daughter is having trouble contacting them to sort this out. I would never ever trust this company either in the shop or via online shopping as they are rip off merchants. So angry over this.
  • johnny b.
    Cex are rip off merchants !!!£60 to unlock an apple device is a bit of a rip off.they must be looking for mugs to pay that kinda price.
  • This guys are fraud....they swap ma phone and refuse to repair...don't believe them...
  • ashley
    On the 16th of this month I took my Samsung galaxy tab 3 into the East Kilbride store along with alot of games. The girl behind the till said to me she only had enough money to give me for the games but not the tablet so she would have to do a bank transfer. so on the 18th I received an email telling me I would receive my payment within 3 working days its now the 31st and I still haven't received it. I have emailed 3 times and not an answer back. Quite a lot of my friends and family use this store and we have never had a problem until now. I will be the last time any of us will use this store again. customer service is appalling. I will get my money somehow if not I will get my item back.
  • Chris
    Just had an interesting one.. bought a used xbox and game, just under £100 not even 2 weeks ago.. Take it back for refund as I don't want it anymore, but they can't give me my money back because there is nothing wrong with it.. But they are happy to buy it off me for £50 less that I paid..
  • Kenny
    Hey guys, I've recently bought something from their Website and just wish I hadn't bothered!! The item I bought arrived late, when it did arrive it was a cheap non branded version of what I bought. So tried to contact them to have it returned, of course you cant phone them! So complaint lodged through their complaints system. Apart from the initial automated email I received NO communication from them for almost a MONTH!! As I paid via PayPal I lodged a complaint with them, which then led to an escalated case. CEX STILL failed to communicate. I would be here all day describing the absolutely disgusting service but instead I thought I would create a FB page and invite anyone with issues to please like share and comment on the page. I will be going to trading standards about CEX, it's not even about the money (which I still haven't received) If I ran my business like them I would be shut down in a week!!!
  • Chris
    ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!!!!!!! Customer Service??????? What Customer Service!!!!!!!! Four Times I've Contacted The Email Department to no avail so then I Wrote a Scathing TRUTHFULL review on TrustedPilot about how annoyed I am about being ignored and having both my money and the item I paid for stolen!!!!!!! They send me a broken PS3, which they take back EIGHT DAYS AGO!!!!!! Sure enough some know-it-all gives me their apologise only to disappear again and here I am four weeks after paying money WITH NO BLOOMING ITEM!!!!! Now how do you explain that Cex!!!!!!
  • miles
    Well what can i say about this poor excuse for a retailer. so it all started when i bought a laptop from them back in February, i gave £485 witch at the time i thought was a fair price for a semi high end computer. when i got home i had realised even thought the item was listed as a B grade the underneath was warped as though over heated and the scratches were a cm deep. the power cord was damaged and taped up with what looked like selo tape as a bodge job fix up. Still i used the computer for a few weeks for home work and some personal browsing hardly anything to say heavy usage at all. a couple months into using the laptop with some minor faults but nothing i couldn't resolve i went to turn on the laptop and received a nasty electric shock from the power button and a pop was herd in the machine. realising the main board had just blew out i tookk the laptop straight back too the store as you get a years cover. NOW! this is were it gets nasty. they sent it off too there SO CALLED repairs team witch happens to be some guy around the corner who has a mobile phone shop that sales knock off goods at top end prices. said that the laptop could not be repaired dew too costing too much too put right. i was fine with the fact that they promised me a exact replacement. only that wasn't the case because even though i paid almost 400 quid for this laptop they said i was only entitled too what the laptop is worth now witch was 310 not the 385 i paid for it. how and why i find this criminal considering they sold me a faulty product and i was in guarantee period. the only laptop they had that was of the exact same spec as the one i wanted replaced was a A grade at 350 pounds. witch is still £35 cheaper then i paid for the laptop i had. but no i couldn't have that because i wasn't awarded my full refund. i had too pay another £40 on top of the £385 to buy it. meaning i gave over £425 for a £350 laptop. how dose this work? how are they allowed to get away with this? surely threes some laws being broken here? any ways long and short of it i waiting on the laptop and hoping i get the one i wanted as with them they haven't a clue at the best of times what there doing and as for me shopping in that store. JOG ON. i sooner use my money as toilet paper then give it too a company that treats its customers with such disgusting actions.
  • Timothy R.
    I bought a Nintendo DS Lite for £30 and took it home to play, the DS Slot didn't work and neither did the GBA Slot; I am outraged. Take it back to the store and they say they will scrap it for a further £5 fee! Horrendous!
  • anon
    I have never brought anything off the website, but the service in store is just as bad. At my local cex store (nottingham city centre), its been known for customers to be kept waiting from 15 mins to over an hour long in que. And that is when its not that busy. And through my own ears, i have actually heard the subjects of the staffs conversations: it ranges from who they are sleeping with currently, when they last took drugs and taking the piss out of customers. They say that they will beat ANY QUOTE and give the best prices, no they do not!!!!! I got a quote on 20 dvds from them and got told a lot of them were very scratched, no they wasnt. For the rest of the dvds, got offered 80 pence! Went to another store, for all pf rhe dvds: got a very decent fifteen pound, a hell of a lot better than 80p! Cex are nothing but a bunch of money-grabbing, customer-hating, cant be arsed to serve or do anything bunch of ********!!!!!!! And that is saying it politely!!!!!!
  • Johnny
    I recently brought a DVD Called Knight and day "extended cut" off Cex , when I get home and play it its not the extend cut but the basic version, but the DVD cover clearly has it as the extended cut. I took it back and they told me the white sticker on the cover doesn't say extended cut I said I looked at the DVD cover and that's why I brought it. I didn't want to argue it out with the girl there for $3.50 , thought I would just send a email to their We Care customer service and have had no luck with them either, my last email to them is me telling them I will be contacting ACCC here in Australia about the unfair business practice. Johnny
  • Curly C.
    I recently had a nasty experience with their delightful staff, my friend helped me film a review of what I went through and I've sent it off to their 'wonderful' team
  • Janice
    Nice website!
  • rahan
    rubbish service, today i was in a que to get served, 6 staffs behind counter 3 were serving customers & other 3 were talking, i waiting they notice me but dont wanna serve me, a customer came behind me to get served i angrily said what a f*****g s**t service here relly loudly everyone was looking customer agreed, all of a sudden the staff wanted to serve me, bull***t. i let him serve me but i was swearing at him etc, i made him still serve me the f**k i embarrassed made him & cex look like a c**t. the amount of money i spent in this store is unbelievable and i get this service. this cex is in peckham london
  • Lewis
    There were several problems with every order that I made with Cex online. The list of issues was long and includes scratched discs, wrong items, lost items, items with the wrong box/disc/version and at one point they gave me a refund instead of replacements and when I complained they essentially called me a liar, saying that I'd asked for a refund despite the fact that I had the e-mail to prove my story was true. My experience was definitely a negative one and the service was incredibly unhelpful and rude. The first order I made with them it took seven months (not a joke) to resolve it and the last order I made with them wasn't resolved at all. I won't be using them again, Amazon is much more reliable. That doesn't apply to their physical stores though, the people in there are always very polite and helpful.
  • John
    I been waiting over 2 weeks to a response from them to a message I sent regarding a item they claimed was in stock only to take iy up to the store and.............well it wasn't. Didn't think CEX would be that bad but obviously i'm very wrong
  • Naomi
    Nice website
  • jimmy p.
    hi guys I'm please to let everyone know that i am in process of suing sex for fraud i have them bang to rights under sales of goods act this is the enfield branch north of London silly buggers didn't know that i study law the case will be going to Edmonton county court on the 11th September 2015 basically CEX sold me a iMac with a faulty hard drive and they are trying to use tactics of deception to make me think i had done it there are 3 of them trying to lie they keep referring to there policy look up consumers rights and find out the rights you have if anyone wants to see my evidence let me know or when i win in court i can send the case law i will be cross examining the manager of the store :)
  • DannyB123
    DO NOT TRUST CEX online. So many issues with CEX online its unreal. Sent them some of my games for sale, they decided one of them wasn't worthy (worth £15 and in good working condition) and have told me they have recycled it for me, even though I said I wanted any rejected items sent back. CEX customer service is extremely poor, takes up to 2 weeks to get a reply (if you get one) and you cannot go in-store to deal with anything bought or sold online..,Buying from them is a lottery as well (some of the condition of games sent to me were a disgrace...paint on, not working, not complete, or in terrible condition) can return items, but getting a refund is hell on earth. A month down the line I am still trying to get all my money back, on 1 order worth over £50 they tried to suggest they hadn't received the package even though I had proof it had been delivered..I strongly advise against using their online store I have not had issues, of course the odd staff member being indifferent, but past that its okay....but online is another world...Avoid online, its not worth the hassle.
  • miles
    What can i say about this joke of a company. not only are they renowned for being one of the biggest rip off artist there is on the street, but all so very touching the almost criminal boundary as well. I make this short it all started when i bought a laptop of them in store for 450 quid. the laptop was stated mint and from the Cabernet it looked mint. so money paid and of i did fuck. From the get go i noticed there was issues with the laptop it was slow boot up times and shut down times where taking for ages too do a simple task, i turned over the laptop as its home was purely on the desk in the office. as i don't really take it out with me. i noticed heavy scratches. i mean these look like wolverine was clawing at it. i go back too the store and there like not alot we can do there nothing we can replace it with. after a hour of arguing i decided sod it i have too accept it and of i did fuck a second time. 2 weeks later i go too turn on the laptop bare in mind i hardly use this machine. i get a electric shock and loud pop sound and now sitting there shocked as too what just happened, i look at the laptop and nothing no burns no marks nothing. i turn back on the power and nothing. look too the power supply and noticed that some one had bodged a repair with electric tape. being this is a x360 laptop the battery blew up inside the laptop. i go down cex with the right hump i might add. and this is why im writing this long rant. CEX was happy too refund or exchange or repair, i opted repair as i had work on there i needed back. 5 days the laptop was sent away too some mystical guru in the swiss alpes. only too go in the store asking them about my laptop. and there response was lol its fucked and we wont fix it because it will cost too much. "NO SERIOUSLY THEY SAID LOL ITS FUCKED" so i was like ok what's my options. replace or refund. so i opted for a replacement they did there magic on the computer and said yes we have a a grade laptop in london for £350 . i thought wicked i bought mine for over 400 quid i can do a straight swap. no NO thats not what happens. you buy something from them even though your item was at no fault of your own. if it breaks your given a refund of what the laptop is worth now not when you bought it. so hang on you pay top doller for a computer that didn't pass the safty or testing that you so state you put all your items though before saling it on and then when it blows up breaks or just don't work because you did not check all electrics i have too loose money because that's the way cex works. bollocks. i call bull shit on this. Anyway i had too cough up a extra 50 quid to buy this laptop even though i paid over 400 for mine. so now this laptop owes me 500 odd quid should of gone and bought a new one. moral of the story don't buy shit from them they rip you off they have no idea what there talking about there is no after-care on there products that are dangerous. AVOID AVOID seriously don't be a victim
  • david
    i read everything here and not suprised at all. eveytime i go in these stores you can always predict that your going to get the worst service ever, honestly the staff members are rude ignorant unhelpfull especially the girls that work here, guys i have nothing against female members i actually like girls and do believe females in other shops & businesses are professionals when it comes to service. girls who work for cex shops should not work there at all they do not know how to serve male customers. some of the male staffs are bad too & management is crap, the management should train the staffs properly, no common sense, work with attitude. its a shame its a nice store but the people who work here make it bad, get rid of those alienated staff members and hire professionals who know how to treat customers fairly equally, people who read this i ask be honest do you ever see them smile or say hello if your regular,,,,,,WEIRDOS who work here from planet BRAINLESS. god bless cex & have mercy upon the customers AMEEN
  • George
    I paid £247 online lady Thursday for MacBook Unibody 2010 online service! It's now Monday & nothing has been sent? I have online invoice! It's now 4 days, no royal mail tracking number? Very disappointed with online service! In future, will never use the online Cex service. Very very disappointed. Quick to take my money but nothing sent....
  • waheed Q.
    I had a bad experience at Crawley Cex they where very rude & mouthy. I buy a game for my 3DS but it was a region 1 cartridge not region 2 cartridge it didn't work in my 3DS.
  • Jennifer a.
    I am someone who suffers from anxiety, they have really almost killed me. I am still shaking with anger. I bought a phone and came to find it was blocked and went back straight away. Once there, i was told its my sim etc and the sales customer (who lacked absolute customer service in everyway) said 'oh the person blocked the phone' when 2 hours before he told they bought the phone off apple themself. They refused me a refund and said i could have vouchers, i had a panic attack hearing that, as i spent a very big sum. They kept trying to repeat the fact that they will send me a replacement to my address even though i refused a million times and just wanted my money back. I was told to come next day, as i was almost in tears finding it hard to breath in my panic attack i left the store. I am shaking writing this. Please help, what do i do or say when i go back
  • Kaine
    Bought a LG G Watch R from a CEX store which although waterproof, broke when it got wet. They replaced it after multiple trips to the store and very little communication from them. I had to chase it but they had no phone, so I had to travel to the store to find out what's happening. The replacement unit lasted all of five minutes and they refused to refund me, offering a voucher instead. I took the voucher and bought some speakers for £170 from the online store, which was shipped out without the remote and the incorrect power supply. The power supply is so underpowered that any volume on the speakers causes them to shut down. Seriously. Emailed them on Monday and I'm still waiting for a reply on Thursday night. Avoid this company at all costs.
  • caroline k.
    Caroline Kearney in the last week-Edit Bought controller, unexpectedly surplus to requirements, asked for a refund, emailed 7 times before someone got back to me. Unfortunately it was then out of their warantee, not much use, as only seems to be detailed on the back of their tills. Would only offer me a credit for £12 less than what I paid, they told my son they had the game he wanted in stock. After 20 minutes of waiting they only found the disc but no sleeve. I was then told they couldn't sell it to me as they needed to order this which would take around 2 weeks. One very disappointed son, after he had traded in his games as well! Staff seemed to take more pleasure in amusing themselves with a toy clown behind the tills, rather than attending to the customers needs?? Unfortunately I still have a £9 credit with yourselves so will have to come back-not impressed!! In addition to this I bought a 7 disc set from you at the same time, there are only 6 present. Impossible to get hold of. Only show a contact number when you are closed. Have now gone to your Headquarters who have advised me to contact you Other than visiting you once more which I really don't have the time for.
  • Alan R.
    From my experience their sales staff will tell you anything to make the sale, even after you have declined their offer they'll repackage/ reword the exact same offer to see if they have bamboozled you enough to take them up. Legally they may do nothing wrong but ethically I don't know how they sleep at night. People who haven't got a lot of money are trying to fulfill they're children's birthday / Christmas expectations and these guys are just preying on them without any thought to what situation they are wrecking. AVOID AVOID AVIOD.
  • ben
    cex Returns Policy is full of s**t how can you deiced in one day if you like a phone and after the 2 days they wanted me to sell the phone back to them for a lower price the staff went not helpfully and very rude to me never going back to them i have more luck with ebay then cex
  • Heartweaver
    The first time I was there, it was all good, and I sold an old Samsung laptop and S3 mini. Second time I was there, they lied that my Chromebook's wifi isn't working. When I got home to test it again, the wifi was clearly working. My online business selling second hand electronics failed and I am strapped for cash, went back to dispute the Chromebook and sell a few more phones. They offered to retest it, I am keeping fingers crossed that they won't reject for invalid reasons. It's a shame as these stuff are in pretty good condition and they offer rather reasonable prices, albeit outdated, as the alternative would be to sell them to a gadget recycling company.
  • Neil
    was a regular customer I would even go as far as saying an obsessive one when it came to smartphones, over the years I have probably spent in the region of twenty thousand pounds, I mean that's a small investment, probably enough to hold up a branch for at least six months, pay wages etc. put money in the owners pocket.. I mean I don't really mind that, fair is fair right, customers pay get their goods and the store get the profits? Well that is until things get out of hand and people get greedy.. I mean I would have thought the kind of investment (for the sake of this email we shall call it that) that I have made to many stores, but Ilford and Dagenham the most that loyalty would be on top. I mean CEX's policy to have a 48 hour return then changed to a two day policy, God forbid the company may lose money with the 48 hour? Well on my visit to Ilford on Monday (three visits in one day from Dagenham) I traded my iPhone six for a Z3 and then in a couple of hours regretted the decision. Mistakenly I thought that in such a small timescale the transaction may be able to be reversed, but no that was impossible I was told, once I has signed that then the goods were CEX. Well I don't disagree with that, but I foolishly thought this may happen as Ilford did this for me in past ownership with the same policies. I accepted the decision to decline me this and went home (Dagenham) to collect some extra cash to get my phone back. I was then told that as I had had exchange (a completely different phone) a week before I couldn't exchange again? I had never heard of this, I new that you couldn't exchange twice in a row, but on a completely different item? To be honest this was a BIG wake up call for me, so I have cancelled my membership with CEX and will never trade with you again, I mean ten years a member over 20k spent, I realised what a fat cat CEX has become to the point of not caring less about it customers old or new. I don't expect a response as that would be asking too much, but I felt that an email was need to explain my reasons, therapy for me at least.
  • Mark B.
    Used these guys a few times to sell old phones to via their Newcastle upon Tyne branch and always been happy with the price offered HOWVER the one time I buy a phone from them (IPhone 4S a few years back) for £220 grade B I think was the worst thing ever. Wouldn't hold charge, was scratched (didn't realise in store when buying) and would freeze. Took it back for refund only to be told it was a software problem with Apple! Which I knew it wasn't. Ended up battling on with it until my contract renewed and I got a new phone. Also be careful about buying computers from them, friend bought a Samsung laptop from them which was full of porn pictures when he got it home! Also it overheated and broke 2 weeks in, there answer-his plug socket at home was faulty! Lol. All in all AVOID this is a money making scam of a business
  • Desakz
    CEX is the most pretentious business I've ever encountered. On multiple occasions they've reduced the prices of high quality products that I've brought in to sell and when they put it on display for much more!!!!!!! The most recent incident was when I brought in a brand new iPhone 5s to CEX and the phone was in perfect condition. I bought the phone for £300 and CEX reduced it to £80 and knocked £18 off because there was more charger and apparently the phone was not in "perfect" condition. The next day it was on display for over £200. I really feel like this business should be closed as they are cheating others and they are not running a fair and legitimate business.
  • Paul
    I ordered a camera from CEX and it is up as dispatched, however, the tracking number they supplied me with for royal mail says that it has not arrived at their mail centre yet, how is that possible when it has been dispatched for days? And there is no contact number for CEX anymore and all has to be done through E-mail, I have been waiting days for a reply and still have not received a reply or my I now have $150 floating around the UK with no idea where it is, their service is a disgrace...If it does not arrive shortly I will talk to my local store and demand they find out what is going on...this company should be investigated for all these complaints, there seems to be alot of complaints very similar
  • LM
    I took my PS3 to cex as I was looking to sell it to buy a ps2 and some old games I use to play. I left it to be tested on Sunday and came back the next day and they said the graphics card was broke. After I came home I plugged it in tested it and it worked, I am taking a video of it over to cex store.
  • Megan
    Recently spent 195 on a what I thought was a c grade iPhone 5s yeah I was expecting a few scratches as I was told and shown the minor ones however I wasn't allowed to hold the phone and he didn't take his hand off the top right corner where there is a massive dent and the screen is coming out , also the camera is damaged , all blurry and has to spots that can be seen when trying to take photos , tried cleaning it etc , also the thumb print recognisation doesn't work , the phone looks like it's been in a war and they won't refund me back my money only a voucher to spend in store to get ripped off again! Utterly disgusted
  • Dave
    Recently tried to buy some secondhand RAM from CEX. They sent the wrong thing, so I asked them to send what was ordered. The response from their customer service team was that they have no intention of fulfilling the contract they made. Reported to police, this has gone beyond bad customer service into the realms of criminality.
  • Conor d.
    They fucked my wife by "ACCIDENT".
  • Greecouk

    They insulted me with the worst way possible.

    People are rude u helpful ignorant and if they get a chance to rip you off they will do it in a very pleasant  way. If the item you want to sale is an expensive ND I  good Co diction they will try to find a fault so the can  up it for a piece of bread. 

    I am sure this is a shop policto treating people so badly,  with no respect.  I could write 3 pages of complains but it won't be enough to describe everything about cex I  general. 

    People just spend your money some where else and not to any cex shop or even online,  I did this mistake and now I pay for it

    Stay healthy if you keep away from cex store. 

  • cooper164

    the customer service was dteadfull the prices they offer you online are completely different in store personally I would never go to CEX in Stockport again

  • cooper164

    The customer service was dreadful and the prices they offer you online are completely different in store not only that but they have sort changed me 3 times now and when I go back in they denied it personally I would never go to CEX in STOCKPORT 

    • cooper164

      SHORT ^^

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